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This modern world and our humanity

Professionalism, and the service industry it begets, can only go so far; we need community and charity to bridge the gap, as they have throughout human history.… MORE >>

“More cowbell”

Will liberal Democrats ever tire of their obsession with the Koch brothers? one columnist wonders now that the election season is over. “Unfazed by their shellacking last Tuesday, Democrats plan to keep pushing the notion that the Koch Brothers are the root of all evil. … MORE >>

“Coercive charity”

New Patagonia initiative charges customers 25 cents for bag with purchase, with proceeds going to nebulous charity, and one columnist feels “fleeced”. “I was in Patagonia recently to buy a fleece neck warmer and the sales clerk asked if I’d like a bag, a reasonable question for an item I could easily stuff into my pocket.… MORE >>

Life lesson

TV producer Sam Simon has inoperable cancer and he’s been giving to charity like its his last day on earth– an example to the rest of us to give boldly.… MORE >>

Town and gown

Responding to PILOT report: Hey, argues Harvard, we’re making contributions to the local community that are larger than our monetary donations might indicate. “Earlier this week, NPQ published a newswire about the fact that while many major nonprofit health institutions have complied with a PILOT agreement made with the city of Boston, most educational institutions, including the mega-rich Harvard, have not.… MORE >>

Hidden in plain sight

“Is philanthropy bad for democracy?” More concern about how “largely unaccountable donors” are influencing policy behind the scenes, supra-democratically. There are credible arguments on both sides about how much effect a change in the deduction would have on charitable giving in the United States.… MORE >>

“More unaware than uncaring”

Deseret News: Recent study shows poorer Americans may sacrifice more for charity, and it’s time to remind the wealthy of their responsibilities too. “The report stated that even though Americans earning more than $200,000 annually saw an increase in their income over the past six years, they gave 4.6 percent less of their income than they had previously, compared to those earning less than $100,000 per year, who gave 4.5 percent more.… MORE >>

Helping the needy?

Aren’t there more deserving causes? Columnist incredulous that people volunteer to help “nonprofit” NFL staff the Super Bowl while it pockets millions from event. “Well, long story short, last year I was astonished to discover that guileless fans were actually volunteering their services, for free, gratis, to the Super Bowl — which, of course, makes a gazillion million dollars for the NFL and its gracious owners.… MORE >>

Grand Rapids’ “G3s”

Grand Rapids, MI, has a long history of philanthropy; now a “third” generation is taking up the mantle and the older one is both excited and concerned.… MORE >>


Time to “re-think pink”? Maybe awareness has reached its apex and it’s time to focus on other goals. This week, Chronicle series explores topic. “It’s time to re-think pink.… MORE >>
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