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The long deserved/needed criticism of philanthrocapitalism has begun

While media outlets are scrutinizing politicians this time of year, it has not been the case for Gates Foundation, but the scrutiny of philanthrocapitalistic endeavors has begun.… MORE >>

Executive training for nonprofits needed

With the imminent retirement of baby boomers, nonprofit executives and board members have not tapped well-trained successors to shoulder the burden; leadership training is needed. “Nonprofits are the underappreciated engines of social change in our communities, making important contributions to early education, workforce development, health care, environmental sustainability, and many other areas.… MORE >>

A modern and efficient return to traditional charity

Contemporary models of giving, like GiveDirectly, offer the capacity to send funds directly to households across the globe, but is this new or a return to charity?… MORE >>

Millennials want engagement, not mailers

While millennials are not the largest donors at this point in their careers, they do participate and want to be engaged in charitable campaigns, but, please, don’t send out mailers.… MORE >>

Foundations affect electoral outcomes within legal parameters

Many foundations use funds to shape elections within the legal bounds of nonpartisan partisanship, yet their work has been shown to affect electoral outcomes. “With another presidential campaign season under way, we’re again hearing a lot about the mega donors and Super PACs that fuel modern politics.… MORE >>

Would nonprofits be better off without governing boards?

There is a growing dissatisfaction with the board governance of nonprofits; CEO’s often ask about a new model, and Anne Wallestad of BoardSource reminds us of the raison d’être of boards.… MORE >>

Philanthrocapitalism – autocratically imposing global charity sans critics, regulation, democracy

In a powerful piece, David Rieff takes to task philathrocapitalism that imposes charity with the critic-free, non-democratic power that only hyperagents, like the Gateses, can afford.… MORE >>

What motivates colleges to move from for-profit to nonprofit status?

The conversion of colleges from for-profit to nonprofit continues to garner interest and controversy; it continues to raise doubts about the integrity of the move, and the need for oversight.… MORE >>

Does contemporary big philanthropy do more good than harm?

Andrew Carnegie serves as the cautionary tale for companies that commit to giving to charity; make sure to avoid becoming more ruthless for profit as you plan to give those profits away.… MORE >>

On wasting food

Conservation of food constitutes an important dimension of a conservative life: as the holiday season approaches, we should consider how we consume and conserve food. “If you went and looked at your fridge right now, what would you see?… MORE >>

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