What should grantmakers do to prevent corruption?

Of all the problems donors have to deal with when giving to programs in the Third World, one of the most prevalent is corruption. It’s bad enough that your gift might not do what it is intended to do.… MORE >>

Post-Obergefell, plan for a non-exempt future

As I sat down to write about a potential future in which churches and religious nonprofits lose their tax-exempt status, Time magazine was already on the beat.… MORE >>

Considering how best to help poor kids succeed

Live in Washington and your inbox is flooded with invitations from think tanks to go to events. Most of these can, of course, be safely ignored.… MORE >>

Don’t hate the Walmart, hate the tax code

When Walmart opened a pair of stores in Washington, D.C., in late 2013, over 23,000 people applied for 600 job openings. Remarking on the slim chances of actually getting hired, Stephen Colbert famously quipped, “Yes, Walmart is now harder to get into than Harvard.” Yet, before the D.C.… MORE >>

What is the Philanthropic Revolution?

Few people, it seems, give much thought to the differences between “philanthropy” and “charity,” or why it is that the former is now much the preferred term over the latter, especially among those who wish to sound serious and sophisticated.… MORE >>

Senator Whitehouse’s criminal understanding of the free market

Environmentalists have tended to use this line of argument in advancing their agenda. We’re right, you’re wrong, they say. Our beliefs cannot be questioned or challenged.MORE >>

Let me help you with that, Mr. Paulson

Last week, hedge-fund manager John Paulson announced a $400 million donation to Harvard University, the largest gift in the school’s history. As with any high-profile donation, the gift attracted more than its fair share of criticism.… MORE >>

The limitations of behavioral economics

Over the past century, there have been two schools of thought in fighting poverty. The left would argue the primary reason people are poor is a lack of money.… MORE >>

Religion without creed?

Since publishing his latest bestselling book, Our Kids, coverage of Professor Robert Putnam’s work has failed to skip a news cycle. Although the latest wave of Putnamania peaked last month following a pair of Georgetown University events (one featuring President Obama), debates surrounding his latest research project have nonetheless continued, especially in conversations exploring the book’s consequences for politics and public policy.… MORE >>

Thoughts on “high-impact philanthropy”

Readers will note that I’m the sort of guy who reads the advertisements in magazines. Goodness knows, magazines have fallen on hard times these days. They need help!… MORE >>
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