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The age of reinvention

Is “irrepressible” Sean Parker merely using philanthropy as rehabilitation? The “blowback” from his lavish $10m 2013 wedding still reverberates. “Two years later and obviously not enjoying the Facebook character assassination he helped make possible, a 35-year-old Parker told The San Francisco Chronicle he intends to give away most of his $2.8 billion fortune during his lifetime.… MORE >>

Data binge

Inside Philanthropy’s Tate Williams’ battle cry: “Free the 990s”– the IRS needs to standardize electronic filing and make information widely available, for free. “Quick disclosure: I hate 990s.… MORE >>

Businesses, do it yourself

If you’re tired of being harangued at the store checkout for donations, you’re not alone; columnist asks if CEOs are giving to the very causes they solicit customers for.… MORE >>

Is giving really up?

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but columnist looks at Giving USA’s 2014 stats, notes that giving may be up, but as percentage of GDP it’s been stagnant for 20 years.… MORE >>

“Generosity for nerds”?

Is effective altruism effectively a way to drive yourself crazy? Atlantic‘s Derek Thompson sought to uncover what is the “best charitable cause in the world”.… MORE >>

Happy 100th birthday!

100 years, $850 million in grants: After a century of community service, Minneapolis Foundation is “relevant as ever,” still plays vital role in local life. “It can be hard to figure out how to make a difference in the world….With limited resources, what’s the best way to have an impact?… MORE >>

More scrutiny for VT nonprofit

Just one downside to running nonprofits “like a business”: VT healthcare took on Los Angeles-based group homes and lost $1.8m in the process. “It’s often said that any big nonprofit organization ought to be run like a business.… MORE >>

Cart before the horse (or car, in this case)

Quebec judge refused to hear case of woman who wouldn’t remove her hijab; now a crowdfunding effort on her behalf illustrates the “mixed blessing of flash philanthropy”.… MORE >>

“Do churches fail the poor?”

Ross Douthat looks at recent criticisms from Barack Obama and social scientist Robert Putnam, who claim churches are too wrapped up in the culture war. “Last week two prominent Americans — an eminent social scientist and the president of the United States — decided to answer the question: How have America’s churches failed the poor?… MORE >>

Donors proceed with caution in VA

Columnist (and Sweet Briar alumna) urges caution giving to Virginia nonprofits, noting that donor-rights issues surrounding college closing leave some chastened. “Making charitable donations to tax-exempt organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia could actually be risky.… MORE >>

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