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Priorities in Ukraine

Rick Cohen notes that aid to civil organizations in Ukraine might be highest priority, but admits there “is no easy algorithm” for figuring out how best to do so.… MORE >>

Disorganized for action

Obama-affiliated group fires fundraiser who accepted $100K donation from NJ doctor seeking presidential pardon for Medicare fraud.
“A White House-backed advocacy group has fired one of its fundraisers and returned a $100,000 check she collected from a New Jersey doctor who is seeking a presidential pardon for Medicare fraud, officials of the group told NBC News.Organizing for Action, or OFA, a political nonprofit set up last year to promote the president’s policies, confirmed that it dismissed consultant Samantha Maltzman this week after receiving inquiries from NBC News about a contribution she had brought in from Dr.… MORE >>

Response to Ukraine

What’s the best way to help Ukraine? In areas with large numbers of Ukrainian-Americans, they’re organizing concerts and gathering goods.
“There will be responses from cities and regions throughout the U.S.… MORE >>

Mixed blessing

WA coalition concerned raising minimum wage will “hurt critical services for low-income families” by taxing already-slim margins of nonprofits that help them.
“A Seattle Human Services Coalition survey says increasing the minimum wage to $15 would hurt critical services for low-income families.… MORE >>

The largest to date

At $65.8m, the 2014 Social Innovation Fund competition is the “largest to date”; programs focused on “opportunity youth” have priority.
“The Obama administration created a Social Innovation Fund (SIF) in 2009 that launched yearly competitions since 2010 to award grantmaking intermediaries with grant funding.… MORE >>

Edging closer

Two bills–Senate Bill 27 and Assembly Bill 800–seeking to “close the loophole” nonprofits “skirt around” in CA elections are on their way to governor.
“A pair of bills requiring greater transparency from electioneering nonprofits are one step away from Gov.… MORE >>

Social impact bonds for WA?

In WA, PD contributor Hans Zeiger has introduced a bill proposing use of social impact bonds; Seattle Times… MORE >> endorses as a “smart way to solve old problems”.

The mysterious 501(c)6 status

Football season ended last week; if you’re feeling withdrawal symptoms, here’s the interesting tale of how the NFL obtained nonprofit status.
“The NFL rakes in more than $9 billion a year, more than the GDP of 53 countries.… MORE >>

More regulation, less giving?

Will new regulations for Combined Federal Campaign curb donations from federal employees? Nonprofit leaders are concerned about unintended consequences.
“The Office of Personnel Management is finalizing Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) regulations that leaders of charitable organizations fear will undermine donations from federal employees.… MORE >>

Define “smidgen”

Obama maintains IRS scandal is overblown, that public misunderstands 501(c)4 designation; he can’t see a “smidgen of corruption” in the agency.
 … MORE >>

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