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Raising money for ALS in AZ in delicious ways

Despite the pleasure a bucketful of ice may bring to most Arizonans this time of year, there are some in Tucson seeking to raise money for ALS in other ways.… MORE >>

Kalamazoo foster care agency will have a large expansion

A foster care agency in Kalamazoo, Family and Children’s Services, has raised $4.5M of its of $5.1M; when it raises the rest, it will build its much needed new buildings.… MORE >>

Howard Buffett lays foundation for power plant in Congo

Howard Buffet, Warren’s son, uses his foundation to pour millions into building hydro electric plants into developing Congo. “U.S. philanthropist Howard Buffett, son of billionaire investor Warren, is pouring millions of dollars into power projects in war-torn Congo, betting that private investment can bring development where the United Nations and aid agencies failed.  … MORE >>

Mark Benioff gives and lets live in his educational philanthropy

Founder of, Marc Benioff, takes a red-tape-free approach to giving to SF schools, in contradistinction to other large donors in educational philanthropy. “The list of high-tech moguls looking to disrupt, remake, revamp and ultimately “fix” public education is long — from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, not to mention William Hewlett and David Packard, to name a few.… MORE >>

Lebron James sets up college scholarship program for needy residents of Akron

Lebron James sets up a program to give up to $40M in college scholarships to struggling residents of his native Akron; the program has both tutoring and service components.… MORE >>

To preserve Armstrong’s suit, Smithsonian crowdfunding surpasses goal

Following up on Jacqueline Pfeffer Merrill’s article on the effort to preserve Armstrong’s suit, the Smithsonian crowdfunding campaign powered past its goal, raising $720K. “The National Air and Space Museum has completed its crowdfunding campaign to conserve the spacesuit Neil Armstrong wore on the moon and surpassed its goal by nearly $220,000.… MORE >>

Group serving children with extreme physical disabilities gets a special playground

Now I Can provides physical therapy for children with severe physical disorders; a physical wellness group volunteered to build them a therapeutic playground. “Four-year-old Kiya Banzhaf had been eyeing the swing the whole afternoon.… MORE >>

In memoriam, Amy A. Kass

A friend of charity with the highest calibre of mind and heart, Amy Kass, senior fellow of the Hudson Institute, passed away on Wednesday; she was 75.… MORE >>

Vatican Museums enter the crowdfunding craze

The Vatican has developed an app to help fund the restoration of the priceless works of art that adorn its halls; but restoration has its skeptics.… MORE >>

Whitney L. Ball, requiescat in pace – Updated

Whitney L. Ball, stalwart defender of and advocate for philanthropy and liberty has died at 52; this PD post will be longer than usual to honor her life.… MORE >>

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