In lieu of foundation support, art finds a new kind of patron

Of all the areas in which foundations give, probably the trickiest is in giving to the arts. Here the issue is not political but philosophical. The artists who need money the most are the ones who have tremendous potential, but who are just starting their careers.… MORE >>

Breaking: Hillary Clinton still a politician

After a pair of articles appeared late last week in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal revealing both the extent and the sources of Hillary Clinton’s philanthropic foundation’s fundraising, liberal punditry has spent the weekend collectively clutching its pearls.… MORE >>

Philanthrolocalism gets messy…

Philanthropy Daily regularly features “philanthrolocalism”—philanthropy directed to the donor’s local community. Philanthrolocalism has the warm glow of local folk helping their neighbors, doing good in their own community to satisfy needs they understand.… MORE >>

Getting a good look at Mary

The National Museum of Women in the Arts’ current exhibit, Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea, features images of the Virgin Mary as she has been variously conceived of through the ages.… MORE >>

Giving with joy changes the equation

December is the month where many of us think about giving. I read that December is for development officers what April is for accountants, the high season where they hope that donors with good financial years will feel more than a little generous.… MORE >>

Philanthropy 50’s tech makeover

At the end of each year, nearly every news and opinion outlet publishes its own year-in-review. Compounding this trend with the Buzzfeedification of online media, they nearly all mimic the same form: “The Top 10 Most Popular Searches on Google [in 2014],” “Top 100 Films in 2014,” “Top 10 Sports plays that made us stop and stare in 2014,” and – compiling all the top trends in humble fashion – Time’s “Top 10 Everything of 2014.” Giving into temptation, the philanthropic world has its own lists, but – considering the combination of disparate fiscal calendars and tax scheduling – they are usually published when we least expect them.… MORE >>

On this Valentine’s Day, a reflection on marriage and civil society

The old song goes, “Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.” Well, nowadays, it’s no longer the case that love and marriage go together.… MORE >>

What can Bob Dylan teach us about the Giving Pledge?

Since launching roughly five years ago, the Giving Pledge has attracted the support of more than a hundred billionaires around the world. The pledge, of course, is Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett’s effort to shame – there really isn’t a better word for it – the world’s richest into giving away half their wealth by the time they die.… MORE >>

The Smithsonian goes AWOL?

The Smithsonian has just announced that it will open its first gallery outside the United States—a 40,000-square-foot exhibition space in the swanky “Olympicopolis” district that is being built up on the site of the 2012 Olympic Games.… MORE >>

Politics gets a dose of anti-vax

On Sunday evening, Super Bowl champions Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler of the New England Patriots turned to the camera and exclaimed, “We’re going to Disneyland!” Before they plunge down Splash Mountain, however, it might be worth checking whether or not they have their MMR shots.… MORE >>
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