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Secret millionaire in Alabama

Elderly AL woman lived so frugally her friends worried about her finances–but then she bequeathed over $2 million to build a church camp.
“The members at the defunct Avondale Presbyterian Church were worried about Bette Wilson after her husband, Ross, died.… MORE >>

A “patriotic philanthropist”

David Rubenstein was interviewed for National Archives gallery featuring his copy of Magna Carta, the purchase of which was “best money I ever spent”.… MORE >>

Nominees for 12 days of giving

It’s that time of year: Forbes previews its annual “12 days of charitable giving” here, and is asking for nominees to highlight.
“As I do every year, I’m asking readers to submit, via email, the name of a charity that most deserves a boost this year for the 12 Days of Charitable Giving.… MORE >>

Two thumbs up

Roger Ebert’s widow announces matching gift of $25,000 from his nonprofit towards goal of erecting bronze statue of critic in his hometown.
“The nonprofit group headed by Roger Ebert’s wife will match up to $25,000 in donations toward a bronze sculpture honoring the late film critic.… MORE >>

Natives and local givers

“I feel good and get a warm feeling knowing that I’m helping someone”: Couple to be honored for giving millions in their hometown, St. Paul.
“From the windows of his apartment on the 24th floor in downtown St.… MORE >>

When you care enough…

The philanthropic efforts of the Hall family, of Hallmark Cards fame, have been instrumental in their hometown of Kansas City for 70 years.
“The health of Hallmark Cards is important to the Kansas City community, not just as a major employer but as a leading benefactor augmented by a strong foundation established by its founder.… MORE >>

When life imitates fiction, uncomfortably

Wall Street’s Steven Cohen will pay a record $1.2 billion in SEC fines, which has some wondering what will become of his associated foundations.
“The Robin Hood Foundation — Wall Street’s favorite charity — was named, rather cheekily, for the lovable fictional character who stole from the rich to give to the poor.… MORE >>

NYT profile of Jon Huntsman

The New York Times… MORE >> profiled Jon Huntsman Sr., who told newspaper of record, “You just work day and night if the cause in your heart is justified”.

“It’s changed me forever”

Kay and Harry Leibowitz transitioned from corporate America to philanthropy, establishing the World of Children Award and helping 30 million kids.
“When Kay and Harry Leibowitz were newly dating, Kay attended an Ohio event held by World of Children, the global children’s advocacy awards program Harry had recently founded, in 1996.… MORE >>

Thanks, Dad

As Scottish entrepreneur Tom Hunter received Carnegie Medal for Philanthropy, he thanked his dad for teaching the value of giving back to your community.
“The entrepreneur paid tribute to his ‘hero and inspiration’ as he attended a ceremony at the Scottish Parliament to receive the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy….… MORE >>

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