Physician as Fundraiser?

Oncologists are often called upon to speak with patients to deliver big news: sometimes the good news that treatment is working; other times, that treatment hasn’t checked the cancer.… MORE >>

Some on the left need transparency too

The left loves to complain that conservatives say what they do because they are tools, mouthpieces for Big Oil, the Koch brothers, Monsanto, or other insidious capitalists.… MORE >>

Silicon Valley’s philanthropists and the Syrian migrants

Silicon Valley’s wealthy denizens are among the country’s leading philanthropists. And they have distinctive philanthropic preferences, favoring “metrics-driven” philanthropy that ensures philanthropists achieve the greatest benefit possible for each philanthropic dollar.… MORE >>

Effective altruism: a summary and critique

Most ideas in philanthropy rarely leave conferences or the small press. But effective altruism—the notion that you should make as much money as possible in order to give away as much as possible—seems to be the first idea coming out of the nonprofit world that is circulating in the world of people who are interested in new ideas.… MORE >>

Less freedom, less philanthropy?

America’s economy continues to become less free, according to the Fraser Institute’s annual Economic Freedom of the World report, which was released last week. And that has important implications for American philanthropy.… MORE >>

Government can circulate money, but not redistribute wealth

Everyone knows the solution to inequality in America is a simple one: seize the wealth of the rich and lavish it on the poor. Hold a giant ceremony, hosted by Sen.… MORE >>

Understated Philanthropy

Philanthropists bring many great goods to America—but it also can seem, in some cases, that philanthropists seek to bring attention to themselves as much as to the causes that they support.… MORE >>

On Henry Chapman Mercer, 19th century philanthropist whose work continues to give

The historian spends far too much time in the library or in the archives looking at papers. Every once in a while one needs to go outside and view the world.… MORE >>

Rosenwald, a philanthropist in film

Biographies of great philanthropists fill a thick shelf. But films about philanthropists are vanishingly small. If the data in the Internet Movie Database is correct, there has never been a movie or TV show featuring Andrew Carnegie or John D.… MORE >>

On problems with occupational licenses

Americans struggling to get back to work find a frustrating barrier is a licensing board. Of course we should have some licenses; few of us would want to be operated on By Dr.… MORE >>
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