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Nonprofit journalism’s UK hurdles

If American journalism sites think they have it bad trying to get nonprofit status, try being in the UK, where group keeps striking out with charity commission.… MORE >>

A “counterintuitive friendship”

Richard Scaife got his wish when President Bill Clinton spoke at Scaife’s memorial service, praising their “counterintuitive friendship”.
“An unlikely friendship drew former President Bill Clinton to a sunny hilltop in the Laurel Highlands on Saturday, where he paid tribute to the late Tribune-Review owner Richard Mellon Scaife.… MORE >>

Fund to reimburse bilked immigrants

NY attorney general Schneiderman sets up $2.2-million fund to reimburse those deceived by two nonprofits that exploited immigrants seeking legal residence.
“New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office has established a $2.2-million fund for immigrants seeking restitution from two nonprofit groups that collected payments with false promises of securing legal status for clients, the New York Daily News and Reuters report.… MORE >>

Or, about $61 per RI recipient

RI healthcare nonprofit wins $53m federal grant to “improve quality of Medicare program in New England”, with $8m earmarked for home state.
“A local nonprofit has been awarded a $53.4 million federal grant — including $8 million for Rhode Island — to improve the quality of the Medicare program in New England.… MORE >>

An Oakland divided

With a minimum-wage hike looming, Oakland, CA, nonprofits are torn between supporting a living wage and being able to afford to pay one to their workers.… MORE >>

Nonprofit dog and pony show

In Artesia, NM, nonprofit reps –including ACLU and Catholic Charities– toured immigration detention center currently housing children of recent influx.
“An Artesia immigrant detention center will temporarily open its doors today to nonprofit organizations offering legal aid and other services to the families detained there.… MORE >>

Seniors, foundations, and procrastinators

Seniors, private foundations, and procrastinators: ABC News sums up who benefits most from Thursday’s House vote on tax deductions.
“The House passed a package of tax breaks Thursday designed to boost charitable donations by seniors, private foundations and procrastinators.… MORE >>

“Something sounds real funny”

“Is a taxpayer-funded nonprofit tied to state rep. getting a secret bailout from the Laborers union?” That’s what Philadelphians want to know.
“That’s what some Laborers’ Local 332 members are asking after the union quietly purchased the Louise Williams Bishop Retail and Commercial Center, a mostly vacant building at 59th Street and Lancaster Avenue.… MORE >>

Puff puff give

Berkeley, CA, city council says marijuana dispensaries must give free pot to low-income patients (and not stiff them on quality, either).
“Medical marijuana dispensaries in Berkeley must give some of their pot free of charge to low-income patients under an ordinance approved by the City Council.… MORE >>

NY nonprofit left in debt

NY attorney general to investigate “fundraisers” who ended up taking $100 million from nonprofit for disabled veterans, left them $14 million in debt.
“Fundraisers hired by a national charity to raise money for disabled U.S.… MORE >>

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