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Higher-ed gift giving: Making the most of your money

In the last post, we discussed how donors can maximize their impact by targeting specific programs. Now, I’d like to talk about moving forward once donors have a particular program in mind.… MORE >>

Maximize donor value by targeting specific programs

In the last excerpt from our Intelligent Donor’s Guide we discussed how donors need to “look under the hood” to gain a candid perspective of the current state of the institution in question.… MORE >>

Don’t look through rose-colored glasses

We continue our excerpting from The Intelligent Donors’ Guide. Most recently, we talked about defining your goals. Today we talk about the importance of “looking under the hood.” INTELLIGENT giving requires separating fact from fiction, reality from illusion.… MORE >>

Be selective and define your goals when giving to colleges

Earlier this month, we began to excerpt chapters from our new book, The Intelligent Donor’s Guide to College Giving. Here’s the next section. We’re eager for your feedback–be sure to submit comments!… MORE >>

The prime directive: It’s your money

Giving to higher education is in the news. $100 million and $200 million gifts to UCLA. $200 million to USC. A majority of Bose stock to MIT.… MORE >>

Giving wisely in the new year

The Chronicle of Higher Education headline is dour: “Colleges to Confront Deep Cutbacks.” The news seems bleak.  But is it? At the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, we see a silver lining — and one that gives special opportunities to donors in 2011.… MORE >>

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