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Design for success

Design-school project for coat/sleeping bag hybrid turned into MI nonprofit the Empowerment Plan, and resources for the homeless. “Veronika Scott simply wanted to get an ‘A” on her product design project.… MORE >>

$100 prosthetic arm

Los Angeles nonprofit Not Impossible Labs used a 3D printer to make $100 prosthetic for Sudanese boy who lost arms in bombing attack. “Not Impossible Labs is constantly striving to live up to its mission of providing technology for the sake of humanity.… MORE >>

Healthcare billionaire starts foundation

Epic Systems is leader in electronic health-systems management; its founder, Judith Faulkner, has just pledged her wealth to charity. “Epic Systems Corp. founder and CEO Judith Faulkner has decided to leave much of her holdings in her privately held company to a specially created charitable foundation that will operate and fund not-for-profit organizations in healthcare and other areas….… MORE >>

Trying to take a load off

One ND family spent many rough nights at the hospital with their sick son; in his memory, they’ve founded a nonprofit to provide (literal) comfort for others in same situation.… MORE >>

Gwen Stefani’s philanthropy

Singer Gwen Stefani unites with cosmetics company Urban Decay for Ultraviolet Edge, philanthropy initiative for “women-centric” causes. “One of our most beloved, boundary-busting beauty brands is teaming up with one of our fave celebs for a philanthropy initiative that will warm even the most cynical of hearts.… MORE >>

Former senator Kohl reveals plans

Former senator Herb Kohl retired and sold his stake in Milwaukee Bucks for $550m; now he’s looking forward to exercising some philanthropy. “After Herb Kohl ended his career as a U.S.… MORE >>

China’s philanthropic former premier

Former premier Zhu Rongji, who has given millions in retirement, ranks among China’s most philanthropic, but some wonder why he’s alone in his field. “Since Zhu Rongji stepped down as premier of China in 2003, he has pursued interests including playing a type of fiddle called the huqin, writing best sellers and practicing philanthropy.… MORE >>

Missing millionaire keeps giving

38 years ago, candy heiress Helen Brach disappeared in heist attempt, but thieves didn’t know her millions were safe in foundation that still carries on philanthropy.… MORE >>

Lottery winner endeavors to give it all away

An update on Tom Crist, who won $40m in Canadian lottery and vowed to give it all away in memory of his wife –so far, he’s on track.… MORE >>

“I enjoy making money and I enjoy giving it away”

Conrad Prebys is one of CA’s givingest donors, with $150m going to “an eclectic host of causes”; this interview sheds light on what motivates him. “Thus far Prebys — who made his money constructing, buying and running apartment complexes — has donated more than $150 million to an eclectic host of causes since 2007.… MORE >>

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