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As for education data, the new federal law has some reasonable parameters

Each president has his education law that changes the previous administration’s law, and the Obama administration’s iteration allows a more local approach to data collection. “K-12 education systems have been awash in data for years.… MORE >>

British nonprofit with family ties to former Prime Minister under investigation

A sister of Cherie Blair, the wife of the former British Prime Minister, converted to Islam and started a nonprofit that serves believers in Islam; the nonprofit is now under investigation.… MORE >>

A new website takes us through 500 years of philanthropy: an interview with the founder

The National Philanthropic Trust has started a new website on the history of philanthropy that covers the last 500 years of philanthropy from all over the globe.… MORE >>

Buffett taught his children about the dignity of every person

From an early age, and in the culture of their family life, Warren Buffett inculcated into his children an understanding of the dignity of the human person.… MORE >>

Mark Hamill to hand out with winner of charitable raffle

Fly to London and hang out with Mark Hamill; that is this month’s prize for the top moneymaker of the Force For Change charitable drive. “Each week for the past month, Lucasfilm has released a new video featuring different prizes — a trip to Skellig Michael, where Luke was in exile; autographed stormtrooper helmets; a remote control BB-8 — but the latest has a personal touch.… MORE >>

Modest couple in life and generous couple when they passed

An anecdote for the fundraising ages: a couple with a modest living and income can become significant donors late in life, so get your planned giving up and running.… MORE >>

Federal judge puts Kamala Harris’ affront to donors in check

Last week a federal judge ruled against the California Attorney General’s attempt to use her office to intimidate donors to organizations not supported by the Left.… MORE >>

The charitable race with a sense of humor

Paying an entry fee to run long distances has enormous appeal, and for this author he has felt left out of that appeal, but this race has an appeal that could pull me out of the chair; who’s in for this one?… MORE >>

To transition away from coal: how will the small communities rebuild?

It may be attractive for environmentalists to shut down coal mines, but what happens to those communities that grew up around those plants that close; some nonprofits attempt a solution.  … MORE >>

East Jordan Iron Works maintains its commitment to serving the community in which it grew

The family that has gained a great deal of wealth by running a iron company in northern Michigan maintains its charitable commitment to the community in which it has grown.… MORE >>

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