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Elephant in the room

An awkward conflict of interest inevitably arises when researching the politics of foundations, since so many of the researchers rely on foundation grants.  “It’s something so obvious that saying it out loud seems rude.… MORE >>

Flagrant foul against Air Jordan amid racial tensions

Sports legend Michael Jordan has courted controversy after speaking out on the recent spate of police-involved shootings sweeping through the country. In a prepared statement released Monday, the former Chicago Bulls star declared that he could “no longer stay silent” after watching the “deeply troubl[ing]” cases of violence against both unarmed civilians and police officers in the line of duty.” “As a proud American, a father who lost his own dad in a senseless act of violence, and a black man,” Jordan’s statement read, “I have been deeply troubled by the deaths of African-Americans at the hands of law enforcement and angered by the cowardly and hateful targeting and killing of police officers.… MORE >>

Doing away with “nonprofit”?

In defense of keeping the word “nonprofit” amid suggestions of ditching it for obtuse jargon like ““social impact sector,” “humanity sector,” “delta sector,” “social sector,” “third sector,” “independent sector,” “social good sector,” or “public benefit corporations.” “Of course, the term “nonprofit” was never meant to explain your cause.… MORE >>

China’s philanthropic void

Even though it has the world’s second largest population of billionaires, China ranks 144th out of 145 countries on CAF ‘s World Giving Index which measures the percentage of a population that engages in charitable giving and volunteer work, as well as how willing people are to help strangers.… MORE >>

Philanthropy and Democracy

We often think of philanthropy as simply making a positive contribution to the life of the republic. But so-called “big philanthropy”—philanthropy carried out on the grandest scale by the wealthiest individuals and foundations—has a complicated place in a democracy like ours.… MORE >>

This time it may be the law that enforces Trump’s charitable claims

It appeared that Donald only gave to vets after the media pushed the issue, demanding verification; he claims that the proceeds of his book sales will go to charity, and the law may demand verification.… MORE >>

Crowdfunding makes more public statements than public assistance

After a tragedy, crowdfunding is more about making a public statement and ameliorating one’s feelings than it is actually about helping those in need, claims Phillip Rojc.… MORE >>

Agency allegedly negligent in handling Florida employees’ charitable contributions

The agency contracted by the state of Florida to handle the charitable contributions of their  employees is under investigation for failing to contribute to the final charities.… MORE >>

Catholic Charities of Illinois in need of state funding locked in budget wars

Illinois most likely won’t pass a budget until after November elections, and Catholic Charities of Illinois requires state funding: cessation of services very likely. “Catholic Charities has a nearly-100 year history in Illinois, running more than 160 sites that provide food and home care services to some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens.… MORE >>

The Clintons’ fraudulent usage of their nonprofit

Charles Ortel continues his mission to spread the word about the abuses committed by the Clinton family by means of their foundation: he is emphatic that their behavior was fraudulent.… MORE >>

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