A closer look at millennial giving patterns

I wrote here recently about how app-obsessed millennials will more and more insist on doing philanthropy on their own terms. This means an ever-greater emphasis on quick and easy giving, especially through a handheld devices. … MORE >>

Christmas in September: 4 essential steps to a successful yearend fundraising campaign

It may feel like the dog-days of summer, but the fourth quarter of 2016 is right around the corner and that means end-of-year fundraising efforts are also right around the corner.… MORE >>

International aid groups and Haitian coffee farmers: why the best way to help the poor is to listen

Ian Williams, in his history of rum, explains that in the 1980’s there were only two businesses in Haiti that were productive. One was the Barbancourt rum distillery, which produces some of the world’s great rums.… MORE >>

Rethinking Big Philanthropy’s giving habits

Courtney E. Martin’s latest piece on philanthropy published last week points to some of the ways in which philanthropists need to rethink their most basic giving processes.… MORE >>

All benefits, little obligations

Donor advised funds have become an increasingly popular avenue for charitable giving. But do these funds, which give donors all of the tax benefits of charitable giving without an obligation that the money be put to active charitable use, undermine American charity? … MORE >>

Things are looking up

Thanks to local churches and nonprofits, there are signs things are getting better in Freddie Gray’s West Baltimore neighborhood. “… on a sidewalk near Presstman Street and Druid Hill Avenue — once part of an expansive open-air drug market — Day was hosting an open-air crab fest.… MORE >>

Community foundation backed secret Baltimore police surveillance project

Over the past few months, secret areal cameras have recorded Baltimore’s every move. “The Baltimore Police Department was able to keep secret the funding for a surveillance plane that monitored wide swaths of the city by routing project funds through a private foundation — whose director says he was not aware of the purpose of the spending.… MORE >>

Philanthropy and the National Parks

This week marks the centennial of the National Park Service: On August 25, 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act, which established the National Park Service.… MORE >>

Recent Decision Allows Graduate Students to Unionize

Mark Joseph Stern reports on the National Labor Relations Board’s ruling on Tuesday, August 23rd, that graduate students at private universities have the right to form unions.… MORE >>

Does the Inequality Paradigm Measure Up?

Ford Foundation president Darren Walker wrote last year about the need for a “new gospel of wealth,” nodding in the direction of Andrew Carnegie’s famous 1889 treatise that has for its part so shaped the modern philanthropic establishment.… MORE >>
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