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Overwhelmed by strain

Because of ongoing situation in West Africa, Doctors without Borders says it doesn’t have enough resources to effectively help with new Ebola outbreak in Congo.
“Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF), the leading organisation in fighting Ebola, said on Tuesday it could provide only limited support to tackle a new outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo as it was already overstretched by the worst ever epidemic.… MORE >>

(Twice what Paul Allen gave)

Bill and Melinda Gates pledged $1 million to Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility in support of state initiative 594, which proposes background checks.
“Bill Gates has donated $1million to campaigners calling for stricter firearms controls in Washington state.… MORE >>

A problem “big and deadly, but solvable”

IL’s Caterpillar Foundation just gave $1 million to UN’s cookstove initiative, which helps ensure clean cooking fuel for some of world’s neediest.
“This kind of problem—big and deadly, but solvable—is exactly the sort of challenge that appeals to the Caterpillar Foundation, which recently awarded $1 million to the United Nations Foundation in support of its Clean Cookstove Initiative.… MORE >>

Dead at 150

Court approved Corcoran merger with National Gallery and GWU, meaning “one of D.C.’s oldest museums is about to undergo drastic transformation”.
“The D.C. superior court today approved the Corcoran’s plan to merge with the National Gallery of Art and the George Washington University, effectively dissolving the nearly 150-year-old institution.… MORE >>

A duty or a business?

In CA, employees and citizens continue to protest transfer of 6 Catholic hospitals to healthcare chain with alleged reputation of cutting services, especially to poor.
“Prime Healthcare Services Inc., a hospital chain that has come under fire for billing and patient privacy issues, is facing opposition over its potential acquisition of six California hospitals, including two medical centers in Los Angeles County.… MORE >>

Rural Philanthropy Days in CO

CO’s Rural Philanthropy Days is next month; previous events boosted giving in region, to tune of 140% increase in “average sum donated”.
“Every four years Southeast Colorado Rural Philanthropy Days is held for our eight-county region.… MORE >>

Crowdrise for back to school

MD nonprofit launches Crowdrise campaign to buy school supplies for Baltimore-area schools so teachers won’t have to use their own money to do so.
“A survey by the National School Supply and Equipment Association shows that 92 percent of teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies, but some Baltimore City teachers might get a helping hand this year thanks to generous donors.… MORE >>

(Can this possibly be true?)

Rehabilitation menu: Former NY representative Anthony Weiner is opening a nonprofit restaurant to help Queens recover from Hurricane Sandy.
“Former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner is planning to open a restaurant to help create jobs in a Queens neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Sandy.… MORE >>

“We are proud to honor our rural roots”

Calgary philanthropists Richard and Lois Haskayne pledge $1m to Rosebud Centre, a rural theatre and arts complex housing largest professional theater in Alberta.
“A Calgary couple known for their philanthropy announced a $1 million donation to the Rosebud Centre of the Arts on Friday.… MORE >>

Library board members sue

Six of 8 trustees “booted” off Queens library board after supporting president who lined his pockets with funds are suing borough, attorney general, NY state.
“Six trustees booted from the board of the scandal-scarred Queens public library sued Friday to get their positions back, calling their ouster a ‘brazen and unconstitutional power grab’ by the borough’s president.… MORE >>

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