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Michigan AG orders a fraudulent charity to cease and desist

Caveat donor: a Michigan based charity feigning support of Firefighters has been ordered to cease and desist from the Attorney General for fraudulent practices. “A Wyandotte-based charity called Firefighters Support Services and its telemarketing contractor in Southfield used “misleading, deceptive or false statements” to raise $4.2 million from donors, of which only small amounts went to worthy causes, state investigators said Wednesday.… MORE >>

Freedom of speech and giving are interlinked: curtail one and it curtails both

The strength in the phrase “put your money where your mouth is” comes from the intimacy between speech and giving, and freedom of one is freedom of the other, and the IRS wants to curtail them.… MORE >>

British charity will reduce prosecutions against hunters

Hunting animals in the UK will not be punished as frequently, says the new Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a charity and major prosecutor in Britain.… MORE >>

Little Sisters of the Poor receive a victorious punt from the Supreme Court

The Little Sisters of the Poor win a unanimous punt from the Supreme Court, which sent the case back to the lower courts to fix Obamacare to fit with the Sisters’ requirements of conscience.… MORE >>

UK may allow Muslim students to take interest-free loans

In the UK, a proposal has been introduced that would allow Muslim students to avoid interest-accruing loans; perhaps Christians should revisit their attachment to usury. “Sharia loans are to be offered by the Government for first time as a new White Paper attempts to increase diversity in British universities.… MORE >>

Ayers Foundation funds scholarships without mention of tuition rate

The Ayers Foundation gives $15 million to Nashville’s Belmont University specifically aimed for tuition reduction; this gift comes without even a nod to the enormous tuition rates.… MORE >>

National Park Service considers naming philanthropy naming rights

Sponsorships and logos may be coming to the national parks; a proposed new philanthropy policy for the National Park Service raises many concerns over polluting the national scenic landmarks.… MORE >>

Former teacher starts nonprofit to give kids an outdoor experience

A retired high school teacher continues to spend his retirement with teens, this time out of the classroom; Denny McFadden started a nonprofit to give students a free outdoor experience.… MORE >>

Healing Arts Initiative closes in the midst of violent scandal

As a sharp ending to the last few soap-operatic months, the Healing Arts Initiative in Queens has closed, and will serve as an example of how not to manage nonprofits as the investigation continues.… MORE >>

Theology professor at Phoenix Catholic high school under fire for teaching history

A theology teacher at a Phoenix Catholic all-girls high school is under fire for drawing a connection between abortion and African Americans; hat tip to PNT for uncharacteristically balanced reporting.… MORE >>

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