Beggars at Passover and Easter

A few texts on serving the least among us come to mind as Jews celebrate Passover and Christians celebrate Holy Week. The first is from the Jew known as Jesus of Nazareth, who purposely connected his greatest “hour” with the ancient Hebrew feast of Passover:

The poor you have always with you.… MORE >>

To spend, not to squander

Cassidy Burns, a Minneapolis financial adviser, recently told the Wall Street Journal… MORE >> how a wealthy family she works with has struggled to find a successor for their family foundation.

Babies vs. dogs

It seems to be a battle of babies versus pets in this week’s papers. The Times… MORE >> featured a story about the rising number of wealthy Big Apple families deciding to have three or more children.

Taxes and a civilized society

“Taxes,” Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. wrote in 1927, “are what we pay for civilized society.”
For everyone scrambling to fill out tax forms this week, it’s evident that the price paid today is high. … MORE >>

The FEC will let me be

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court released its 5-to-4 decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission. The opinion, authored by Chief Justice John Roberts and joined by three others in a plurality, overturned aggregate… MORE >> campaign contribution limits.

Value of paying own way lost to today’s college students

During the summers between his years at Cornell University, my father worked at a hotel in the Catskills called The Concord. The work was not glamorous—no “Dirty Dancing” stories so far as I can tell.… MORE >>

Measles, mumps, and Lady Mary

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu showed many faces to eighteenth-century European aristocracy: an epistolary genius, whose letters from Turkey introduced many to the Muslim world; a divorcée who was pursued by Alexander Pope and other leading men of her day; and great beauty whose looks were ruined by small pox.… MORE >>

A different “dead hand” has reform in its grip

Talk about trimming the excesses of the welfare state, and you’re often told by the harridans of the left, “That’s not what you really want… MORE >>!

The voluntarism fantasy?

“Food banks are wonderful. But not as wonderful as food stamps.” This is the caption for a photo of volunteers sorting and packing food, featured with a recent Slate blog post by Jordan Weissmann.… MORE >>

The inappropriateness of philanthroshaming

Public displays of gratitude for philanthropic donations are everywhere – names are listed on the sides of buildings, on bricks outlining walkways, on pews or stained glass windows, in Youtube credits or tweets, or in ranked lists (á la US News & World Report… MORE >>’s annual College Rankings).

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