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Founded in 1932, the Thunderbirds surpass $100M in charity

A nonprofit that directs its charity to the Valley of the Sun has given over $100M since its inception in 1932; The Thunderbirds host the Waste Management Phoenix Open.… MORE >>

Inculturating giving into corporate life, millennial zeitgeist?

In what may be called the millennial zeitgeist, big companies are joining the Pledge 1% movement with the goal of integrating a culture of giving into their companies.… MORE >>

Some suggestions to give, following Pope Francis’ lead

Pope Francis’ tour of the United States inspired millions to give more to charity; many forget these four simple ways to increase your giving. “After Pope Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress, he headed to St.… MORE >>

“Chesty Puller House” raising funds for a memorial site

Chesty Puller is one of the most revered Marine Corps officers, and now a nonprofit made up of Marines is trying to buy his home as a memorial.… MORE >>

Vatican new open-source app, promoted by Liam Neeson

The Vatican has entered into the open-source funding efforts with a new app, Missio, which will allow people to give directly to targeted fundraising efforts across the globe.… MORE >>

PA foundation passes charitable baton to next generation

Longstanding PA foundation, Colonial Oaks Foundation, is set to dissolve and allow the next generation to carry the family legacy of charity into other states. “Although an engine of charitable giving that has distributed more than $16 million in Berks County will go silent next week, its family-oriented approach to helping others in the community will continue.… MORE >>

Reid Hoffman funds international giving software

Reid Hoffman is leading a group of investors to give $13M in seed money to build a software that will allow more direct transfer of funds throughout the world.… MORE >>

Bunker RDU helps vets start up businesses

Chicago-based Bunker RDU puts resources towards helping vets not just get a job but learn the craft of starting a business and enter into the entrepreneurial world.… MORE >>

Crowdfunding, a modern take on classical charity

The digital platforms allow for classical philanthrolocalism to thrive by giving to local needs; crowdfunding is being used in the Yakima Valley to help with healthcare costs.… MORE >>

Target will no longer give to schools

The large retailer will end its “Take Charge of Education” campaign; instead of giving to the education of students, it will not focus on health. “Posters inside Target stores often tout the amount of money the retailer has given to nearby schools over the years through its “Take Charge of Education” program in which it sends 1 percent of every Redcard holders’ purchase to a school of his or her choice.… MORE >>

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