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Next generation speculation

Inside Philanthropy wonders how Emma Bloomberg will approach philanthropy, armed with her inheritance, both financial and charitable. “Emma Bloomberg, the oldest daughter of Michael Bloomberg, has never said publicly that she is training herself to help give away one of the world’s largest fortunes.… MORE >>

A place to lay their heads

DC “power couple” Donald and Ann Brown are known for support of the arts, but their recent $100K gift to MD nonprofit is for new mattresses for poor.… MORE >>

$80m for endangered wild cats

Four philanthropists, including crown prince of Abu Dhabi, pledged total $80m to nonprofit Panthera in ten-year effort to protect endangered wild cats. “The crown prince of the oil-rich Mideast emirate of Abu Dhabi and other international donors committed a combined $80 million on Sunday to fund the conservation of tigers and other wild cats whose survival is under threat.… MORE >>

Philly loses philanthropist-businessman Katz

Death of Philadelphia Inquirer owner Lewis Katz in small-plane accident leaves hole in regional philanthropy; he gave generously to youth charities and education. “Katz gave back liberally to organizations throughout his hometown.… MORE >>

Luxury plus charity

Celebrities helped launch Fendi’s new London store by designing a handbag for charity; bidding starts at $25,000 and benefits Kids Company. “Luxury handbags are already some of the most desired accessories, and Fendi is getting charitable with some custom offerings as part of their London flagship store launch.… MORE >>

“An unlikely local hero”

For 20 years, Alice Ely Chapman has been working through her foundation to bring “Victorian values” — perseverance, hard work — to Rust Belt. “Since coming to the city in 1996, Alice Ely Chapman has learned more about such values than she’d ever expected.… MORE >>

Philanthropy tips from a billionaire

Craig Silverstein and wife signed Giving Pledge; they believe in “shaping philanthropy to fit lifestyle,” which in their case includes still working regular jobs. “Signers of The Giving Pledge provide a statement about their philanthropy, which appears on the website.… MORE >>

Throwing parties for awareness

TV star Bryan Greenberg hosted fundraising brunch for the Olevolos Project; now 22 Tanzanian kids will have school expenses covered for one year. “The Olevolos Project had the support of actor and philanthropist Bryan Greenberg for it’s [sic] 3rd annual charity brunch at Gallow Green of the McKittrick Hotel, home of Sleep No More.… MORE >>

Grandes chaussures to fill

End of an era “and of a style embodying the best traditions” of 100 years of philanthropy: The death of Montrealer Liliane Stewart. “Liliane Stewart died May 3 in her 86th year.… MORE >>

An un-Mother’s Day campaign

Retailer J. Jill partnered with Plan G for a Mother’s Day charity campaign, and some customers were surprised to see Planned Parenthood as designated recipient. “Shoppers at the women’s apparel merchant J.… MORE >>

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