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Philanthrocapitalism – autocratically imposing global charity sans critics, regulation, democracy

In a powerful piece, David Rieff takes to task philathrocapitalism that imposes charity with the critic-free, non-democratic power that only hyperagents, like the Gateses, can afford.… MORE >>

What motivates colleges to move from for-profit to nonprofit status?

The conversion of colleges from for-profit to nonprofit continues to garner interest and controversy; it continues to raise doubts about the integrity of the move, and the need for oversight.… MORE >>

Does contemporary big philanthropy do more good than harm?

Andrew Carnegie serves as the cautionary tale for companies that commit to giving to charity; make sure to avoid becoming more ruthless for profit as you plan to give those profits away.… MORE >>

On wasting food

Conservation of food constitutes an important dimension of a conservative life: as the holiday season approaches, we should consider how we consume and conserve food. “If you went and looked at your fridge right now, what would you see?… MORE >>

Pope’s visit will reverberate throughout all nonprofits

The “Francis Effect” will certainly reverberate throughout the Catholic charity circles, but his popularity, and his US trip will echo throughout the entire nonprofit sector. “The CEO of arguably the largest nonprofit social-service organization in the world is making his first trip to the United States this month.… MORE >>

In praise of traditional philanthropy

Effective altruism has its sights set on the needs of Africa, ignoring the neighbor in front of them, but this African feels the need to defend traditional charity.… MORE >>

Pope Francis’ U.S. trip will bolster Catholic charity

Pope Francis’ optimism can overcome daunting challenges in the world of Catholic charity, argues Alexis Kelley, and his US trip will reignite the American Catholic philanthropy.… MORE >>

The challenge to the “Aspen Consensus” revisited

As Pope Francis arrives in the US, a critic revisits the NY Times’ columnist’s Aspen Institute talk to challenge the “Aspen Consensus”. “‘Speaking truth to power’ sounds good, because it suggests the speaker’s courage in facing strong opponents.… MORE >>

Traditional charity builds and sustains a communal love of neighbor

Jeremy Beer, associate editor of PD, argues that effective altruism undermines community while traditional charity creates its theological relative: love of neighbor. “Pete is not his real name, but let’s call him that; the homeless, no less than the rest of us, deserve their privacy.… MORE >>

High income earners should compromise principle to give more to charity

William MacAskill argues that working for any high income and giving most away is a praiseworthy endeavor; international drug lords agree.  “Jason Trigg is a socially motivated 27-year-old MIT graduate.… MORE >>

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