Cleaning house and the NFL

The NFL is a tax-exempt nonprofit? That’s what many people might have been surprised to learn when reading this week’s news that federal legislation is being introduced to strip the NFL of its tax-exempt status if it doesn’t successfully pressure Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the Redskins name.… MORE >>

Peter Thiel’s innovative approach to philanthropy

I’ll probably never meet Peter Thiel, the PayPal billionaire. I’m sure he has all sorts of minders, protecting him from the nuts who want his money for their crazy schemes and the nuts who get their lawyers to send letters beginning, “Dear Mr.… MORE >>

Why corporate social responsibility depends on employees

According to those at the top of the corporate ladder, the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a “hotly growing field.” But how effective is the model of “trickle-down social responsibility”?… MORE >>

A choice painful and to be avoided, if at all possible

“I couldn’t turn my abortion into art.” That was the title of a first-person essay published by the New York Times… MORE >> over the summer. In it, the author, Lisa Selin Davis, describes getting an abortion shortly after college and finding out it was not the “no big deal” that she had been assured.

A tale of two collections: The death of the Corcoran

I suppose I should shed bitter tears over the decision last month that divides the Corcoran Gallery of Art and its affiliated college between George Washington University and the National Gallery of Art.… MORE >>

More ways to give? Alas, not all to the good

More ways to give, all to the good, right? Not so fast, argues philanthropist Lewis Cullman, who, together with his late wife Dorothy Cullman, gave away hundreds of millions of dollars.… MORE >>

The NFL’s nonprofit blitz

After last evening’s pair of Monday Night Football games, the National Football League’s regular season has officially kicked off. In the nonprofit world, this means enlivening the annual debate regarding the nonprofit status of many professional sports leagues.… MORE >>

Fake racism on campus

Some episodes in higher education are so predictable it’s hard to imagine why anyone even blinks. Last week’s “racist” incident at Sweet Briar College in Virginia in which someone mysteriously posted “white” and “colored” signs on doors and over water fountains ended with the revelation that the sign poster was, of course, black.… MORE >>

Racial diversity and local charity vs. structural racism

You never know what local charity will teach you (sshhh – don’t tell the Effective Altruists).
For instance, I recently bought a copy of Street Sense… MORE >>, a local nonprofit newspaper written and sold by street people, and discovered a fascinating writer in its pages.

Higher-education philanthropy: Why not apprenticeships?

Philanthropic support of higher education has not only rebounded to pre-recession levels but has, in fact, reached record levels of $31 billion in 2013.
These record levels of spending are being achieved even at a time when many have concerns about the direction colleges and universities are taking—concerns such as those raised this week by Casey Ark, a 2013 grad of a prestigious public university.… MORE >>

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