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Mount St. Mary’s University’s president rehires fired professors

A recent update states that President Scott Newman has backed off his firing of the professors, no word yet as to whether he intends to expel students and the wisdom of the ages.… MORE >>

Mount St. Mary president aims to preemptively expel students and end liberal learning

Mount St. Mary College’s newly minted president tries to shoot the baby before throwing out the bathwater; Simon Newman manages to dis-ingratiate himself quickly. “The man seeking to transform America’s second-oldest Catholic college into yet another trade school misses his own irony.… MORE >>

Pope Francis: charity is about authentic love, not self-gratificatioin

Pope Francis has declared a year of mercy, and in his homily on Ash Wednesday homily, he reminded everyone that charity is about authentic love, not about our own satisfaction.… MORE >>

Crisis mode of Catholic Charities of Illinois caused by stalling of state budget

When charities receive monies from the government, the risk that legislators will not agree on a budget can have critical ramifications; Catholic Charities of Illinois is a case in point.… MORE >>

Susan Crown’s supports programs that provide hands-on, practical projects in high school

Educational philanthropy continues to grow, but Susan Crown takes a distinct approach; she is working with organizations that foster habits of tenacity and practical dexterity. “Philanthropists have poured millions of dollars into improving education in the United States — paying for new buildings, buying new computers and even creating new charter schools.… MORE >>

Veteran nonprofit declines $100K donation from Trump campaign

Leading up to the New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump offers $100K to a NH charity that serves vets, but the charity declined the offer on the point of principle.… MORE >>

Gates Foundation announces it will focus on alleviating poverty in US

The Gates Foundation announces that it is a “learning organization” and will focus its efforts on alleviating poverty in the US. “So here we are now, with the Gates Foundation announcing its first major effort to grapple with poverty in America writ large.… MORE >>

NFL funds the concussion research, but is it valid data?

The NFL continues to research the impact of concussions on brain injury, but the researchers have ties to the NFL which raises questions about the validity of the data.… MORE >>

Southern Maine Jewish Cemetery Association set to raise restoration funds

Jewish cemeteries in southern Maine are in need of repair, and a nonprofit has been established to restore two historic cemeteries that have been neglected. “A nonprofit group has been established to preserve and restore Jewish cemeteries in southern Maine.… MORE >>

Scottsdale-based Barret-Jackson auto show raises $3.4m for charity

Held annually in north Scottsdale, the 45th Barret-Jackson auto auction sold only 11 vehicles but raised over $3.4m for local and national charities. “Updates from Barret-Jackson this week show that the auction raised $3,406,000 for both local and national charitable organizations during its 45th Anniversary Auction held in Scottsdale, Ariz.… MORE >>

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