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China’s philanthropic former premier

Former premier Zhu Rongji, who has given millions in retirement, ranks among China’s most philanthropic, but some wonder why he’s alone in his field. “Since Zhu Rongji stepped down as premier of China in 2003, he has pursued interests including playing a type of fiddle called the huqin, writing best sellers and practicing philanthropy.… MORE >>

Missing millionaire keeps giving

38 years ago, candy heiress Helen Brach disappeared in heist attempt, but thieves didn’t know her millions were safe in foundation that still carries on philanthropy.… MORE >>

Lottery winner endeavors to give it all away

An update on Tom Crist, who won $40m in Canadian lottery and vowed to give it all away in memory of his wife –so far, he’s on track.… MORE >>

“I enjoy making money and I enjoy giving it away”

Conrad Prebys is one of CA’s givingest donors, with $150m going to “an eclectic host of causes”; this interview sheds light on what motivates him. “Thus far Prebys — who made his money constructing, buying and running apartment complexes — has donated more than $150 million to an eclectic host of causes since 2007.… MORE >>

Newspaper HQ may become housing

Fort Wayne nonprofit considers buying historic newspaper building in another county to convert to housing for low-income seniors. “A Fort Wayne-based nonprofit agency is pursuing the purchase of the downtown building housing The Elkhart Truth so it can be converted into housing for the elderly.… MORE >>

Saving, living within means, giving back

Successful coach and philanthropist Tony Dungy credits dad’s example with shaping his life goals, including starting a family foundation with his siblings. “For Tony Dungy there was no better financial role model than his father, a longtime schoolteacher whose prudent saving allowed him to follow much his son’s NFL coaching career in person with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts, including a Super Bowl XLI title in 2006 with the latter….  … MORE >>

“Giving a lot of children a chance to shine”

Alex Ovechkin was trying to win a car in NHL all stars’ game; no one realized it was so he could donate it to American Special Hockey Association for fundraising.… MORE >>

Redistributing “inheritance without love”

Marina Picasso, granddaughter of the artist, is selling family artworks herself and using proceeds to fund philanthropic projects like a pediatric hospital. “Since Marina Picasso was a child, living on the edge of poverty and lingering at the gates of a French villa with her father to plead for an allowance from her grandfather, Pablo Picasso, she has struggled with the burden of that artist’s towering legacy….… MORE >>

The world loves a “secret millionaire”

Everyone thought he was nearly destitute, when in reality he was a frugal Yankee: VT man left $6 million to his town’s library and hospital. “About 10 years ago Dummerston resident Ruth Marx knitted a hat for Ronald Read because she thought the modest and simple Read could use some extra help to make it through the winter.… MORE >>

From 21-mile walk to a new car

After Detroit Free Press wrote about working man who walks 21 miles to work each way, people pitched in to buy him a car– and ended up raising $80K.… MORE >>

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