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Kanye West’s Chicago nonprofit

Kanye West started nonprofit in memory of his accomplished mother; since opening in 2013, Donda’s House has helped 100 Chicago teens study the arts. “Kanye West’s beloved mother, Donda West, may have died in 2007, but her spirit has inspired a nonprofit that’s giving young people in Chicago the arts education they deserve.… MORE >>

TX’s 13-year-old philanthropist

At Dallas luncheon honoring philanthropy, 13-year-old Charlsie Doan received a standing ovation for fundraising work for hospital and diabetes advocacy. “The group gave just one standing ovation.… MORE >>

M. Night Shyamalan at ThinkFest

Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s approach to philanthropy might best be summed up as “I didn’t really care until my wife made me,” according to this interview.… MORE >>

“I feel morally obligated to help”

Liberian-Americans have inundated MN nonprofits to help combat Ebola in their native country, and the result is a new treatment clinic put on the fast track.… MORE >>

RIP Robert Craves of Costco

Robert Craves, co-founder of Costco, died last week; his College Success Foundation has helped about 4,000 needy college students since 2000. “Robert Craves, a founding officer of the Issaquah-based wholesale giant Costco and, later, a nonprofit devoted to helping more students attend college, died Wednesday after being diagnosed with cancer a month earlier.… MORE >>

Therapy helps alleviate vets’ PTSD

“I feel so calm and relaxed”: San Diego nonprofit Wave Academy offers warm-water therapy to help vets combat PTSD and its related symptoms. “Of the more than 2.5 million military men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s estimated up to 35 percent came home with post-traumatic stress disorder.… MORE >>

On a mission

David Rubenstein feels a duty to give back to the country that’s given him so much; the Atlantic profiles his approach to “patriotic philanthropy” here. “After purchasing the Magna Carta—the only one of 17 existing copies in the world to be in private hands—from Ross Perot at Sotheby’s, Rubenstein recalled how he told reporters that he wanted to give it to ‘the United States as a downpayment for my obligation to repay the country for everything I’ve had.’ This, he said, is how he defines his principle of patriotic philanthropy, and his ongoing attempt to ‘recognize the unique rights and freedoms we have this country.'” — Sophie Gilbert, the Atlantic… MORE >>

Patient X revealed

Thanks to one anonymous patient, researchers in Vancouver made history in 2010 by sequencing cancer tumor — it turns out Patient X was physician (and philanthropist) Donald Rix.… MORE >>

A unique regional problem

Too costly and too late: A Louisiana nonprofit hoping to save a 1900s cemetery sinking into the bayou has had to abandon its plans. “A nonprofit group has given up its proposal to protect the little that remains of a nearly submerged cemetery in Leeville.… MORE >>

“Caught off-guard”

Yakima, WA, recently passed moratorium on opening new homeless shelters; nonprofit that was poised to open health clinic questions the timing. “One day after Yakima passed a lengthy moratorium on any new homeless shelters, representatives of a local health clinic hoping to open one questioned the timing and method of the decision.… MORE >>
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