On problems with occupational licenses

Americans struggling to get back to work find a frustrating barrier is a licensing board. Of course we should have some licenses; few of us would want to be operated on By Dr.… MORE >>

Jonathan Franzen argues against the winds of climate change

Of all the reasons to be irritated by environmentalists these days, one of the most significant is its authoritarianism. Climate change is so inevitable and doom is so certain, they preach, that you’re either with us or you’re a “climate denier.” For the greens, our world is a grim and cheerless place, where the dimming forces of light fight forces as black as $50 a barrel oil.… MORE >>

Remembering Whitney Ball’s lasting but rarely noticed work

My first reaction to the death of Whitney Ball, who died on August 17, 2015 at age 52, was that I wish I knew her better.… MORE >>

Charles Murray’s Lockean philanthropic proposal

On my very rough analysis, there are two basic types of libertarians. The first type is the Nietzschean type—those whose approach seems to be premised on the thought “I can look after myself so why don’t you do the same.” You knew this type in college—they’re the ones who toted around copies of Beyond Good and Evil and made sour, sneering comments about peers who couldn’t see through the banal foolishness of those who tried to do good in their communities.… MORE >>

Whitney L. Ball, RIP

This eulogy is cross-posted from the Capital Research Center website. More tributes are available at the DonorsTrust website. We mourn the death of Whitney Ball, who as founder and longtime leader of DonorsTrust was one of the nation’s leading entrepreneurs in conservative and libertarian philanthropy.… MORE >>

The thorny business of philanthropy for gardens

The fortunate denizens of Grand Rapids have a wonderful new garden to enjoy: The Richard & Helen DeVos Japanese Garden, which opened this summer as an extension of the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park.… MORE >>

Smithsonian fundraising enters space age

The Smithsonian Institution entered the world of space-age fundraising in July as it launched its first “crowdfunded” campaign to raise $500,000 to preserve the spacesuit Neil Armstrong wore when he stepped onto the moon in July 1969.… MORE >>

On the morality of capitalism

It’s a worthy purpose of philanthropy to deepen our understanding of the free market and of capitalism. There are several ways donors can do this. One is to do what the Liberty Fund does and publish great works by champions of the free market in affordable, sturdy editions.… MORE >>

A letter to our readers

Dear Readers: It is time for a change here at Philanthropy Daily. As your faithful managing editor for the past six years, I am writing to let you know I am leaving PD to re-immerse myself in the philanthropic world.… MORE >>

Civic engagement by the clock

Time is precious… and how people spend their time is a good measure of what they value. We have a chance to measure of how much time Americans invest in building civil society with the annual American Time Use Survey; the 2014 findings were released earlier this month.… MORE >>
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