In the midst of poverty, classical music enriches the lives of the Congolese

One of the more obnoxious myths about the poor is that because they’re poor, they’ll never amount to anything, therefore it’s up to us enlightened Westerners to come in and give the poor the tools they need to advance in life.… MORE >>

Vegetables rescued from partisan bias make for good eating

I’ve been spending too much time staring at screens lately, so I feel I ought to go out and do some reporting. But this post is on a meal I didn’t get to eat.… MORE >>

The Fort McMurray Wildfire, philanthropy, and government

The U.S. press largely overlooked the harrowing story of the Fort McMurray wildfire, in my home province of Alberta, Canada, which burned for the first week in May.… MORE >>

The Marvin Schwan Foundation and the perpetuity of foundations

There are many reasons why foundations shouldn’t be perpetual. Foundations inevitably drift away from the ideals of their founders, usually to be captured by liberals. They engage in causes that their founders would at best dislike and at worst despise.… MORE >>

Inequality and An American Tragedy

Inequality is the watchword of this election season, as candidates of both parties respond to—and build their candidacies upon—anger about increasing income disparities and the sense that economic opportunities for many ordinary Americans are disappearing while the wealthy become every wealthier.… MORE >>

Occupational licenses in Arizona: lobbyist-controlled bureaucracy blended with conflict of interest

There are many consequences to bureaucracy, but one of the worst things bureaucrats can do is block people who want to work and have the skills needed to do good work from entering the labor force because they don’t have a proper license.… MORE >>

Let the kids play: charitable recycling of sports equipment

I’m always interested in stories about nonprofits that give away products people can use. We all ought to use products as long as we can. Moreover, it’s important to let people know that there’s more to charity than simply writing checks or donating your time.… MORE >>

Panama papers spark uneven reactions

With the release last week of the so-called Panama Papers, a cache of more than eleven million documents detailing the offshore tax havens of the rich and powerful, scandal has shot across the globe.… MORE >>

The way down may also be the way out and up

I’ve only met Megan McArdle once, when I had my copy of The Up Side of Down signed. But I’ve liked her work for many years, first for The Atlantic and then as a columnist for Bloomberg.… MORE >>

On the global expansion of private schools

Before I wrote about philanthropy, I wrote about education, the subject of my first book, Angry Classrooms, Vacant Minds. I reviewed education books for the Washington Times for 16 years, and one reason why I gave up was that I had heard all the arguments four or five times.… MORE >>
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