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Waiting list of 600 vets

MT nonprofit Adam’s Warrior Buddy was started by mom of soldier with PTSD; it pairs service dogs with needy vets, helping offset costs of up to $10K.… MORE >>

“Normalcy was back”

IL nonprofit created program catering to disabled veterans, who sometimes end up discouraged due to “poor attitudes and physical barriers” at traditional gyms. “Keith Aguina, a veteran who is a quadriplegic, often encountered poor attitudes and physical barriers at the gym.… MORE >>

Case Foundation’s “Be Fearless” philosophy

Make big bets, experiment often: Jean Case of the Case Foundation recently addressed USC philanthropy luncheon about her approach to giving. “At a USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy luncheon, Case Foundation CEO Jean Case shared her commitment to risk taking in philanthropy as a driver of social change, as well as the foundation’s application of business strategies to their giving.… MORE >>

“He always asks not to be named”

Indiana PBS station will air documentary about local businessman and philanthropist Art Decio, whose success in manufactured housing allowed him to give back. “It took several tries before Art Decio agreed to be a part of it, but an upcoming documentary will look at the local business leader’s life and philanthropy in Elkhart….… MORE >>

Tina Fey mixes charity with humor

Comedian Tina Fey auctioned off random household contents to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in an amusingly novel way. “Monday night at LOL with LLS, the second annual comedy night to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma society, Tina Fey — accompanied by husband Jeff Richmond on the piano, and host Nick Kroll — auctioned off all the stuff in her apartment she “was too lazy to take to Goodwill.” The items ran the gamut from three containers of opened Citrucel, to LL Cool J’s signed workout book, to an actual box of unopened paraphernalia from her last move.” — Kylie Gilbert,… MORE >>

“There is no minimum for philanthropy”

“I [can] make the world a better place for everybody”: H.L. Hunt’s granddaughter Lyda is using her inheritance to improve life in Colorado Springs. “When Lyda Hill was a little girl, she would dream that she didn’t have money.… MORE >>

“Staggering, even to me”

Interview with fund manager Bill Gross; he and wife Sue pledged to give away their $2 billion fortune, and in only 2 years have made significant headway.… MORE >>

Where the future is always now

The New Yorker profiles Marc Andreessen, who, thanks to a hardscrabble youth, “seethes with beliefs” (and thanks to his millions, has the resources to pursue them).… MORE >>

When “the impact of a blanket is huge”

In 2010, OR mom and daughter started nonprofit in honor of family member; since then, Alexia’s Cozy Covers has given 2500 handmade quilts to community’s neediest.… MORE >>

I owe it to my mother

Bill Gates credits his mother with encouraging him to become philanthropic– she was first female president of King County United Way. “Today, Bill Gates is one of the biggest philanthropists in the world.… MORE >>

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