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Giving philanthropy continues despite the critiques

Prize philanthropy’s roots go back to the Longitude Act when Parliament rewarded the creator of a measurement of longitude at sea, and giving prizes continues. “Philanthropists are increasingly turning to prize philanthropy to reward innovation and have an impact in a sector.… MORE >>

Profitable nonprofit hospitals have a context worth considering

The recent study published in Health Affairs looked at the most profitable hospitals, and found 7 were nonprofits, but the study did not address the context of those profitable nonprofits. … MORE >>

An increased minimum wage has a negative impact on nonprofits

Governor Jerry Brown has raised the minimum wage in California to $15, and that can sound very good, but to nonprofits that provide public services, the cost could be significant.… MORE >>

Real teacher appreciation: put money and respect where your mouth is

Schools are perennially recognized as essential to a civilized society, and the faculty is the heart of the school; in order for schools to thrive, teachers need to be respected in their craft, and paid well.… MORE >>

Presidents of private foundations: significant prestige, pay and little difficulty

A president of a large private foundation holds a prestigious and influential position and couples that with comparatively little demands but significant salaries. “Presidents of large private foundations get paid too much.… MORE >>

Charter schools offer creative solutions that are shunned by unions

Charter schools educate 3M students nationally, and they reach students in need, raise graduation rates, but still receive less per pupil than district schools, and continue to need philanthropy.… MORE >>

The widening wealth-gap resurrects timeless moral questions

The widening wealth gap presents an age old question, namely does the means by which one has gained their wealth preclude acceptance of their donation: this question will require regular visits.… MORE >>

Personal practice of charity vs. giving someone else the money to do it

A list of charitable practices in the Catholic tradition is called the corporal works of mercy, and this author contrasts donating so someone can do our charity for us and directly doing it ourselves.… MORE >>

Sports builds both individuals and community

Mens sana in corpore sano remains the perennial dictum of a healthy education, but sport is also the recipe for a healthy thriving community. “Sports in America have long reflected and reinforced the character traits that created the country: teamwork, discipline, toughness, fair play, courage, hard work.… MORE >>

No real conservatives or real science allowed at science museums

Science museums have devolved away from devoting displays to the hard sciences that demonstrate the wonders of the physical world, down to motivating politically biased action.… MORE >>

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