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Bad new trend

As Rick Cohen notes, “pay-to-play” philanthropy can easily turn dangerous, as last week’s Tulsa shooting of an unarmed man by police donor demonstrates. “The horrific news of the week was the incident from Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a 73-year-old reserve deputy shot and killed an unarmed black man.… MORE >>

“I suspect my motives”

Columnist says he hesitates giving to charity in part because it makes him “uncomfortable”; its inherent “selfishness” is about making the giver feel better about himself.… MORE >>

Perennial question

Columnist asks perennial question, “Do the poor give more than the rich?”; notes how studies show less wealthy give at higher ratio (and usually don’t even get a tax deduction).… MORE >>

“Poverty & hunger aren’t Jeopardy categories”

No one needs the competitions currently proposed as philanthropic “Shark Tanks,” because they ultimately demean seriousness behind charity. “It was hard to believe it when the Council on Foundations announced last week that it was inviting nonprofits to join in a competition at its annual conference next month where groups would publicly suggest their best ideas to win $40,000 for a project to jump-start the economy, nationally or locally….Has organized philanthropy jumped the shark?… MORE >>

Naming rights (and naming wrongs)

The case of Lincoln Center and David Geffen (and scrubbing off the name of an original donor) highlights old debate between the 3 schools of giving.… MORE >>

“Bribes disguised as charity”

“Major red flags”: Clinton Foundation accepted large donations from some nations, like Algeria, who have spotty records on… all sorts of issues. “Last week the Washington Post reported that Algeria gave half a million dollars to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation while at the same time lobbying Hillary Clinton at the State Department.… MORE >>

Consistency is key

If you want to be successful in fundraising, writes Jeff Cain, there’s no great secret: Consistency trumps all (and no fad or scheme is a “sure thing”).… MORE >>

Vanishing nonprofits

A lament for recently “vanished” NY nonprofits, like the 70-year-old New York City Opera, and what they contributed to the cultural landscape. “One of the hallmarks of New York City’s social, cultural and economic life is the multitude of high-quality nonprofits delivering desirable services of all kinds to residents and visitors.… MORE >>

“Shielding” MN nonprofits

MN nonprofits have grace period when it comes to implementing state’s new, higher minimum wage; editorial argues exemption hurts their ability to compete. “[Sen. John Pederson] is chief author of a bipartisan bill that would allow tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to pay $6.15 an hour beginning Aug.… MORE >>

Mainers skeptical of “flood”

In spite of skepticism, ME governor still claims that reducing state income tax will “flood” nonprofits with donations, thus offsetting proposed nonprofit property tax. “Gov. Paul LePage’s prediction that his proposed income tax cut and plan to tax nonprofits would lead to a ‘flood’ of charitable giving drew a number of groans from an audience in Westbrook last week.… MORE >>

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