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Helping the needy?

Aren’t there more deserving causes? Columnist incredulous that people volunteer to help “nonprofit” NFL staff the Super Bowl while it pockets millions from event. “Well, long story short, last year I was astonished to discover that guileless fans were actually volunteering their services, for free, gratis, to the Super Bowl — which, of course, makes a gazillion million dollars for the NFL and its gracious owners.… MORE >>

Grand Rapids’ “G3s”

Grand Rapids, MI, has a long history of philanthropy; now a “third” generation is taking up the mantle and the older one is both excited and concerned.… MORE >>


Time to “re-think pink”? Maybe awareness has reached its apex and it’s time to focus on other goals. This week, Chronicle series explores topic. “It’s time to re-think pink.… MORE >>

A Yankee reproach

This headline analyzing Chronicle‘s recent report says it all: “Massachusetts Doesn’t Donate Much to Charity, Makes Up for It By Not Volunteering”. “As we noted, the Chronicle analysis only looked at Internal Revenue Service tax returns on charitable deduction, which gives a helpful but incomplete picture of generosity.… MORE >>

Now wait a minute…

Hey, says Maine, Just because report shows we rank 49 out 50 when it comes to charitable giving doesn’t mean we’re stingy — it just means we’re a-religious.… MORE >>

There must be a better way

Proposed “America Gives More” act presumes private foundations are “warehouses of wealth,” hoarding stores while charities plead, but is it taking right tack? “How can we increase the flow of money to charitable organizations?… MORE >>


When state says no, turn to Philadelphia School Partnership: The Great School Fund is seen by some as a solution to city’s ailing school system. “Some say money can’t solve Philadelphia schools’ problems.… MORE >>

The bubbling up of good intentions

Campaigns like Kiva and Detroit Water Project sound good in theory, but when they’re orchestrated from afar, they can inhibit real change. “When I first heard about Detroit Water Project (DWP), I was intrigued.… MORE >>

Cash machine

This week, Harvard announced largest gift ever, $350m for public health, and some are asking if it’s time to strip the university of nonprofit status. “The world’s richest university just got a little richer.… MORE >>

“Gamified” philanthropy

What’s old is new again: Whether it’s ice, rice, or tacos, these fads are just recent manifestation of something “really quite old and common”. “Still, we seem to have entered an era rife with what Michael Hiltzik at the Los Angeles Times characterizes as ‘treating philanthropy as a sort of game, with the goal of making it go down painlessly.’ And gamified philanthropy may cause problems for charities.… MORE >>
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