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My Brother’s Keeper Alliance

President Obama will announce new nonprofit offshoot of My Brother’s Keeper, but it is “still unclear how it will differ” from original program. “On Monday President Barack Obama will announce the creation on a new nonprofit organization to support young minority males, Crain’s New York Business reports.… MORE >>

Uniquely Colorado problem

Pueblo, CO, city council will vote on “retail pot” ordinance; there’s been an influx of homeless seeking marijuana and local nonprofit is requesting funding help. “Selling recreational marijuana could be legal in the city of Pueblo and a nonprofit group is asking for help to accommodate the amount of people coming in for retail pot who are homeless.… MORE >>

Clinton mea culpa

OK, mistakes were made, Clintons admit in wake of foundation scandal, and we’re “acting quickly to remedy them,” plus now we’re limiting foreign contributions in case.… MORE >>

Albertans want deductions intact

Many Albertans aren’t happy about changes to charitable donations tax credit, saying it’s shortsighted and will reduce giving (and a new petition is gaining traction). “Thousands of Albertans have taken to the web to express their distaste for changes to the Alberta’s Charitable Donations Tax Credit contained in the recent provincial budget.… MORE >>

So far, so good

“[L]argest infusion of private philanthropy into community development that I can recall”: MA officials happy with adoption rate of new, “complicated” tax credit. “The tally is in on a new Massachusetts tax credit designed to promote a specific type of charitable giving, and state officials say they’re pleased with the outcome.… MORE >>

Happy Tax Day!

Last year, the Obamas paid $93K in taxes, and donated $70K– nearly 15% of their income– to charity, including Red Cross, United Negro College Fund, and daughters’ school.… MORE >>

NY AG sounds “ringing alarm”

Just as it veered from donor intent and started charging tuition, Cooper Union rouses NY attorney general, now investigating possible “mismanagement” of endowment. “In what should be a ringing alarm for nonprofit boards across the country long accustomed to minimal scrutiny or accountability, Attorney General Eric T.… MORE >>

Bloomberg, codified

Michael Bloomberg believes philanthropy ought to “embolden” policy, through leverage and partnership– but does anyone really think government is too meek? “Michael Bloomberg, who has become one of the world’s most ambitious philanthropists since leaving the New York mayor’s office last year, says modern philanthropies should work with governments to encourage them to experiment and take risks that they can’t or won’t take on their own.… MORE >>

Making healthy options a SNAP

Ann Arbor’s Fair Food Network just got $5.2m from Dept of Agriculture to expand healthy food options for those on SNAP benefits, using their “Double Up Food Bucks”.… MORE >>

Philly PILOTs

Philadelphia City Council floats idea of having nonprofits make voluntary payments to help fund city’s schools, but Mayor Nutter said to be “ambivalent”. ” day after City Council called on Mayor Nutter to ask tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to make voluntary payments to help fund city schools, Nutter expressed ambivalence toward the proposal….… MORE >>

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