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“Caught off-guard”

Yakima, WA, recently passed moratorium on opening new homeless shelters; nonprofit that was poised to open health clinic questions the timing. “One day after Yakima passed a lengthy moratorium on any new homeless shelters, representatives of a local health clinic hoping to open one questioned the timing and method of the decision.… MORE >>

Cinci nonprofit helps keep cold at bay

Working, like a good furnace, “quietly and efficiently”: Cincinnati nonprofit People Working Cooperatively helps poor pay their heating bills. “Wednesday’s weather forecast called for the coldest night of the year yet on Wednesday, when many families would simply turn up their thermostat to keep warm at home. … MORE >>

Best of times, worst of times

AZ family wanted to unplug from technology and plug into community, so they’re on 10,000 mile road trip where they help local charities as they pass through town.… MORE >>

Whatever happened to…?

Were you a fan of the TV show Dallas? Ever wonder what happened to Linda Gray? Well, she’s been busy with philanthropy, in the city of Dallas itself.… MORE >>

Crowdfunding a cure

Ebola researcher at Scripps launches CrowdRise campaign to raise $100,000 for immediate purchase of equipment, hoping to speed up a cure. “A scientist at the Scripps Research Institute who is leading an international effort to find a cure for Ebola has turned to crowdfunding to raise money to buy equipment to speed her work.… MORE >>

Couldn’t we just use “practicum”?

Philanthrocapitalism, meet “pracademic,” says Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, who is as excited about her MOOC as she is about the philanthropic future. “Stanford Graduate School of Business professor and philanthropist Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen has a new vision for how young people should be taught the value of giving: ‘I want strategic philanthropy to be a part of every four-year college curriculum in the country.’… Arrillaga-Andreessen presented the ideas of ‘philanthrocapitalism’ and the ‘pracademic’ as she announced her new online course on giving, and could not contain her excitement about the next generation of social consciousness.” — Caleb Garling, Vanity Fair… MORE >>

Nonprofit’s Kickstarter campaign helps girl

Thanks to NC nonprofit and Kickstarter campaign, 9-year-old Mexican girl received cochlear implants and foster home to stay in while she adapts to them. “Marcelina is working on her listening and language skills after cochlear implant surgery this summer to give her a sense of sound.… MORE >>

Becky’s Hope takes in livestock

27 horses, 6 dogs, and a potbelly pig: TX nonprofit that shelters abandoned and abused livestock is named for Becky, the horse that started it all.… MORE >>

Socks for the homeless

NYU student asked homeless what they needed most; when they told her “socks,” she started a nonprofit, which so far has given away 12,000 pairs. “After knocking on doors for almost a year, Knock Knock Give a Sock, founded by Silver junior Adina Lichtman has received over 12,000 pairs of socks to give to the homeless community.… MORE >>

Pets for Patriots now in WV

WV county gets its own chapter of Pets for Patriots, pairing homeless pets with veterans, and possibly mitigating effects of PTSD in the process. “Pet owners know the comfort and companionship having a dog or cat provides, but to some veterans, especially those with physical or mental wounds, owning a pet may be the difference between life and death.… MORE >>
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