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Trump’s enigmatic charitable history

Donald Trump continues to strive for the highest office in the land, but his charitable claims continue to remain, on the whole, hidden from the public, and what is revealed lacks substance.… MORE >>

Mayor de Blasio: do what I say, not what I do

Mayor de Blasio says it was okay for him to set up a shadow government to “get the message out”, but that greater restrictions should be in place so no one can imitate him.… MORE >>

Sanders would raise taxes $15.3T and shoot down charitable giving

If Bernie Sanders is elected his tax plan would raise taxes by $15.3 trillion over ten years, and would threaten the charitable giving breaks. “The laundry list of tax hikes proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would raise $15.3 trillion over the next decade by increasing taxes at least a little at all income levels, and hitting the very rich, and in particular their capital gains and charitable giving, with huge tax hikes, a new analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center shows.… MORE >>

Trump raised $6M for vets, but only gives away half

When Trump spent the evening raising money for veterans, he claimed to have raised $6M; many wondered where the money went and a month later only half has been given away.… MORE >>

Top officials at Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership signed for their own $200K bonuses

Before the NY Department of Health canceled a contract with a nonprofit tied to Mayor de Blasio, the top officials signed off on their own bonuses totaling about $200K.… MORE >>

Crisis mode of Catholic Charities of Illinois caused by stalling of state budget

When charities receive monies from the government, the risk that legislators will not agree on a budget can have critical ramifications; Catholic Charities of Illinois is a case in point.… MORE >>

Criticism of Ted Cruz’s 1% charitable giving continues to mount

Trump is not the only Republican candidate whose philanthropic giving is being measured, and found wanting; Ted Cruz continues to receive criticism for his 1% charitable giving.… MORE >>

Governor Christie vetoes the bill to tax nonprofit hospitals

The bill sat on Governor Christie’s desk after passing through NJ House and Senate; the governor has pocket-vetoed the bill that would have begun taxing nonprofit hospitals.… MORE >>

New Jersey may begin to charge a “fee” to nonprofit hospitals

In New Jersey, a bill sits on the governor’s desk which will charge nonprofit hospitals a per bed per day fee for the municipalities in which they are located; is this a way to tax nonprofits?… MORE >>

Congress will vote to make charitable tax benefits permanent

Those who had been in limbo over charitable tax breaks will celebrate Friday when the House votes on a bill that will make a number of the charitable benefits permanent.… MORE >>

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