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In Armenia, charity includes caring for souls by building churches

Many in the West today may find it shocking, but millionaires in Armenia give their wealth to fund the construction of churches: giving that has eternal significance for their countrymen.… MORE >>

Food is ready for charity in Omaha, not for the dump

After a visit to Phoenix, Saving Grace began with the aim to reroute food that is slightly bruised and completely edible to charitable food banks. “Leftover food doesn’t have to mean rotten food.… MORE >>

Former director of Hawaii Centers for Independent Living has been convicted of embezzlement

Kimo Keawe, the former director of the Hawaii Centers for Independent Living. has been sentenced to almost 2 years in a federal prison for embezzlement of $180K.… MORE >>

MD charities can now have casino nights to raise funds

In Maryland, new legislation allows charities to hold up to 4 gaming events per year as fundraising opportunities; as of yet, no charity has applied for a casino night.… MORE >>

Valero giving $10M to Corpus Christi charities

Valero, the national operator of pump stations, is donating $10M to children in need throughout the Corpus Christi area. “Thousands of children in need will get a helping hand thanks to Valero Corpus Christi.… MORE >>

Obamacare contraceptive mandate may be revisited by supreme court

The affordable care act may be going to the supreme court again this season, which would be the fourth time the law has been challenged in the highest court.… MORE >>

Denver charities join forces to build homes for vets

A number of Denver charities have joined forces to build homes for veterans; they help not only with the constructions but up to half of the mortgage is paid for as well.… MORE >>

Insuring coop Health Republic shutting down due to financial floundering

Health Republic, a New York health insurer, has been ordered to close its doors due to financial failings; this is the largest ACA-created coop to close.… MORE >>

Halloween costumes for wheelchair-bound children

A family with a wheelchair-bound child has created Magic Wheelchair to build wheelchair costumes to give a joyful Halloween experience to children with a disability. “Just in time for Halloween, Magic Wheelchair is building the most whimsical, amazing Halloween costumes for wheelchair-bound kids.… MORE >>

On the attractions and perils of scaling education

Eli Broad joins the crew of billionaires and others who want to remake education and set a model for national expansion; on the trend of scaling education.… MORE >>

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