Marriage quality and methodology

Last week, the National Marriage Project released a report which showed that women who had a greater number of sexual partners were less likely to be happy in their marriages.… MORE >>

The ice bucket challenge: Hot stuff for philanthropy?

Unless you’ve been entirely on vacation, you’ve heard about the “ice bucket challenge,” which has raised $88.5 million in the last two months for the ALS Association, dwarfing the $2.6 million received in the same period in 2013.… MORE >>

Ebola outbreak brings Samaritan’s Purse into spotlight

We’ve all read or seen the stories about how Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, infected with the Ebola virus, were successfully flown from Liberia to Atlanta and cured with the aid of powerful experimental drugs.… MORE >>

Tax-smart without smart tax(es)

The phrase “close the tax loopholes” has recently re-entered political discourse. Leaders on the right use the phrase to advocate for simplified structures (e.g., FairTax), while those on the left use the phrase as an argument for increasing tax rates on the “1%.” Much less talked about, however, are the implications that “closing tax loopholes” would have on charitable individuals and institutions that have effectively exploited these loopholes for philanthropic purposes.… MORE >>

Measuring concern about poverty

Do Americans care about poverty? How do we measure that concern? The answer from those on the left is very simple: Our concern is measured by how much public money we spend to alleviate poverty and how much political pressure we exert in order to get that money spent.… MORE >>

Where should I volunteer, Ms. Jolie?

The proliferation of celebrity endorsements of nonprofit organizations has fundamentally transformed how groups attract national exposure. One nonprofit leader hopes more celebrities “will take a closer look at some of the organizations whose work is not hip, hot, or trendy.”
Explaining this argument, Susan Danish, the executive director of the Association of Junior Leagues International, wrote Thursday for the Chronicle of Philanthropy on the pros and cons of celebrity involvement in the “nonprofit universe.” Ultimately, Danish’s argument views celebrities as a filter … MORE >>for the news media.

A $100-million-dollar lesson in education reform

One of the salutary developments in the education debate over the past decade is that most Americans now believe that teachers’ unions are part of the problem and not part of the solution.… MORE >>

Culture assault

As I finished up back-to-school shopping for the kids last week I was bemoaning the fact that there are very few clothing companies out there with items that are appropriate for the tween girl set.… MORE >>

The Ebola outbreak and the lessons of literature

This year’s horrifying Ebola outbreak raises a thicket of ethical issues, many of interest to philanthropists. How much philanthropic support should be redirected from management of other, much more common lethal diseases—such as malaria, which killed 627,000 people in 2012—to support care for Ebola patients, who still number less than 2,000 this year?… MORE >>

100 years of community foundations

For the 100th anniversary of America’s community foundations, David C. Perry of the University of Illinois at Chicago and Terry Mazany of the Chicago Community Trust have edited a volume of essays by community foundation leaders entitled Here for Good: Community Foundations and the Challenges of the 21st Century.… MORE >>

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