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TX county hopes to help itself

Since border patrol has hands full, sheriff’s office unites with nonprofit Texas Border Rescue to cover 944 miles looking for those dying from heat.
“Hourlong response times for injured, lost or distressed migrants in the Brooks County hot terrain will be cut in half with a new partnership between the sheriff’s office and Texas Border Rescue, officials said.… MORE >>

UT and cord blood banks

UT is both fertile and charitable, so why are cord blood donations so rare? One reason may be difference in how public and private storage banks are regulated.… MORE >>

Detroit’s “Grand Bargain”

Skillman Foundation pledged $3.5m to help defray cost of healthcare commitments to retired Detroit workers, hopes to save art museum in process.
“The Detroit Free Press reports that a locally based philanthropy has pledged $3.5 million to help defray healthcare cuts to retired workers as part of the city’s deal to rescue the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) and ease the impact of the city’s bankruptcy on current and former workers.… MORE >>

Public pension reform

Next frontier for the Arnold Foundation: Reforming public pension system by encouraging “policies that create sustainable systems”.
“Billionaire philanthropist and former heavyweight natural gas trader John Arnold became aware of the ailing U.S.… MORE >>

Still wooing

Skeptical New Yorkers ask, “What’s the angle?” Even without a store in the area, WalMart gave $3 million to borough charities in 2013.
“Despite pulling back on efforts to open its first store in New York City, Wal-Mart Stores Inc.… MORE >>

1st “comprehensive report in city’s history”

Blight task force estimates that 22% of Detroit properties are dilapidated; price tag for cleaning the city up could run $2 billion over 5 years.
“The most comprehensive effort yet to catalog Detroit’s empty, dangerous properties and trashy lots has found that 84,641 properties are blighted or vacant and it will cost $850 million to eliminate them.… MORE >>

Future of Clinton Foundation

Chelsea Clinton did Q&A on Clinton Foundation at Town & Country… MORE >>‘s philanthropy summit, where she and other speakers “tried to empower attendees”.
“Regardless if Hillary Rodham Clinton makes another bid for the White House, her daughter Chelsea showed off her own talking points Wednesday in a Q&A with Town & Country editor in chief Jay Fielden.

IRS reacts to record response levels

IRS will rewrite some 501c4 regulations, but avers it’s “more efficient and useful to hold a public hearing after we publish the revised proposed regulation”.
“The IRS will rewrite, without holding a public hearing, a proposed rule on the political activities of nonprofit groups, regulations that stemmed from the tea party controversy that rocked the agency last summer.… MORE >>

Find yourself through national service

Washington Post… MORE >> interview with Wendy Spencer, governmental CEO of community service, overseeing such programs as Obama’s Social Innovation Fund.
“Wendy Spencer is the CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that administers AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Social Innovation Fund and other programs that engage more than 5 million Americans in service and volunteering.

When being no. 1 is a bad thing

Florida is number one — when it comes to charity scams. A new charity-reform bill, introduced by Sen. Jeff Brandes, hopes to crack down on the con.… MORE >>

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