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Zuckerberg gives $20M for high speed Internet in schools: a sign of a new era of educational philanthropy

Zuckerberg announces a $20M gift to bring high-speed Internet access to public schools; this move marks a shift both in Zuckerberg’s giving and a sample of a new era of ed philanthropy.… MORE >>

Fabricator of Asian educational derring-do retires four years too late

Greg Mortensen will retire from Central Asia Institute in January, an announcement that critics are calling 4 years too late; they also wonder why Mortensen will be used as a consultant.… MORE >>

Build 260 charter schools in Los Angeles: goal for Great Public Schools Now

A nonprofit, Great Public Schools Now, funded by Eli Broad,  has been formed to build up to 260 charter schools in the Los Angeles area, bringing ed choice into the public square.… MORE >>

Facebook enters crowdfunding arena with “Fundraisers”

Facebook sets up sites specifically for nonprofits to improve fundraising efforts around the globe: the pages called “Fundraisers” allow users to contribute directly to the nonprofit.… MORE >>

Gang prevention nonprofit works with teens in Colorado Springs

At the end of a life in gangs, abusing drugs and alcohol, with a five percent chance of survival, Estevan Medina received mercy and founded a gang prevention nonprofit in Colorado Springs.… MORE >>

Unostentatious bicoastal philanthropy in the arts, education, and community projects

Aaron Sosnick is the principal trustee of La Vida Feliz Foundation, and uses his foundation quietly to  support philanthropy in the arts, education, human services, and community projects.… MORE >>

How do the arts attract patrons from the millennial generation?

Patrons of the arts have long gifted our nation by supporting the experience of beauty through museums, concert halls, and opera houses, but how do the arts garner new patrons?… MORE >>

Arnold Foundation supports real-time, evidence-based research into economic inequality

The Laura and John Arnold foundation looks at economic inequality as one component of a broad-based strategy to identify and support evidence-based policies. “When it comes to economic inequality, most funders have an angle.… MORE >>

A mobile hospital unit will be named after murdered senator

The state senator from South Carolina killed in the shootings at the Emmanual African Episcopal Church in 2015 will have a mobile health center named after him.… MORE >>

Zuckerberg’s philanthropy: traditional aim with lean foundation

Mark Zuckerburg’s first formal announcement of his and his wife’s giving goals follows a path long set by philanthropists of old, without the colossal foundations. “Mark Zuckerberg is now the seventh richest person in the world, with a net worth of $46 billion—which is way up from a year ago, thanks to how Facebook stock has lately soared.… MORE >>

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