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Call for Christmas cards

Kansas City is greeting-card capital, so it’s no wonder their newspaper has call out to local nonprofits who might like to highlight Christmas card fundraisers this year.… MORE >>

Marathon cuts nonprofit spots

New York Marathon looked at figures and concluded nonprofits were having a hard time filling charity slots, so this year’s race will have fewer. “New York City Marathon organizers have reduced the number of slots available to runners raising money for charity, saying many nonprofit groups are struggling to fill the spots to which they committed, writes The Wall Street Journal.… MORE >>

You are there!

If you weren’t at Philanthropy Roundtable last weekend, the Deseret News has you covered, with a short piece about Sen. Mike Lee’s remarks there. “Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, extolled the value of family Friday, telling the nation’s philanthropic leaders Friday that ‘living as members of a family prepares us to live as members of a community.’ In families, people learn about duty and obligation to others, he said.… MORE >>

Daughters of Charity out of hospital biz

Nonprofit providers Daughters of Charity Health System ends 150 years of care in California, as sale to for-profit CA healthcare company is finalized. “A Catholic nonprofit with deep roots in the Bay Area made a stunning announcement this morning.… MORE >>

Wayne State’s $25m alumni gift

Alumnus James Anderson pledged $25 million to Wayne State University’s engineering college; gift seeks to encourage entrepreneurship. “James Anderson, president and CEO of Detroit-based auto retail consulting firm Urban Science, and his wife, Patricia, announced a $25 million gift to Wayne State University on Thursday.… MORE >>

Apple turnaround

One thing at Apple has improved without Steve Jobs: In the past 3 years, thanks to company matching, employees have directed $50m to charity. “Apple’s program to match staffers’ charitable donations, instituted three years ago as one of incoming CEO Tim Cook’s first acts, has raised $50-million for nonprofit groups and is now being expanded, writes the San Jose Mercury News.… MORE >>

Enrolling now!

Did the Buffetts’ MOOC on philanthropy whet your appetite?Billionaire Stanford professor Arrillaga-Andreessen is offering one for “ordinary Americans”. “Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, the daughter of one billionaire and wife to another, is an expert in her own right: she is a professor of philanthropy at Stanford University and one of the nation’s leading voices on contemporary giving.… MORE >>

Hit by thieves twice in one week

Seattle nonprofit workshop that refurbishes bikes for underprivileged kids was robbed twice in one week; locals react with cash and in-kind donations. “A security company has offered to install a security system and donations are pouring in to a South Seattle nonprofit after thieves stole refurbished bikes meant for underprivileged kids twice in the past week.… MORE >>

Bill Gates: Salesman

It looks like Bill Gates’s trip to India worked: Billionaire Anil Agarwal was persuaded to join the Giving Pledge after meeting with him. “Anil Agarwal, the billionaire founder of Vedanta Resources Plc, said he and his family decided to donate 75 percent of their wealth to charity after meeting Bill Gates, the world’s richest person.… MORE >>

MS closes, as job is done

Founder of MS nonprofit for those who lost loved ones to murder says victim advocacy has made huge strides in 27 years, and she can close her doors.… MORE >>
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