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Unheeded warnings

MN worked with nonprofit to subsidize heating for low-income citizens; instead, Community Action of Minneapolis “misspent more than $1m”. “In December 2011, Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman and Community Action of Minneapolis CEO Bill Davis stood side-by-side at a press conference to plead for more federal money to help low-income people pay their heating bills.… MORE >>

11th hour “scramble” in the House

House Republicans called for making permanent some tax breaks for charitable giving that were conceived as temporary; Democrats reacted predictably. “At the 11th hour of a scramble by the U.S.… MORE >>

New knowledge affects old gift

Niece of woman who left $60m to Catholic order founded by molester wants bequest rescinded; is sure her aunt would not have made gift had she known.… MORE >>

MN nonprofit misspent nearly $3M

A 50-year-old MN nonprofit, funded by school districts to boost technology, “misspent millions of dollars,” its board-mandated audit discovered.  “A technology organization funded by Minnesota school districts misspent millions of dollars on a headquarters renovation, mismanaged a State Fair parking lot and had such lax financial controls it paid for nonexistent services, according to a private audit obtained by the Star Tribune.… MORE >>

Nuts and bolts in Detroit

How will the Grand Bargain work? Foundation for Detroit’s Future has been founded specifically to move money from nonprofits into city’s pension funds. “Exactly how will millions in private dollars in the ‘grand bargain’ make its way into the city’s public pension system?… MORE >>

Congratulations, Detroit!

“Detroit exits bankruptcy”: A federal judge approved the Grand Bargain, which means Detroit’s irreplaceable art treasures are now held by charitable trust. “A federal judge approved Detroit’s bankruptcy plan today, allowing the city government to hit the reset button after its years of financial mismanagement.… MORE >>

Hey, Canada!

Governor General David Johnston hit Toronto’s Union Station with a message: Let’s celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday by redoubling our charitable efforts. “If you’re getting on the GO Train at Union Station Thursday don’t be surprised if you spot Canada’s governor general greeting passengers as they head home from work or school.… MORE >>

Feed the homeless, go to jail?

Ft. Lauderdale might want to reconsider new laws, as nation takes umbrage that 90-year-old man who distributes food to homeless faces 60 days in jail. “Late last month, the city of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., passed a series of laws that restricted where organizations could feed the homeless.… MORE >>

Kansas’ “raffle amendment”

When Kansans go to the polls tomorrow, they’ll vote on a constitutional amendment which would allow nonprofit organizations to hold fundraising raffles. “A proposed Kansas constitutional amendment would make it legal for churches, schools, veterans groups and other nonprofit organizations to hold charitable raffles.… MORE >>

A tale of two tax returns

CO choice for governor: “Business-minded Republican” who’s been posting six-figure losses, or incumbent who gives to charity but won’t reveal where. ” The tax returns of the two major-party candidates for governor reveal a business-minded Republican who’s been losing six-figure amounts in business the last few years, and a Democratic incumbent who gives heavily to charity but won’t disclose which ones.… MORE >>

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