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The widening wealth-gap resurrects timeless moral questions

The widening wealth gap presents an age old question, namely does the means by which one has gained their wealth preclude acceptance of their donation: this question will require regular visits.… MORE >>

Personal practice of charity vs. giving someone else the money to do it

A list of charitable practices in the Catholic tradition is called the corporal works of mercy, and this author contrasts donating so someone can do our charity for us and directly doing it ourselves.… MORE >>

Sports builds both individuals and community

Mens sana in corpore sano remains the perennial dictum of a healthy education, but sport is also the recipe for a healthy thriving community. “Sports in America have long reflected and reinforced the character traits that created the country: teamwork, discipline, toughness, fair play, courage, hard work.… MORE >>

No real conservatives or real science allowed at science museums

Science museums have devolved away from devoting displays to the hard sciences that demonstrate the wonders of the physical world, down to motivating politically biased action.… MORE >>

Panama Papers challenge charities to think through their handling of donors

The Panama Papers reveal large tax havens for the very wealthy; will this change how charities approach donors? “It won’t be long before a major news outlets puts an article up showing that some of our most lauded philanthropists – society’s great benefactors – have in fact dodged/evaded/avoided/circumvented enough tax that they got their philanthropy for free and had plenty left over.… MORE >>

Charities can communicate their mission better

While business practices do not always translate to the nonprofit sector, the clear, crisp communication of the organizational purpose is one thing charities can do better.… MORE >>

Give and tell and others will give as well

Using logic that eschews the traditional anonymity in charity, David Callahan, nonetheless, has an intriguing argument that aligns with Christian principles: don’t put your light under a bushel.… MORE >>

Charity that serves humans needs both head and heart

Proponents of effective altruism continue to state their aim rather clearly; in their view, charity at its best is a vivisection of the human soul, separating the head from the heart.… MORE >>

China expands charity laws and increases government oversight

China recently enacted a large law allowing charities to open with more ease, but there is a catch in the communist country, the government increases its scrutiny over the nonprofits.… MORE >>

Care for the elderly should focus on inherent value, not productivity

A society is noted for its treatment of those on the peripheries; the care of the elderly often slips quickly into utilitarian categories that relegate the value of human life to GDP.… MORE >>

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