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Altruism v. compensation

Altruism v. compensation: There’s currently a battle waging between for-profit and nonprofit worlds for control over regulating the “breast-milk industry” in US. “Going for as much as $4 per ounce, breast milk is a hot commodity that is emerging as a surprisingly cutthroat industry, one that states are seeking to regulate amid a battle for control between nonprofit and for-profit banks that supply hospital neonatal units….… MORE >>

Predicting the future

NY Times says “hobbled regulators” at IRS are “expected to stand aside” when it comes to regulating PACs and nonprofits in upcoming presidential election. “As presidential candidates find new ways to exploit secret donations from tax-exempt groups, hobbled regulators at the Internal Revenue Service appear certain to delay trying to curb widespread abuses at nonprofits until after the 2016 election.… MORE >>

LA nonprofit asks for cleanup help

Confederate monuments aren’t faring so well these days; with tagging of General Beauregard statue, Monumental Task Committee asks New Orleans for cleaning help. “Not only is there controversy over moving several Confederate monuments, but now vandalism of one monument in New Orleans has sparked a new kind of controversy.… MORE >>

South Carolina nonprofits petition state

SC nonprofits united in statement, joining chorus of those asking state legislature to take down the Confederate battle flag already. “Following the aftermath of the shooting where nine people were killed during Bible study in a historic African-American church in Charleston, the state’s largest consortium of nonprofit leaders and organizations joins the growing list of South Carolina-based businesses asking the state Legislature to remove the Confederate flag from the State House grounds in Columbia.” — the Moultrie (SC) NewsMORE >>

Strong indicator

How to tell a presidential election is nearing: Candidates’ charitable contributions, or lack thereof, are scrutinized– and Jeb Bush is no exception. “Former Florida governor Jeb Bush just dropped 33 years of tax returns on his campaign Web site, the sort of mega data dump that he’s tried to make a hallmark of his campaign.… MORE >>

Minimum wage reprieve in L.A.?

Los Angeles’ minimum-wage hike has nonprofits there worried; those that assist the “hard to employ” may get a reprieve–but only for 18 months. “Nonprofits that help former gang members, the homeless and other hard-to-employ Angelenos get back into the workforce could get a temporary exemption from Los Angeles’ minimum wage hike, a move intended to ensure they won’t cut back on the number of disadvantaged clients they serve.” — Emily Alpert Reyes, the Los Angeles TimesMORE >>

Detroit once again has chief development officer

Detroit mayor reinstates major position at city’s grant management office, hoping to tap into “huge wave of momentum” generated by the “Grand Bargain”. “With the advent of the grand bargain, the city continues to benefit profoundly from philanthropy’s investment in its downtown, neighborhoods and social services.… MORE >>

So blue in Massachusetts

New bills to consider revising old (illogical) alcohol laws: MA nonprofits can receive donations of wine but not beer, and that can cripple a fundraiser. “The stereotype of a fundraiser as a staid, wine-glasses clinking affair may linger, but today you’re more likely than not to find craft beer or cocktails at a charity barbecue or clam bake, a fun run, concert, or softball game.… MORE >>

Greasing the wheels?

Group of nonprofits file IRS complaint against Walmart Foundation, charging it sought chain expansion through locally targeted charitable giving. “More than a dozen community groups filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service Monday alleging that the Walmart Foundation violated its tax-exempt status by using charitable funds to advance the retailer’s entrance into urban markets including Washington.… MORE >>

Stay of execution for Sweet Briar

Supreme court of Virginia puts a hold on closing Sweet Briar College, agreeing with alumni that objective third party should review school’s finances. “The Supreme Court of Virginia has put a temporarily hold on plans to shutter Sweet Briar College, buoying students and alumni who have rallied to keep the 114-year-old women’s school open, reports The Wall Street Journal….… MORE >>

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