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Bill Richardson alleged to have used $1.1M donation for kickbacks

A New York labor leader gave $1.1M through a chain of nonprofits to former governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, which were allegedly used for kickbacks to campaign staff.… MORE >>

Alvarez wins match; Jay Z loses $100K to charity

While new golden boy, Conelo Alvarez, won the match against Miguel Cotto, De La Hoya won the bet with Jay Z; the payout is $100K to charity.… MORE >>

Utah Boy Scouts lose funds, layoff employees

Significant drop in funds for Utah Boy Scouts causes layoffs for some employees; some wonder whether the drop in funds is due to the recent permission of gay Scout leaders.… MORE >>

KU will no longer have an Office of Development, but an Office of Philanthropy

With the stated goal of building a culture of philanthropy, the University of Kentucky has announced it will change the Office of Development to the Office of Philanthropy.… MORE >>

Rick Cohen, rest in peace

After 25 years of working in philanthropy, and publishing his final piece in the Nonprofit Quartly two days ago, Rick Cohen is dead at 64; no cause of death has been given.… MORE >>

California AG, Kamala Harris, weakens charitable giving by exposing donors’ identity

Even though the Supreme Court declined to hear the case against the California Attorney General for demanding (and now possibly exposing) names of donors, this case is far from over.… MORE >>

Fidelity Charitable allows customers to use bitcoin

In its first move towards accepting the controversial currency, bitcoin, the charitable branch of Fidelity will now allow customers to use bitcoin in their donor-advised funds.… MORE >>

Arizona joins ten other states in halting incoming refugees

Governor Ducey orders an immediate halt to the placement of all new refugees into Arizona; Arizona joins 10 other states in the reaction to the Paris attacks.… MORE >>

Nonprofit hospitals often fail to follow policies designed to help the under and uninsured patients

A recent study shows that only about 1/3 of surveyed nonprofit hospitals give proper notification and follow specific protocols that allow them to help the needy and write it off with the IRS.… MORE >>

Six ways to help the victims of the Paris attacks

While the heart of the world goes out to Parisians and the French nation, many worldwide want to pitch-in to help the people in France. “Among the 129 people killed in Paris, another 352 were wounded after several simultaneous attacks on Friday night. … MORE >>

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