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Bill Richardson alleged to have used $1.1M donation for kickbacks

A New York labor leader gave $1.1M through a chain of nonprofits to former governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, which were allegedly used for kickbacks to campaign staff.… MORE >>

California AG, Kamala Harris, weakens charitable giving by exposing donors’ identity

Even though the Supreme Court declined to hear the case against the California Attorney General for demanding (and now possibly exposing) names of donors, this case is far from over.… MORE >>

Campus hysteria fuels the divestment scam

This week’s scenes of college campuses coming unhinged provide the perfect background for an important new report from the National Association of Scholars, whose very name — scholars — seems quaintly out of date, thanks to hysterics at prestigious universities like Yale and bullies at the likes of the University of Missouri.… MORE >>

Carson touts 15% flat tax that would replace deductions, including charitable and mortgage write-offs

Republican hopeful, Ben Carson, considers replacing tax deductions like mortgage interest and charitable giving with a 15 percent flat tax. “Ben Carson on Tuesday suggested eliminating tax deductions for mortgage interest and charitable giving, two of the most popular breaks in the tax code.… MORE >>

New chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee is a friend of the nonprofit sector

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee replacing Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Kevin Brady is known for his friendly stance towards nonprofits. “Rep. Kevin Brady has been tapped to serve as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which crafts trade, health care, and tax policy, making it a crucial power center for issues affecting nonprofits.… MORE >>

Planned Parenthood removed from charitable options in AZ State Employee Charitable Campaign

Governor Ducey removes Planned Parenthood from the list of potential charities that Arizona state employees can contribute to through the State Employee Charitable Campaign. “Gov. Doug Ducey’s administration has dropped Planned Parenthood, Arizona’s largest abortion provider, as one of hundreds of organizations eligible for donations from state employees through the state government charitable campaign, officials said Tuesday.… MORE >>

Jeb Bush’s giving increases along with his income

After Jeb Bush left office, his income increased substantially, and when his income increased, so did his giving: in 2014, Mr. and Mrs. Bush gave away more than $300K.… MORE >>

Georgian politicians may no longer give what remains of their campaign finances to charity

Georgian politicians are under the scrutiny by the AG, who is challenging the history of donating excess monies from their campaigns to charity. “The recently released DeKalb County corruption report has called into question commissioners’ use of county funds to donate to local charities.… MORE >>

As globalism wins, who advocates for local workers?

Globalism has won its biggest victory in years with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but where are the voices for the US working poor who will be adversely affected by global advancement?… MORE >>

Fiorina’s giving is under scrutiny, but it is a sign of ignorance rather than truth

Carly Fiorina will have more news coming about her alleged support of Planned Parenthood, which is an unfair claim that demonstrates Americans do not understand philanthropy.… MORE >>

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