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NJ hospital rumors amp up lawmakers

A couple of NJ lawmakers are “convinced” county hospital is “on the verge of being sold or closing”, so they want to ease way for nonprofit transition.… MORE >>

Group files IRS complaint

WI’s Center for Media and Democracy sics IRS on state’s Club for Growth, based on John Doe records from dismissed federal lawsuit. “A liberal Madison-based group filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service on Monday asking it to strip Wisconsin Club for Growth of its nonprofit status for spending millions of dollars to help Gov.… MORE >>

UK donations ending up with extremists?

UK think tank: “Over half” of British donations to two well-known Syrian charities ends up in coffers of ISIS and other radical Islamist groups. “More than half of the UK’s donations to smaller charities working in Syria fall into the hands of ISIS and other Islamist groups, the London based anti-radicalisation think-tank Quilliam has claimed.… MORE >>

“A significant drop”

0.8 percent: FL governor Rick Scott’s 2013 tax returns were released, and reveal “a significant drop” in charitable contributions over previous years. “According to tax returns he released this week, Gov.… MORE >>

And SF nonprofit gets $6.4m

And a little further west, in San Francisco, nonprofit JVS received $6.4m from Obama administration, also to help long-term unemployed secure jobs. “San Francisco-based nonprofit JVS won a $6.4 million grant from the federal government to fund training for the long-term unemployed.… MORE >>

$10m grant to OK nonprofit

OK nonprofit It’s My Community Initiative received $10 million from Obama administration to aid in its mission helping long-term unemployed. “The Obama administration has awarded $10 million to a nonprofit group in Oklahoma City that helps disadvantaged youth and the unemployed.… MORE >>

NE state employees set record

NE state employees gave record $575,000 to charity in drive this year, governor announced at press conference; some recipients also came to say thank you. “Raising two young sons with severe hemophilia is financially and emotionally stressful, according to Kristin Henson….… MORE >>

$3,460 each

Obama administration will provide total $9m in legal aid to undocumented immigrant children, with help from refugee and Catholic nonprofits. “The Obama administration plans to offer $9 million in legal services to some of the tens of thousands of undocumented immigrant children who have crossed the border illegally.… MORE >>

Ethics complaint against MN Democrat

MN Republicans register ethics complaint against Democrat senator who they claim benefited from relationship with nonprofit –to the tune of $800K. “State Senate Republicans on Wednesday announced an ethics complaint against a powerful Democrat, questioning whether he and his wife were among the beneficiaries of a Minneapolis nonprofit that spent more than $800,000 in taxpayer dollars on trips and personal expenses. … MORE >>

MI nonprofit receives $2m grant

Thanks to a $2m grant from MI dept. of transportation, Muskegon nonprofit bought 15 new buses to shuttle seniors and disabled, including those in rural areas.… MORE >>

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