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Everyone Is Ignorant

Earlier this month Ford Foundation president Darren Walker released his annual letter on the state of philanthropy. Entitled On Power, Privilege, and Ignorance, the letter picks up the theme of inequality that Walker set out in a key essay last year. … MORE >>

UVA building named for eugenicist to be renamed

The student newspaper at the University of Virginia is reporting that UVA’s Jordan Hall, named for famous eugenicist Dr. Harvey E. Jordan, will be renamed Pinn Hall.… MORE >>

Globalist humanitarians and the new nationalist backlash

Damon Linker has a new piece at The Week in which he castigates liberals, like Zach Beauchamp at Vox, for their “outright contempt for particularistic instincts that are not and should not be considered morally and politically beyond the pale.” Put aside the electoral context in which Beuchamp and his allies, on one side, and Linker, on the other, are making their arguments, and note that Linker’s case applies to contemporary philanthropy as well as it does anything.… MORE >>

Helping the poor by feeding the rich

Suppose you run a restaurant that many food and wine magazines rate the world’s best, a place where you have to wait six months for a table.… MORE >>

Measuring the impact of mozzarella

We’re awash in a terrifying survey culture. You can’t so much as buy a pack of gum anymore without being assaulted with email and phone requests to “take a five-minute survey to help improve the gum chewing experience.” At least in the better of these survey pitches, you the consumer are cast as the hero of the story.… MORE >>

Don’t Be Too Quick to Praise New Chinese Charity Law

Last week’s piece by Eduardo Andino on China’s new ‘Charity Law,’ which official Party organs in China are hailing as a landmark piece of legislation, pointed to some areas of growth in the country’s charitable giving.… MORE >>

“Office Space” and the New Nonprofit Overtime Rule

One of the features of the modern workplace in all sectors is that it is typically governed by a complex set of explicit rules and regulations, from laws about what your boss can and can’t do to lengthy employee handbooks filled with motivational corporate-speak and obscure policies you’ll forget by your second day on the job.… MORE >>

Better Than No Options At All

Like most professions, educators love to focus on projects that appear new and exciting rather than old and staid. Since computers are the eternal favor of the month, tech-oriented projects have attracted the attention of educators.… MORE >>

The Climate Change Oligarchy

I’ve noted in the past how environmentalists have decided the best way to prove they are right is to call for bans on those who disagree with them.… MORE >>

Does the Inequality Paradigm Measure Up?

Ford Foundation president Darren Walker wrote last year about the need for a “new gospel of wealth,” nodding in the direction of Andrew Carnegie’s famous 1889 treatise that has for its part so shaped the modern philanthropic establishment.… MORE >>

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