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Unpopular decision

But “we like to cause a bit of a stir”: GQ magazine named Tony Blair “Philanthropist of the Year,” and the initial reaction was less than favorable.… MORE >>

Gov. Brownback joins nonprofit board

KS governor Sam Brownback was named to board of Jobs for America’s Graduates, national nonprofit focused on matriculation and career guidance. “Gov. Sam Brownback has been named to the board of a national education nonprofit meant to help steer at-risk youth toward careers.… MORE >>

“Mayor of the world”

Everyone’s heard of applying business principles to philanthropy, but what about government principles? Michael Bloomberg starts his next life chapter. “Now the man who flirted with a presidential run has one last aspiration: mayor of the world.… MORE >>

AZ investigates political nonprofit

AZ secretary of state investigates nonprofit, Arizona Free Enterprise Club, saying that decade-old group may have violated state election laws. “Elections officials concluded Friday there is reasonable cause to believe the Arizona Free Enterprise Club, which has spent more than $1 million primarily to influence voters in statewide races, has violated elections laws.… MORE >>

A different kind of discrimination

President Obama’s pet philanthropy project, My Brother’s Keeper, is taking heat from some liberals– for sending donors a signal that excludes women. “It’s not often that President Obama faces criticism from the liberal left regarding his Administration’s policy initiatives in matters involving race and disadvantage.… MORE >>

Renaissance center

Civil society and community thrive in otherwise troubled Detroit, and traditions like John’s Carpet House are the reason –which is why police should leave it be.… MORE >>

We’re not NIMBYs

We’re not NIMBYs, declares St. Petersburg council, we just want to hear details of fraught nonprofit’s proposed “minicampus” for homeless teens. “A Tampa nonprofit that works with homeless teens want to open a ‘minicampus’ in north St.… MORE >>

$2.8m gift to nonprofit journalism

Laura and John Arnold Foundation pledge $2.8 m to nonprofit journalism outlet Center for Public Integrity to fund report on “role of money in state politics”.… MORE >>

Nonprofit journalism’s UK hurdles

If American journalism sites think they have it bad trying to get nonprofit status, try being in the UK, where group keeps striking out with charity commission.… MORE >>

A “counterintuitive friendship”

Richard Scaife got his wish when President Bill Clinton spoke at Scaife’s memorial service, praising their “counterintuitive friendship”. “An unlikely friendship drew former President Bill Clinton to a sunny hilltop in the Laurel Highlands on Saturday, where he paid tribute to the late Tribune-Review owner Richard Mellon Scaife.… MORE >>
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