The latest call for data philanthropy

“Data scientist” may very well be the “sexiest job of the 21st century,” but data philanthropy will likely take longer to catch on, as it depends on dubious information sharing amidst an “era of big data” where information is currency.… MORE >>

Plunging right into the deep end

Do racial preferences help those who are on the receiving end of them? Studies of the University of California system before and after it banned racial preferences suggest the answer is no.… MORE >>

Nannies, nine year olds, and the Nanny State

I had no idea of the risk I was taking!
Here’s what happened: this spring, my nine-year-old son asked if he could range through our neighborhood on his own.… MORE >>

Will the Common Core be a triumph or a failure?

Since the Common Core standards are not scheduled to be implemented until next year, it’s too early to tell whether or not they are a success or a failure.… MORE >>

Most generous companies?

What can brown do for you? Apparently, quite a bit. Nationwide is on your side? You betcha! But let us not forget about Mom and Pop.… MORE >>

Cheating as civil disobedience

There is a point in Rachel Aviv’s New Yorker piece chronicling the widespread cheating on standardized tests that went on in some Georgia schools several years ago where you wonder how much further the author could go to defend teachers who changed students’ answers in order to ensure that they kept their jobs.… MORE >>

In lieu of flowers…

One of the public aspects of a death is the opportunity for the surviving spouse or family to request memorial gifts to a charity: “In lieu of flowers, friends may make a donation to…”
This is very familiar practice—and yet it’s a very striking one, far outside most of our social norms around gifts and philanthropy.… MORE >>

A focus on shaming neglects truth

There are many reasons why people should give. The best reasons are because donors should want to give, either to fulfill a religious or moral duty, because giving provides personal satisfaction, or even pleasure.… MORE >>

Cronyism: A rediscovery

According to the political headlines, the left-right divide in the United States has slowly been blurring, particularly over the past few months. Republican candidate Dave Brat, who toppled Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the primary, is on a warpath against “crony capitalism.” Ninety miles north on Capitol Hill, Majority Leader-elect Kevin McCarthy and Chairman Jeb Hensarling of the House Committee on Financial Services have joined together against the likely reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, calling it “corporate welfare.” Brat sounds a bit like Senator Elizabeth Warren, no?… MORE >>

Communal living, 2.0

If you needed more evidence that young adults today have a certain kind of nostalgia for the way their grandparents and great-grandparents lived, look no further than a piece on the Atlantic’s website: “Two Couples, One Mortgage,” in which two couples buy a rowhouse together in Northwest Washington, DC, take on a mortgage and agree to raise their children together too.… MORE >>

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