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No need to wait for donors to log in online, push your notification directly to their cell phone

Do you try Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep your cause on the forefront of donors’ minds, but to little effect? a new app allows donors to opt into push notifications to their phones.… MORE >>

OpenAI attempts to build AI that learns

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors and Space X, attempts to build artificial intelligence that learns through his open source artificial intelligence nonprofit, OpenAI. “The next big trend in AI looks likely to be computers and robots that teach themselves through trial and error.… MORE >>

Prince’s charitable giving remembered

Prince made many feel uncomfortable with what felt like an overinflated ego, but one thing he did not tout for the world was his charitable giving.… MORE >>

What will Berkshire Hathaway do?

When Warren Buffett’s time ends, and the 99% of his shares have been distributed, who will hold the majority control of the company he built, and will they be able to maintain the original vision?… MORE >>

Hoping to replicate the momentum of the ice bucket challenge, the Doofl app has begun

A former player for the San Diego Padres’ minor league team has started an app, Doofl, that serves as a platform for charities to dare people to do silly stunts and give to charity.… MORE >>

Unplug and be together with a twist: a new vacation model

This vacation business aims to build community through their reservations at simple, unplugged, and undisclosed locations; they learn of the location 24 hours before they check-in.… MORE >>

The Green Revolution: impatient to ignore the evidence and save the world

Despite the harm it has caused there is little sign that the Green Revolution will slow down any time soon; with a taste of the addictive idealism, David Nally summarizes its historical progress.… MORE >>

Anne Gould Hauberg, philanthropist of the Seattle arts, rest in peace

This week saw the passing of a great local philanthropist for the arts scene in the Seattle area; Anne Gould Hauberg used her fortunes to support the beautification of her hometown.… MORE >>

Education reform war: plutocracy vs. democracy

Some simplify the ed reform wars as billionaires vs. education boards, but another valid perspective could be called plutocracy versus democracy, and Washington state is an anecdote of the war.… MORE >>

When the Native Americans gave money during the Irish famine

History shows that those tribes who trudged the Trail of Tears, nonetheless gave their widow’s mite to the Irish during the Potato Famine. “The people gathered at Fort Gibson in the Western Cherokee Nation in March of 1847 were a diverse group.MORE >>

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