Jonathan Franzen argues against the winds of climate change

Of all the reasons to be irritated by environmentalists these days, one of the most significant is its authoritarianism. Climate change is so inevitable and doom is so certain, they preach, that you’re either with us or you’re a “climate denier.” For the greens, our world is a grim and cheerless place, where the dimming forces of light fight forces as black as $50 a barrel oil.… MORE >>

Remembering Whitney Ball’s lasting but rarely noticed work

My first reaction to the death of Whitney Ball, who died on August 17, 2015 at age 52, was that I wish I knew her better.… MORE >>

Announcing our new Jobs board!

We’re excited to announce a new feature on Philanthropy Daily, our Jobs board. It launches today with job opportunities from national nonprofit organizations, and more will be added in the next few days.… MORE >>

Gates at Atlantic Exchange in D.C.

Bill Gates spoke with Atlantic editor-in-chief James Bennet on foreign aid, philanthropy, technology, and education. Philanthropy Daily was there to cover the discussion. You can watch it here ( ).… MORE >>

Update on Washington Post’s “philanthropic diversions” story

Washington Post reporters Mary Pat Flaherty, Joe Stephens, and Ann E. Marimow have continued their investigations into “philanthropic diversions” with two articles on Ephonia Green. On November 25, Green pled guilty to embezzling $5.1 million from the Association of American Medical Colleges.… MORE >>

The charitable deduction’s future

The future of the charitable deduction in light of the Great Recession will be the topic at an impressive AEI panel discussion on Tuesday, Dec. 3, from noon to 1:30.… MORE >>

Rick Cohen fires back

Rick Cohen responds at Nonprofit Quarterly to the question Scott Walter posed to him here at PhilanthropyDaily: “Why doesn’t the Left trust the law-abiding poor to own guns?” Walter’s original article is here.… MORE >>

JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: SENIOR CONSULTANT AT AMERICAN PHILANTHROPIC, LLC   American Philanthropic is a growing, national philanthropic consulting and services firm headquartered in the Brandywine Valley town of West Chester, Pennsylvania.… MORE >>

Pablo Eisenberg weighs in on the debate over strategic philanthropy at the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Eisenberg, long a leading thinker in the nonprofit world and a prominent left-of-center critic, has more sympathy for William Schambra’s side of the argument with Paul Brest, but he thinks the whole debate is off kilter: It’s time for everyone in philanthropy to stop debating the merits of strategic grant making and whether everyone needs to measure results with statistical precision.… MORE >>

The nonprofit executive overseeing the White House’s Obamacare youth video contest is the disgraced ACORN group’s former top lobbyist, reports UK’s Daily Mail. The contest is co-branded by the Department of Health & Human Services and Young Invincibles, “an independent organization that operates under the fiscal sponsorship of the Center for Community Change.” The Center is run by Deepak Bhargava, who ran legislative affairs for ACORN before scandals forced the group into bankruptcy.… MORE >>
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