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Better Than No Options At All

Like most professions, educators love to focus on projects that appear new and exciting rather than old and staid. Since computers are the eternal favor of the month, tech-oriented projects have attracted the attention of educators.… MORE >>

The Climate Change Oligarchy

I’ve noted in the past how environmentalists have decided the best way to prove they are right is to call for bans on those who disagree with them.… MORE >>

Does the Inequality Paradigm Measure Up?

Ford Foundation president Darren Walker wrote last year about the need for a “new gospel of wealth,” nodding in the direction of Andrew Carnegie’s famous 1889 treatise that has for its part so shaped the modern philanthropic establishment.… MORE >>

Are App-Obsessed Millennials Really Too Individualistic?

Numbers from Pew released in March of 2015 continue to affirm what everyone already knew: that Americans stand out from other countries in the world when it comes to individualism.… MORE >>

When Tastes Are A Little Too Specific

In a recent issue of Wired magazine, Elise Craig reports on the harmful effects of niche dating apps. Whereas big-tent dating sites like basically just throw everyone together into one big pool, more and more boutique sites now cater to oddly specific tastes.… MORE >>

Gift-Giving in an Age of ‘Administered Beneficence’

Theodor Adorno was a founding don of the Frankfurt School of critical theory and one of the twentieth century’s most influential thinkers. Forced to flee his native Germany amidst the upheaval of the Second World War, Adorno wound up in California living among a group of expat German intellectuals.… MORE >>

Clinton, Trump, and their Philanthropies

One of the many points of similarity between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is that they both run philanthropies. As Naomi Schaefer Riley notes in this Weekly Standard article, neither Clinton nor Trump are very good philanthropists.… MORE >>

Trouble in Paradise: Dede Wilsey and the fate of the Fine Arts Museums

The New York Times reports on Diane Wilsey, the embattled chief of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco board who, after twenty years at the heart of the City by the Bay’s cultural-philanthropic nexus, is facing open revolt.… MORE >>

Pundits and Pamphelteers

English feminist writer Laurie Penny recently reported on her experience chumming around with the flamboyant alt-right (“alternative rightwing”) provocateur Milo Yiannopolous at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.… MORE >>

Philanthropy of Politics

Charles and David Koch have made quite a bit of news in the past year. I’ve reported on the alliance between the Kochs and some liberals on criminal justice reform and Charles Koch’s interview with the Financial Times. … MORE >>

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