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This time it may be the law that enforces Trump’s charitable claims

It appeared that Donald only gave to vets after the media pushed the issue, demanding verification; he claims that the proceeds of his book sales will go to charity, and the law may demand verification.… MORE >>

Crowdfunding makes more public statements than public assistance

After a tragedy, crowdfunding is more about making a public statement and ameliorating one’s feelings than it is actually about helping those in need, claims Phillip Rojc.… MORE >>

Agency allegedly negligent in handling Florida employees’ charitable contributions

The agency contracted by the state of Florida to handle the charitable contributions of their  employees is under investigation for failing to contribute to the final charities.… MORE >>

Catholic Charities of Illinois in need of state funding locked in budget wars

Illinois most likely won’t pass a budget until after November elections, and Catholic Charities of Illinois requires state funding: cessation of services very likely. “Catholic Charities has a nearly-100 year history in Illinois, running more than 160 sites that provide food and home care services to some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens.… MORE >>

The Clintons’ fraudulent usage of their nonprofit

Charles Ortel continues his mission to spread the word about the abuses committed by the Clinton family by means of their foundation: he is emphatic that their behavior was fraudulent.… MORE >>

Ohio nonprofit healthcare co-op closes doors

The nonprofits created under the Affordable Care Act have not faired as well as predicted; quite the contrary, in fact, and another nonprofit co-op insurer has closed, this time in Ohio.… MORE >>

Clinton Foundation receives money from mining blood minerals

The Clinton Foundation received $100M from an oil and mining company immersed in the “blood mining” industry, mining minerals in war zones working with Congolese warlords.… MORE >>

Clinton’s baggage continues to weigh them down

The Clinton Foundation continues to weigh down the Clinton campaign and will present significant hurdles to the presidency Hillary is pursuing. “The Clintons have been targeted by trumped-up scandals from Whitewater to Benghazi.… MORE >>

Clinton Foundation funded family friends

The mixture of the nonprofit Clinton Foundation with for-profit global energy initiatives continues to expose favoritism and allegedly illegal activities that need deeper legal examination. “The Clinton Global Initiative, which arranges donations to help solve the world’s problems, set up a financial commitment that benefited a for-profit company part-owned by people with ties to the Clintons, including a current and a former Democratic official and a close friend of former President Bill Clinton.… MORE >>

Trump’s tax returns still held up by IRS audit

The presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has not yet released his tax returns; he says they will be released once the IRS audit is complete, and there is a lot to be learned by his returns.… MORE >>

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