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“It’s changed me forever”

Kay and Harry Leibowitz transitioned from corporate America to philanthropy, establishing the World of Children Award and helping 30 million kids.
“When Kay and Harry Leibowitz were newly dating, Kay attended an Ohio event held by World of Children, the global children’s advocacy awards program Harry had recently founded, in 1996.… MORE >>

Thanks, Dad

As Scottish entrepreneur Tom Hunter received Carnegie Medal for Philanthropy, he thanked his dad for teaching the value of giving back to your community.
“The entrepreneur paid tribute to his ‘hero and inspiration’ as he attended a ceremony at the Scottish Parliament to receive the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy….… MORE >>

Big milestone in small increments

Big milestone in small increments: UK “workplace microdonation” charity Pennies from Heaven received its 250 millionth penny.
“Pennies from Heaven, the workplace microdonation scheme, has now raised 250 million pennies for charity since it began in 1999.… MORE >>

Amy Poehler garners philanthropic recognition

Variety… MORE >> magazine’s “Power of Women luncheon” honored celebrity philanthropists, like Amy Poehler for her support of Worldwide Orphans.
“Amy Poehler and Charlize Theron were moved to tears Friday, and it wasn’t for a role.

Appeals to the laity

Archdiocese of Philadelphia tries something new to regain ground after abuse scandal; starts “independent charitable foundation” to help administer church programs.
“In a significant break from custom, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will announce Tuesday the creation of an independent charitable foundation designed to reengage disaffected Catholics and boost giving.… MORE >>

Skateboarding is not a crime

Skate legend Tony Hawk receives Patterson Award from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, recognizing excellence, leadership, and commitment in sports.
“On Wednesday, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation presented The Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy to Tony Hawk, the San Francisco 49ers and the LA84 Foundation at the their headquarters in Princeton, N.J.… MORE >>

Carnegie was Scotland’s “greatest export”

Sporting goods retailer Tom Hunter is second Scot to receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy, funded by Scotland’s “greatest export” himself.
“Scottish entrepreneur Sir Tom Hunter is to receive an international award next month for his philanthropic work.… MORE >>

A will, a change of heart, and a fight

Distant relatives who rarely saw her are waging fight for copper heiress Huguette Clark’s $300m estate, which she doled out to lawyer, doctor, accountant, caregivers.
“The relatives are contesting that will, claiming that Mrs.… MORE >>

Gates to receive Lasker Award

Bill and Melinda Gates will receive Lasker Award “for leading a historic transformation in the way we view the globe’s most pressing health concerns”.
“Two scientists who illuminated how brain cells communicate, three researchers who developed implants that let deaf people hear and philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates have won prestigious Lasker Awards for medical research and contributions to public health.… MORE >>

Class of 2017

Dartmouth welcomes first 3 King Scholars, students from developing countries whose scholarships are funded by alumnus, in hopes of alleviating global poverty.
“In 2012, Dorothy and Robert King ’57 gave $14.7 million to Dartmouth to help address the problem of global poverty by establishing a scholarship program for exceptional students from developing countries.The results the Kings envision are enormously wide-reaching: The program will bring young scholars from impoverished, rural nations in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia to study at Dartmouth, and they will be encouraged to return home after graduation and work toward alleviating poverty in their native countries.” — Keith Chapman, Dartmouth Now… MORE >>

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