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Happy Tax Day!

Glass half-full (after Uncle Sam took a sip?): Nonprofit leader looks at bright side of April 15, saying our tax deductions “show our generosity”.
“Today is typically thought of as tax-deadline day across America.… MORE >>

Gates abroad

Hey, China, step it up on the philanthropy, chides Bill Gates; last year, charitable contributions from 100 wealthiest Chinese fell 44%.
“China should do more to encourage wealthy Chinese to donate to charitable causes and to make philanthropy a common practice in the world’s most populous country, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said on Sunday.… MORE >>

Putting “fun” in “fundraising

AEI president Arthur C. Brooks in NYT on “why fundraising is fun” and how evidence shows “giving stimulates prosperity” for donors.
“Once, I asked a class full of aspiring social entrepreneurs — all with business plans and ambitions to start nonprofits — how many of them were looking forward to fund-raising.… MORE >>

“The next health care debate”

If you’ve been following the “philanthropy can’t replace government” debate (or if you haven’t), E.J. Dionne has a summary rolled in here.
“The underlying fight is thus over social insurance approaches that have been part of the fabric of American life since the progressive era and the New Deal.… MORE >>

No difference to Obama

Howard Husock is concerned that Obama sees no difference between mortgage interest and charity deductions: one “distorts”, the other assists.
“The White House is certainly right that the  small minority of Americans who itemize their tax returns can take advantage of such deductions.… MORE >>

Big philanthropy’s new role

James Piereson and Naomi Schaefer Riley look at big philanthropy’s new relationship, an unhappy union bailing out dreams of the public sector.
“[A] significant change has occurred in recent decades in the relationship between government and private philanthropy.… MORE >>

Spend-down motivations

When philanthropy becomes intergenerational “burden”: WSJ looks at myriad reasons behind “Spending down the family foundation”.
“More philanthropists are choosing to donate all their foundations’ assets within their lifetimes.… MORE >>

Seven excuses

The “myths that undermine”: Philanthropic strategist Bruce DeBoskey on the “seven deadly excuses” people use to avoid philanthropy.
“When you take steps to make your city, country or world a better place, you improve your own health, forge stronger bonds with people who matter to you, and greatly enhance your sense of well-being.… MORE >>

Accountability in UT

UT’s former attorney general, John Swallow, is under investigation; his “smorgasbord of improprieties” carries implications for nonprofits.
“The recent investigation of Utah’s former attorney general, John Swallow, contains big red flags for the nonprofit sector.… MORE >>

“Freedom, not mandates”

Philanthropy Roundtable “deeply concerned about” NCRP’s proposed initiative: Respect for the donor’s autonomy paramount to American tradition.
“So long as they defend and respect the freedom of donors to make their own charitable decisions, it is consistent with philanthropic freedom for activist groups to criticize donors’ choices, and to seek to push giving in a different direction.… MORE >>

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