Talking about inequality

Inequality and poverty are topics of great interest to philanthropists and charities—which made this week’s news especially interesting to them because two very different speeches about income inequality made media splashes.… MORE >>

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Endangered Scholars program

Look closely at the achievements of American foundations and you’ll find that there really aren’t that many. Most of the time foundations tend to overstate their successes or take credit for good deeds that they really shouldn’t take credit for.… MORE >>

Grantmaking hacks or hacking grantmaking?

Despite recent reports, American Idol-style grantmaking is not new to the nonprofit sector. However, it is new enough that we still lack evidence on whether this unconventional process facilitates long-term benefits or detriments for modern philanthropy.… MORE >>

Putting your future in the deep freeze

The most interesting responses to the news that Apple will now pay for female employees to freeze their eggs should they want to put off child-bearing for another time has been from women who say that doing so is not really about prioritizing a career.… MORE >>

A cup of coffee and a sense of place

A really great local coffee shop is a place where you can find out what’s happening around town over your cup of coffee. But in Edmonton, Alberta, Edmontonians can now get a flavor of their hometown on their cup of coffee: local coffee shops are dispensing coffee sleeves with very short stories by six local authors.… MORE >>

Sweden’s case of “PISA shock”

When charter schools began to flourish twenty-five years ago, many education policy analysts saw them as a sort of gateway drug that would lead to more substantial privatization.… MORE >>

Everybody’s a critic

Early last week, the Chronicle of Philanthropy released a new analysis of tax and charitable giving data. The (unrelated) findings? Well, finger pointing is in vogue.… MORE >>

The panacea of after-school programs

In the wake of the Ferguson, Missouri, riots over the summer, it was not uncommon to hear community leaders and media commentators emphasize the need for more after-school programs for the city’s disadvantaged youth.… MORE >>

Place-based philanthropy

Most of today’s philanthropists strive to meet the needs of their hometowns, and some of the biggest names in American philanthropy include among their multiple areas of focus a program dedicated to their local community.… MORE >>

Philanthropy and the feeling of abundance

“Mom, can I go on the field trip? It costs ten dollars,” our daughter asked while I was making dinner last week. “Of course,” I said, without paying much attention.… MORE >>
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