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The Clinton’s octopus foundation

In order to criticize the Clinton Foundation, it is important to try to figure out what it actually does; veteran philanthropy journalist, David Callahan, tries his best to give an outline of the tentacles.… MORE >>

Elon Musk’s nonprofit sprint to build AI so it will be friendly

Elon Musk’s $1B nonprofit, OpenAI, was set up to ensure that the artificial intelligence that will come is benevolent; they will control the friendliness of the AI by building the first AI.… MORE >>

Michael Jordan commences his investment into the Charlotte area

Unlike Lebron James who has invested heavily in the youth of Northeast Ohio, Michael Jordan has not been known for his charity; hopefully his new endeavor begins a Jordan giving trend.… MORE >>

Mondragon Corporation gives international pattern of humane business

Mondragón, Spain gave birth to an international federation of worker cooperatives with annual sales of $16B; they had not laid off any employees until the 2008 recession.… MORE >>

Great solution to any great problem will win $100M

The John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation has announced an enormous philanthropy contest, rewarding the winner of $100M for a great, vague solution to a nondescript, big problem.… MORE >>

How to support the development of artists

A more common way to support burgeoning artists is to give their work exposure, but some places are giving them “career development grants” to pursue their craft further.… MORE >>

Melinda gates plans to “get” 110 million women on the pill

Despite medical complications from contraception, and religious objections to the abortifacient pill, Melinda gates plans to “get” 110 million women on the pill; what if they say, “No, thank you.” “Melinda Gates is on a mission to help women around the world decide when and if they have children.… MORE >>

Trump announces the veteran recipient of funds he raised

Four months after Trump skipped the Republican Debate to raise money for Veterans, he announced who received the money, and he was not happy at the press for vetting him.… MORE >>

Phoenix police partner with nonprofit to serve those in need

In Phoenix, the police protect the citizenry, but they also serve them by making a call to a nonprofit, “Angels on Patrol” that will help those in economic distress.… MORE >>

Food Cowboy redistributes food to charities instead of the dump

American food distributors waste 40% each year, most often because the produce is disfigured or discolored; there is a new app that allows companies to redirect the wasted food to charities.… MORE >>

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