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IRS pairs up with Amazon to make Form 990’s more available

Amazon has teamed up with the IRS to give more ready access to nonprofits’ Form 990s filed since 2011: the goal is to make those forms more readily available.… MORE >>

Charities focus on fundraising practices after nonprofit scandals

The recent scandal of the few charities that have mishandled how they fundraise, especially around telemarketing practices has spurred many charities to examine their fundraising consciences.… MORE >>

Twenty-five years of charter schools

In Arizona, charter schools continue to grow a shining example of what public education can be; the history of the charter schools arose, however, in the Land of a 10,000 Lakes.… MORE >>

Charles Koch walks into a Marxist china-shop

Charles Koch has not been enlightened by the decorum of marxist-lead universities where academic freedom succumbs to the stifling marxist framework: good for him. “Koch’s donations have fueled the expansion of a branch of economic research that aligns closely with his personal beliefs of how markets work best: with strong personal freedom and limited government intervention.… MORE >>

Event planning: should we move the people or have the people move an airplane?

Fundraisers live and die (maybe literally) by events: their manpower efficiency vs. the cost to put them on vs. their ultimate revenue yield; why not have a perennial man vs.… MORE >>

Catholic Charities of Buffalo closing in on $11M goal

Catholic Charities of Buffalo are approaching the last leg in their $11M annual campaign; Catholic Charities has local chapters throughout the country and support local works of mercy.… MORE >>

Nonprofit hospital drops suit against former poor patients

A nonprofit hospital in Missouri sought to recover unpaid bills by suing former patients; after news reporting and congressional attention, the hospital changed its policies and dropped the charges.… MORE >>

Is the Atlantic Philanthropies $200M fellowship a donation to Rhodes Trust?

Not a bastion of local concern, Atlantic Philanthropies has announced an enormous $200M fellowship that partners with, and sounds a lot like a donation to the Rhodes Trust.… MORE >>

Direct mailing maintains its effectiveness amidst the digital age

The digital age has arrived, and while the pressure to use social networking continues to mount many charities continue to use direct mailing, and to good effect.… MORE >>

Florida convicts sentenced to manual labor pick berries for charity

In Florida, some “inmates” are assigned manual labor in place of time in a cell, and they spend their time picking berries for charities. “Buckets of blueberries were dumped into yellow containers as inmates picked for Polk County’s charities on Saturday.… MORE >>

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