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Food Cowboy redistributes food to charities instead of the dump

American food distributors waste 40% each year, most often because the produce is disfigured or discolored; there is a new app that allows companies to redirect the wasted food to charities.… MORE >>

Indiana art museum receives landmark gift from local couple

A local expression of art philanthropy comes out of Bloomington, Indiana where the Mr. and Mrs. Eskinazi have donated $15M as well their own collection of art to their local museum.… MORE >>

Kermit Washington indicted on charity fraud

Kermit Washington is most remembered for punching Rudy Tomjanovich in the middle of a 1997 NBA game; he is back in the news because of the federal charges indicting him on charity fraud.… MORE >>

Mark Ruffalo backs more accurate measurement of water contaminants

Mark Ruffalo has begun a nonprofit that provides a more accurate read of contaminants in water; the designer of the method says it is more accurate than what the gov’t uses.… MORE >>

A billionaire’s “Giving Tour” takes her through the ignored parts of the country

The Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation has “Alex” Cohen at the helm of the organization, and she recently concluded a “Giving Tour” to drive through and listen to “flyover states”.… MORE >>

Dallas group pool their gift to give $10K to a local charity

Using a modest amount of money for each participant, 100 men each commit to giving $100 to one of three Dallas causes that is voted on, once a quarter, receive the $10K: 100 Men Who Give A Damn.… MORE >>

A gap in science funding filled by the Simons Foundation

The Simons Foundation ramps up its science grants, and may be setting itself up to become one of the largest science funders in the world. “These are tough times for science researchers.… MORE >>

National Vietnam Veterans Foundation rated as a scam four years in a row

The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation has raised 98% more money for telemarketers and infra-structure than it has to help Vietnam Veterans, CNN reports. “At first glance, the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation is a roaring success.… MORE >>

The fundraising cycle of museums: new capital campaigns fund existing maintenance

With a psychological metaphor, Mike Scutari explains the trends in fundraising for art museums: raise money for a sexy new wing to cover the cost for the less attractive upkeep of existing buildings.… MORE >>

Whoopi supports sisters’ acts of charity with her own

Franciscan sisters staffed by Nigerians work in NY, and often get stopped because one resembles Whoopi Goldberg; Whoopi took notice, brought them onto her show, and contributed to their cause.… MORE >>

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