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High (and mighty) court decision

Are you a CA judge who participates in Boy Scouts of America? Not anymore, as state’s Supreme Court unanimously, self-righteously imposes ban. “When the California Supreme Court voted last week to prohibit state judges from belonging to nonprofit youth organizations that practice discrimination, Julia Kelety was not surprised.… MORE >>

Obama’s surprise

Howard Husock notes one “surprise” of the State of the Union was that Obama offered a “modest concession” on charitable giving tax. “What might well be called President Obama’s State of the Union soak-the-rich tax proposal included a surprising exception:  a significant increase in potential capital gains taxes on the sale of inherited assets would spare charitable giving from the effects of the proposed change. … MORE >>

Better than nothing

IRS releases new guidelines designed to help patients targeted by the “aggressive debt collection” practices of some nonprofit hospitals. “Last month, ProPublica and NPR detailed how one nonprofit hospital in Missouri sued thousands of lower income workers who couldn’t pay their bills, then seized their wages, all while enjoying a big break on its taxes.… MORE >>

NY to launch fund for nonprofits

NY governor Cuomo announces one of the first projects of new Office of Faith-Based Services is $50m fund to help nonprofits help poor. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday proposed a $50 million state program aimed at helping non-profits build housing and provide services for the poor.… MORE >>

Chicago v. New York

Barack Obama Foundation tasked with finding site for president’s library; notes “concerns” over Chicago bids, so Mayor Emanuel is lobbying. “Two Chicago universities competing to host President Barack Obama’s presidential library are scrambling to address major concerns raised by the foundation picking the future site, with Chicago’s mayor stepping in to ensure his city stays competitive.… MORE >>

Looking ahead

Looking toward a 2016 presidential run, Jeb Bush resigned from his corporate and nonprofit board positions, effective December 31. “Jeb Bush has resigned all of his board memberships — both nonprofit and business — in a move that helps clear a path toward a 2016 presidential campaign.… MORE >>

New regulations for nonprofit hospitals

IRS announces “newly finalized regulations” aimed at challenging the current bill-collecting practices of some nonprofit hospitals. “The Internal Revenue Service announced newly finalized regulations Monday aimed at cracking down on nonprofit medical centers that levy steep charges on uninsured patients and deploy aggressive tactics to collect payment, The Hill reports.… MORE >>

Unheeded warnings

MN worked with nonprofit to subsidize heating for low-income citizens; instead, Community Action of Minneapolis “misspent more than $1m”. “In December 2011, Minnesota Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman and Community Action of Minneapolis CEO Bill Davis stood side-by-side at a press conference to plead for more federal money to help low-income people pay their heating bills.… MORE >>

11th hour “scramble” in the House

House Republicans called for making permanent some tax breaks for charitable giving that were conceived as temporary; Democrats reacted predictably. “At the 11th hour of a scramble by the U.S.… MORE >>

New knowledge affects old gift

Niece of woman who left $60m to Catholic order founded by molester wants bequest rescinded; is sure her aunt would not have made gift had she known.… MORE >>

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