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Charities suspend collaboration with United Nations because of UN’s close ties with Assad

Despite protests by more than 70 relief groups, the United Nations plans to continue its aid collaboration with Assad’s government in Syria. In an open letter to the UN, the relief groups express “little hope that the UN-coordinated humanitarian response might operate independently of the political priorities of the Syrian government.” As a result, they plan to suspend their participation in the Whole of Syria information-sharing program, by which the UN gains access to information about developments in parts of Syria outside of the Assad regime’s control.… MORE >>

Clinton Foundation’s affront to American charity

Granted that politicians are often connected to foundations and that this produces unavoidable complications, is there still not some essential difference worth preserving between politics and charity – or, for that matter, between business and charity?  … MORE >>

Why are the elephants dying?

Elephant populations are plummeting, dropping by as much as thirty percent in fifteen African countries over the past seven years. These are the findings of a new multi-million-dollar survey funded mainly by Microsoft co-founder-turned-philanthropist Paul G.… MORE >>

Don’t Be Too Quick to Praise New Chinese Charity Law

Last week’s piece by Eduardo Andino on China’s new ‘Charity Law,’ which official Party organs in China are hailing as a landmark piece of legislation, pointed to some areas of growth in the country’s charitable giving.… MORE >>

Cheap Points in Kellogg’s Voter Rights Report

The Transformative Justice Coalition, a social justice advocacy group, recently released a one-hundred and fifty-six page report on ‘Protecting and Expanding Voting Rights.’ In addition to addressing issues surrounding voting rights, the Coalition concerns itself with police reform, youth leadership, and international human rights.… MORE >>

Does the Inequality Paradigm Measure Up?

Ford Foundation president Darren Walker wrote last year about the need for a “new gospel of wealth,” nodding in the direction of Andrew Carnegie’s famous 1889 treatise that has for its part so shaped the modern philanthropic establishment.… MORE >>

Republican mayor comes up with simple idea to help the homeless

Almost a year ago, Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry launched his experimental program, There’s a Better Way, in order to help connect panhandlers with day jobs beautifying the city.… MORE >>

Clinton, Trump, and their Philanthropies

One of the many points of similarity between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is that they both run philanthropies. As Naomi Schaefer Riley notes in this Weekly Standard article, neither Clinton nor Trump are very good philanthropists.… MORE >>

Conservative donors focus on economic inequality

At their semi-annual gathering, Charles Koch and his network of conservative philanthropists focus on economic mobility: “Koch said one of the network’s top priorities is providing equality of opportunity for those who feel left behind, adding that the organization was intensifying its investments to support communities, schools and the family structure. … MORE >>

Philanthropy of Politics

Charles and David Koch have made quite a bit of news in the past year. I’ve reported on the alliance between the Kochs and some liberals on criminal justice reform and Charles Koch’s interview with the Financial Times. … MORE >>

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