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Make a hole in one to give $1M to charity

Suns Charities hosts a golfing contest on behalf of The Thunderbirds during the Phoenix Open to compete to make a hole in one, and the winner can have $1M donated to charity.… MORE >>

Dodgeball in Greenwich to raise money for vets

In Greenwich, there will be dodgeball for charity; the tournament will give donors the opportunity to harken back to their youth while providing service dogs to wounded vets.… MORE >>

Wounded Warrior Project spends up to 33% more on fundraising than comparisons

Comparing the other charities that support vets, Wounded Warrior Project spends more money on fundraising than any other veteran charity. “What is an extra $75 million to help wounded troops and veterans?… MORE >>

Stand Together, a Koch brothers nonprofit, set to fund poverty and education

The Koch brothers have begun a nonprofit that will both fund poverty and education; the billionaire brothers’ plan includes funding tuition assistance and schools’ IT infrastructure.… MORE >>

YouTube “Donation cards” allow donors to give while watching a video

Charities can now use YouTube videos to ask donors for donations; there is a new addendum when uploading videos that will allow donors to click and give to any US 501(c)(3).… MORE >>

Holton Heroes accompanies families with children suffering from traumatic brain injury

As a couple suffers with the affects of a traumatic brain injury of their infant son, they have also started a nonprofit, Holton’s Heroes to accompany others through similar travails.… MORE >>

Colleges stop funding First Scholars program when their turn to fund scholarships

Eric Suder set up scholarships for students who were first in the family to seek a college education; when it was the colleges turn to take over the funding, a few colleges stopped the program.… MORE >>

New video game highlights how Gates’ wealth increases the more he gives it away

This author is not a “gamer” even for education, but there is a new “game” that represents how the wealth of Bill Gates increases even as he tries to give it away; you can’t win this game.… MORE >>

William Shatner raises millions for children

With lasting fame as Captain Kirk, and more recent appearances as the negotiator for, William Shatner works off stage to support horse shows and hospitals for kids.… MORE >>

Rockefeller Foundation’s wheat advancement from 1944 should not be imposed on all food in all nations

In 1944, the Rockefeller Foundation began “shuttling” the same variety of spring wheat to different parts of Mexico, but what worked for one crop should not be applied to all.… MORE >>

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