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Medtronic funds diabetes prevention and management in Rice County

One of the largest producers of medical devices in the world, Medtronic, funds a project in Rice County, MN to manage and prevent cardiovascular disease for the underprivileged.… MORE >>

Arizona man walks the Camino to raise funds for Tucson charities

Bob Logan of Tucson, Arizona honors the twenty-one charities he and his wife worked for by walking the 300+ miles of the Camino de Santiago to raise money for the Arizonan charities.… MORE >>

My Team Triumph runs a ride-along program during races

Persons with physical disabilities that will never run in their own race can participate in a marathon through the workings of a nonprofit, My Team Triumph.… MORE >>

Crowdfunding for veterans: one day event

As Veterans Day approaches, Razzoo, a crowdfunding site for non profits, prepares to host a one day drive to raise funds to support vets. “A major crowdfunding site is trying to add to American Veterans Day traditions, launching a one-day nationwide fundraising drive for charities focused on people who have served.… MORE >>

Players’ Philanthropy Fund gives peace to players and confidence to donors

Professional athletes are rarely good at running foundations; a donor-advised fund started by Matt Stover, the Players’ Philanthropy Fund provides stability and confidence. “Professional athletes are really good at being athletes.… MORE >>

Founded in 1932, the Thunderbirds surpass $100M in charity

A nonprofit that directs its charity to the Valley of the Sun has given over $100M since its inception in 1932; The Thunderbirds host the Waste Management Phoenix Open.… MORE >>

Inculturating giving into corporate life, millennial zeitgeist?

In what may be called the millennial zeitgeist, big companies are joining the Pledge 1% movement with the goal of integrating a culture of giving into their companies.… MORE >>

Some suggestions to give, following Pope Francis’ lead

Pope Francis’ tour of the United States inspired millions to give more to charity; many forget these four simple ways to increase your giving. “After Pope Francis spoke to a joint session of Congress, he headed to St.… MORE >>

“Chesty Puller House” raising funds for a memorial site

Chesty Puller is one of the most revered Marine Corps officers, and now a nonprofit made up of Marines is trying to buy his home as a memorial.… MORE >>

Vatican new open-source app, promoted by Liam Neeson

The Vatican has entered into the open-source funding efforts with a new app, Missio, which will allow people to give directly to targeted fundraising efforts across the globe.… MORE >>

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