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Private-public tension in Italy

As $34-million-restoration of Colosseum nears completion, Italy is still not entirely comfortable with private aid for public treasures.
“The practice of using corporate largess to finance restoration projects for public antiquities was once fairly rare here.… MORE >>

Fleeting pleasures

In op-ed for New York Times… MORE >>, AEI’s Arthur Brooks adjures us to “love people, not pleasure,” and unlock the key to lifelong happiness.
“For decades, psychologists have been compiling a vast literature on the relationships between different aspirations and well-being.

Be more like Dick Scaife

If foundations like Hewlett really want to change America’s political landscape, initiatives are less effective than action, says columnist.
“[M]ainstream philanthropy has a dangerous weakness: It places too much faith in reason and social science, with a theory of change that goes like this: Research the problem, identify solutions that work, and educate elites and the public until reform is achieved.Once upon a time, in a more innocent and technocratic America, that model worked, and sometimes it still does.… MORE >>

“The coming end of corporate philanthropy”

“The end of corporations giving money to charities and getting nothing in return is close at hand,” says Paul Klein in Forbes… MORE >>. (Define “nothing”!)
“As the pressure to quantify all results intensifies, businesses are finding that the most meaningful social change happens when they stick to the business of business.

Midway in our year’s journey…

It’s the middle of the calendar year, so why not assess your charitable giving? The Community Foundation of Southern NM with a timely heads-up.
“Often donors wait until the end of the year to look at giving, but the middle of the year is a better time to look at year-long giving, making sure it is on the right track.… MORE >>

Hopeful reprieve

Supreme Court’s emergency reprieve for Wheaton College “offer[s] hope to religious nonprofits” who are plaintiffs in HHS cases, writes Joan Frawley Desmond.
“Justice Sotomayor issued an angry dissent to the high court’s July 3 ruling, which granted a temporary injunction to Wheaton College, one of many religious nonprofits that have filed legal challenges to the HHS contraceptive mandate.… MORE >>

“Pessimism and paternalism”

Central Park luncheon thrown by Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao didn’t go as planned, but that doesn’t mean cash donations given directly to poor is a bad idea.… MORE >>

Results obsession

Donors are changing, and so should charities, says CEO of Canadian United Way chapter — by which he means, metrics and gauging “impact” and all that.… MORE >>

Another perspective on Giving USA

On “the philanthropy of the 98 percenters”: We hear a lot about billionaires, but most Americans give to charity, no matter their income.
“While most of the media spotlight is cast on the issues of Big Philanthropy, such as the Giving Pledge or philanthropic ideas of Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, this has little relation to how most Americans give.” — Kasia Moreno,… MORE >>

Community mourns festival

After nearly three decades, Stockton, CA’s asparagus festival is no more; local nonprofits will be hard hit by loss of this fundraising opportunity.
“For the apparent declining number of Asparagus Festival fans, the announcement that the Stockton event will end after 29 years may not have elicited much more than a shrug and an ‘Oh, well.… MORE >>

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