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Teach the children to give to charity

Parents are the first teachers their children have, but not the only ones, and grandparents can play an integral role in teaching children about charity; this grandma shares her experience.… MORE >>

Employee-directed giving programs allows a more personal approach to corporate giving

Many companies use employee-directed giving programs (EDG), which allows the employee to give a specified amount of money to a local charity. “Started as a pilot in 2012, the EDG program allows each of Cummings Properties 370 employees to direct a donation of $1,000 to an area non-profit of their choosing.… MORE >>

Jordan names 23 charities to receive his settlements from a lawsuit

A few months back Lebron James’ charity was contrasted with the lack thereof of the greatest basketball player of all time; Jordan has responded with a first step toward charity.… MORE >>

Conserving Chicago’s artistic and architectural heritage

A historical and cultural philanthropist giving in the Chicago area, Richard H. Driehaus is one billionaire interested in conserving the Windy City’s artistic and architectural heritage.… MORE >>

Nonprofit pharmaceutical producer struggles to find seed money

Drew Quality’s goal is to produce generic prescriptions at a fair price, and they are doing so as a nonprofit; finding foundations to support their work has not been easy.… MORE >>

Up late tending her newborn, Kim Kardashian helps KS high schooler reach shoe-giving goal

A high schooler was collecting shoes to give to a charity and was halfway to her goal, but when Kim Kardashian heard of the charity, she helped the girl meet her goal.… MORE >>

Elon Musk gives $1B to ensure only friendly AI is produced

The greatest threat to mankind, in the minds of Elon Musk and others, lies in the creation of an unfriendly artificial intelligence; he has given $1B to make it human friendly.… MORE >>

Patrick Njoroge lives Opus Dei vows while working as governor of Kenya’s central bank

Effective altruism and atheism seem to go hand-in-hand, but Patrick Njoroge vows his life as a faith-filled member of Opus Dei while he serves as governor of Kenya’s central bank.… MORE >>

On the questionable LLC structure of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

The LLC structure of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has limitations in transparency and gives greater control to operators than traditional foundations or donor-advised funds. “By setting up a limited-liability company to oversee their philanthropy, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, can avoid disclosure rules, critics say, and engage in activities that stretch the definition of charity.… MORE >>

Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan announce a gift of 99% of Facebook shares

In an open letter to their newborn daughter, Max, the Zuckerbergs have announced to the world that they will give away the vast majority of their fortune to charity.… MORE >>

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