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Vanishing nonprofits

A lament for recently “vanished” NY nonprofits, like the 70-year-old New York City Opera, and what they contributed to the cultural landscape. “One of the hallmarks of New York City’s social, cultural and economic life is the multitude of high-quality nonprofits delivering desirable services of all kinds to residents and visitors.… MORE >>

“Shielding” MN nonprofits

MN nonprofits have grace period when it comes to implementing state’s new, higher minimum wage; editorial argues exemption hurts their ability to compete. “[Sen. John Pederson] is chief author of a bipartisan bill that would allow tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to pay $6.15 an hour beginning Aug.… MORE >>

Mainers skeptical of “flood”

In spite of skepticism, ME governor still claims that reducing state income tax will “flood” nonprofits with donations, thus offsetting proposed nonprofit property tax. “Gov. Paul LePage’s prediction that his proposed income tax cut and plan to tax nonprofits would lead to a ‘flood’ of charitable giving drew a number of groans from an audience in Westbrook last week.… MORE >>

Getting the message out

Who is best nonprofit board member? An “evangelist”: “You’ve got to create people that will go out and share your message”. “Getting executives and other professionals to join nonprofit boards of directors is critical for organizations to survive, but conflicts of interest could arise when nonprofits tap their expertise, according to a group of nonprofit experts who gathered Tuesday morning at the Boston Harbor Hotel.… MORE >>

Peer pressure, “gobs of wealth,” and DAFs

New Yorker looks at annual Chronicle list and, among other things, tries to dissect why 2014 is “first time there have been so many young people” in top 50.… MORE >>

“The right tax to support education”

Obama’s SOTU proposal to tax 529 college-saving plans went over like a lead balloon; R R Reno offers modest proposal for taxing university endowments instead. “The Obama administration dropped its call for taxes on 529 college savings plans.… MORE >>

Impact, not overhead

Charity Defense Council rolls out billboards around Boston urging people to be less fixated on nonprofit overhead and more focused on their impact. “It’s conventional wisdom in the world of charitable giving: Good nonprofits spend as little as possible on overhead.… MORE >>

New Year’s resolution

When the “little balloon is a little behavioral nudge”: Canadian columnist resolves not to give to charities at the checkout stand anymore. “How many times over the holidays did you get asked if you wanted to ‘add a donation to [fill in charity name here] to your total’ at the checkout?… MORE >>

Some call it “savvy”

Pity the poor Good Samaritan of yore, who didn’t have metrics and mission statements to guide his giving (or so seems to imply this author). “As Matthew Bishop highlights in his book Philanthrocapitalism: How Giving Can Save the World, ‘The new philanthropists believe they are improving philanthropy, equipping it to tackle the new set of problems facing today’s changing world.… MORE >>

Am I just a sucker?

Slate writer wonders if she was a sucker to give $20 for subway rider’s sob story, but concludes true charity doesn’t count the cost (or verify the story).… MORE >>

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