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Manning’s sites set on achieving greatness in philanthropy

Peyton Manning has broken many records as a quarterback, but with a retirement soon (this author thinks) to be announced, his next record may come in charity.… MORE >>

Philanthrocapitalism concentrates charity into the hands of a few

Philanthrocapitalism concentrates the performance societal good into the hands of a few wealthy individuals who have little accountability to the people they serve or the society in which they serve.… MORE >>

Defensiveness can be dodging the truth

If you want to bring out defensiveness, criticize a charity, and the response may be that the charity does so much good; the author claims that the defensive tactic is a dodge.… MORE >>

Change the world one person at a time

Many young adults are motivated to change the world; this recent graduate came to a revelation of profound practicality, start with the people within your sphere of influence.… MORE >>

Charitable giving likely to increase for 2016

2015 showed a strong increase in charitable giving; 2016 is expected to see the trend of charitable giving rise, but with a more modest growth percentage.… MORE >>

Ford Foundation sets new course to unclear destination

The new strategy at Ford Foundation gives glimpses of confusion couched in hopeful statements; sowing strong emotional seeds into an amorphous cloud of unknowing. “It was a disappointing event at the Ford Foundation on January 7.… MORE >>

Philanthropy operates as a series of islands

Philanthropy has an industry has moved away from the a cohesive industry to an archipelago of effective sources of creative endeavors. “Who’s in charge here? “That’s a question an outsider might well ask about the curious world of philanthropy.… MORE >>

Top universities need the big donations to help improve society

The continued rise of big gifts to the top universities should cause us concern, but not unreasonable concern; some substantial societal benefits come from those top universities.… MORE >>

Goal for 2016: push charitable giving to 3% of GDP

Charitable giving has been stuck at 2% of GDB, in 2016 Americans should focus their efforts in 2016 to shift the national scale of charitable giving to 3% of GDP.… MORE >>

Boston-area Barr Foundation likely to double within a decade

The Barr Foundation funds many projects in and around Boston, and with a few ingredients under its new president, the Boston foundation is likely to double within the decade.… MORE >>

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