Thoughts on “high-impact philanthropy”

Readers will note that I’m the sort of guy who reads the advertisements in magazines. Goodness knows, magazines have fallen on hard times these days. They need help!… MORE >>

Philanthropy and vanity

Is it a bad sign if, over your morning coffee, you read “The Vanity of Human Wishes” to make yourself feel better? It can happen.… MORE >>

This invitation is not for sale!

The Memorial Day weekend is nearly upon us… and, with it, some of the first summer gatherings. Many of the invitations to this year’s Memorial Day barbeques will have been made in a way no one had heard of just a few years ago—“e-invitations” sent over the internet.… MORE >>

When begging is the question: The Orthodox Jews of Lakewood

Historians know the moment when charity began to be transformed into welfare was the moment when the Edwardians decided that poor people needed to have their cases investigated to determine whether or not they were worthy of aid.… MORE >>

A neuroscience of philanthropy?

Why do you give—is it generosity? Greatness of soul? A response to a call from your faith tradition? Well, there’s an alternative account: neuroscientists might say your generosity is simply hard-wired in your brain—hard wired to the extent that generosity is not truly a choice, not a virtue, but simply follows from your brain chemistry.… MORE >>

The First Law of Giving: There is no one right way to give

So Peter Singer has a new book about charity coming out, and… “Wait a minute,” I hear you saying, “You’re attacking Peter Singer again? What is it with you and that guy?” Well, for the critic, Peter Singer is an entire month’s worth of unboxing.… MORE >>

Do persons matter?

Do individual human beings matter? They do to Pope Francis, who recently had 150 of Rome’s homeless persons receive a tour of the Vatican museums and the Sistine Chapel.… MORE >>

Concerning contact with natural beauty

I come now to a third valuation of what Aldo Leopold said in “Conservation Economics” when he noted a widespread conviction that our whip-hand over nature is no unmixed blessing.… MORE >>

Baltimore and life “On the Run”

Events in the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore police custody have intensified the national focus on relations between police and African Americans. Like so many, I’ve been wondering about these issues, but the events in Baltimore brought them home to me all the more, as I serve on the board of a nonprofit that supports the only college education program in Maryland’s prisons, which provides college classes at Maryland’s only prison for women and one of the men’s prisons.… MORE >>

The grassroots movement giving the Mafia a taste of its own medicine

One of the reasons why statists call for more government is the belief that communities can’t get together to solve problems. Individuals, the argument goes, are powerless to improve their communities, so they need to turn to government.… MORE >>
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