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The Roosevelt Institute: old wine in new bottles?

You’d think that, for liberals, this decade would be one of boundless happiness. After all, when Barack Obama, the most liberal president since Lyndon Johnson, was elected in 2008, Oprah Winfrey informed us that he was the One.… MORE >>

Appealing to Our Better Angels

The anti-polarization movement in American politics is by now a well-established lobby. Since at least 2010, when centrist Republicans and Democrats created the group No Labels, there’s been a specific space, however cramped, for self-professed post-partisans to express their dissatisfaction with the ugly state of affairs.… MORE >>

YMCA and Comcast unite for digital literacy campaign

News out this month of a $15 million partnership between the Comcast Corporation and the YMCA aimed at improving digital literacy among low-income families.  “We are proud to elevate the impact of the Y,” Comcast Senior Executive Vice President David Cohen said when announcing the program, “and help connect even more people to the resources they need to achieve their dreams.” This current program—which includes some modest grants to big-city Ys but mostly comes in the form of free air-time for YMCA PSAs—folds itself under Comcast’s broader efforts at expanding internet access.… MORE >>

“Putting ourselves out of business:” philanthropic longevity and radical change

Recently The Nation hosted a symposium on “The Future of Philanthropy,” featuring contributions from top non-profit leaders and innovators. The collection of short essays is worth reading, if only for the snapshot insight it provides into the minds of some of philanthropy’s top players.  … MORE >>

20 years since Bill Clinton’s welfare reform, how has American poverty changed?

It’s now been 20 years since President Bill Clinton signed the welfare reform law. The bill was one of the most signed in the 1990s, and is a major part of President Clinton’s legacy.… MORE >>

Rich-to-rich giving and why tech billionaires won’t cure disease

Tech titan Mark Zuckerberg and wife Pricilla Chan pledged over $3 billion to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by 2100. But as Linsey McGoey at The Guardian points out, there are all too many good reasons to temper the hype around Zuckerberg and Chan’s gift.… MORE >>

Gallery lands unprecedented $42 million gift

Big news from the world of art philanthropy this week, as the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York, announced a staggering $42.5 million gift from Jeffrey Gundlach, a billionaire investor.… MORE >>

Everyone Is Ignorant

Earlier this month Ford Foundation president Darren Walker released his annual letter on the state of philanthropy. Entitled On Power, Privilege, and Ignorance, the letter picks up the theme of inequality that Walker set out in a key essay last year. … MORE >>

Helping the poor by feeding the rich

Suppose you run a restaurant that many food and wine magazines rate the world’s best, a place where you have to wait six months for a table.… MORE >>

Digital natives and their toys

Sarah Fallon writes in the current issue of Wired about how her two young sons navigate their identities as digital natives. One of her boys, age seven, plays with a obsolete but functional digital camera; the other, age three, does so with a brightly-colored, whizzing and beeping toy version of the same.… MORE >>

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