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Suspicious of Walton motives

As part of conservation initiative, Walton Family Foundation spent $16.6m on restoring Colorado River, making monkey wrenchers suspicious. “Since around 2005, the Walton Family Foundation has been pouring funds into environmental issues, with one of its main interests being the Colorado River.… MORE >>

Wishes he could help everyone

Calgary businessman Tom Crist won $40 million last year in Canada’s Lotto Max, and he’s valiantly trying to give much of it away to aid others.… MORE >>

Italy’s philanthropy pioneer

“It would be nice to replicate the Anglo-Saxon model in Italy”: Billionaire Diego Della Valle talks to Forbes about his mission to restore the Colosseum. “Diego Della Valle took a small shoe factory his grandfather started and turned it into global shoe- and purse-maker Tod’s S.p.A., sharing the multi-billion dollar fortune with his brother.… MORE >>

Life after Lance

Livestrong almost sank after revelations about founder Lance Armstrong; here’s the tale of how it’s bouncing back to keep fighting cancer. “Since late 2012, the once high-flying charity—which has raised some $500 million over the years to help 2.5 million patients, caretakers, and survivors get access to services such as fertility preservation, clinical-trial matching, and insurance assistance—has lost some of its biggest sponsors, including Nike and RadioShack.… MORE >>

Miracle Babies nonprofit

San Diego obstetrician Sean Daneshmand’s nonprofit, Miracle Babies, focuses on helping parents financially and emotionally with high-risk pregnancies. “Sean Daneshmand, M.D., is an obstetrician at San Diego Perinatal Center, specializing in high-risk pregnancies.… MORE >>

Philanthropy steps in

A look at how vital charitable funding is to medical research and advances: Last year, TX Medical Center received half a billion from benefactors. “Powering the medical juggernaut is philanthropy, much of it coming from generous Houston benefactors.… MORE >>

When is enough enough?

The Chronicle‘s top 50 list has critics delving deeper, looking at “relative generosity” and wondering if some of the richest are giving enough. “We often write about the generosity of philanthropists.… MORE >>

Feeling lucky?

Warren Buffett isn’t just all philanthropy; for this year’s NCAA tournament, he’s offering a $1 billion prize for the perfect bracket. “Warren Buffett might be the epitome of the cautious investor, but he’s betting $1 billion on this year’s NCAA tournament.… MORE >>

HIP at 30

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Hispanics in Philanthropy is introducing HIPGive, new crowdfunding site that “blends technology and tradition”. “A new Latino startup is on the scene, with the aim of taking the power of crowdfunding to Latino communities across the Western hemisphere.… MORE >>

Poker faced

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, headed by her mom, spent $5,000 on grants and $1.5 million on legal fees, consultants, and salaries. “Don’t get me wrong: I like Lady Gaga and her parents.… MORE >>

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