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“Quiet and prone to generosity”

Pat Bowlen, owner of Denver Broncos, is stepping down due to Alzheimer’s; during career, he directed over $25 million to community from foundation.
“Friends described Bowlen as quiet and prone to generosity.… MORE >>

$650 million for psychiatric research

Ted Stanley’s $650 million gift to Broad Institute for psychiatric research was born out of concern for his son, counts as historic gift to neglected arena.… MORE >>

We’ll take his word for it

Australian man vowed to “give up sex for a year”; his campaign of “Pete’s Chastity for Charity” ended up raising £50,000 for nonprofit that aids Cambodian girls.… MORE >>

Tithing just “club dues” for Huntsman

Jon Huntsman Sr. doesn’t consider his Mormon faith’s tithing to be philanthropy; it’s just “club dues,” and so his giving tally doesn’t even include it.
“ Huntsman has given away $1.5 billion — or about 80 percent of his total wealth — to various causes and charities, according to Forbes.… MORE >>

No handouts

Bill and Melinda Gates aren’t the only billionaires who won’t be leaving vast fortune to their kids; here’s a list of seven other “tech titans” following suit.… MORE >>

Swindled in the New World

Remember Chen Guangbiao, the Chinese philanthropist who threw Central Park party for needy? Now he’s claiming NY group duped him with fake honors.
“Remember the Chinese philanthropist who showed up in New York to offer a couple of hundred homeless people a lunch, which he delivered, and $300 cash payments, which he didn’t?… MORE >>

Newsman, patriot, philanthropist

He “made his region, and country, a better place”: The Pittsburgh Tribune’s… MORE >> symposium on Richard Mellon Scaife, who died last week.

Tarnished halo

UK nonprofit Halo Trust was supported by Princess Diana during her lifetime; now founder resigns after newspaper uncovers malfeasance.
“The princess would be ashamed. A British nonprofit once prominently supported by Princess Diana has forced its founder to step down after he allegedly used donations to pay his kids’ boarding school tuition.… MORE >>

New CEO of Gates Foundation

Is Gates Foundation entering a “third phase”? New CEO Susan Desmond-Hellmann is the first non-Microsofter in the job, has focus on helping the poor.
“The world’s biggest philanthropy is entering a new era, a third phase of sorts, but is hardly settling into a comfortable routine of funding the same old things  or losing its upstart mindset.… MORE >>

“Oxymoronic and malevolent”?

Inside Philanthropy can’t understand why billionaires like John and Laura Arnold are so into “grassroots activism” when it comes to education.
“The foundation run by hedge fund billionaire John Arnold and his wife Laura is increasingly a pillar of the ed reform funding world.… MORE >>

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