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$1 million gift to UC Santa Cruz

Julie Packard, director of Monterey Bay Aquarium and daughter of David, gave alma mater UC Santa Cruz $1 million in support of sciences.
“Philanthropy, [Julie Packard] says, was also an early value, inculcated even before David Packard grew wealthy.… MORE >>

Of course she does

No surprise at headline about Silicon Valley native: “Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen argues for bringing a data-driven mindset to philanthropy”.
“Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, who founded and runs a foundation that advises and educates people on philanthropy, took the stage to say that this generation has a unique opportunity and approach to philanthropy given its entrepreneurial mindset.” — Kim-Mai Cutler,… MORE >>

Joan Rivers, philanthropist

In death, Joan Rivers is remembered for her philanthropy, which included charities supporting AIDS research, suicide prevention, and guide dogs for blind.
“Joan [Rivers] was also involved in philanthropy.… MORE >>

Bloomberg bored of philanthropy?

Is Michael Bloomberg returning to namesake firm because he’s “bored of philanthropy,” or was he unable to tear himself away from day-to-day operations?
“It was only a matter of time before he would decide to take back the reins. … MORE >>

Parks archive will go to a museum

Howard Buffett purchased Rosa Parks archive from her family for $4.5 million; bulk of money will go to Detroit nonprofit established in her name.
“The purchase price for hundreds of items that belonged to civil rights icon Rosa Parks was $4.5 million, a lawyer said Friday, a day after the deal was confirmed by the son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett.… MORE >>

Premium encourages fans to get involved

Country music star Eric Church has foundation that helps needy families in TN and NC; making contribution of your own gets you priority concert seating.
“Back in 2013, when Eric Church’s current album was called simply Chief, he threw that name onto a charitable fund he started with his wife[,] Katherine.… MORE >>

The Goulden Touch

Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould believes it’s “incredibly important to start teaching people at a young age the importance of giving back”.
“Despite the fact that he plays for my hometown team, there is no bias in calling Gould the best kicker in Bears history and one of the best the NFL has seen at his position.… MORE >>

Ice bucket fraud?

Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao took ice bucket challenge to 11 when he submerged himself in freezing water for 30 mins., but eagle-eyed viewers think he faked it.… MORE >>

Leading by example

For fellow tennis pros, Andre Agassi an example off the court, too– for philanthropic endeavors that include $550m partnership for charter schools.
“These days, everyone who’s anyone in tennis — and some who struggle to fit that description — has established a charitable organization.… MORE >>

Kardashian’s donations pointless?

Were the $15K in donations Khloe Kardashian gave to ex-husband’s cancer charity for naught? Cathy’s Kids raised $2.2m but seems to have not given much away.… MORE >>

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