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Poker faced

Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, headed by her mom, spent $5,000 on grants and $1.5 million on legal fees, consultants, and salaries. “Don’t get me wrong: I like Lady Gaga and her parents.… MORE >>

“Be your own hero”

Buoyed by success of her book, Silicon Valley executive Sheryl Sandberg has created the Lean In Foundation for women, but its mission is a bit amorphous.… MORE >>

Nonprofit employees win Powerball

Nineteen CA nonprofit workers who’ve pooled their money for lottery tickets since 2011 won nearly a quarter million in Powerball. “A group of 19 people who work for three nonprofit organizations in Sacramento won $723,452 after matching five of six numbers in the Feb.… MORE >>

Paid forward

A Good Samaritan in MN got philanthropic surprise when man he helped after slip-and-fall donated $16,000 to program that helps poor pay heating bills. “The good Samaritan stayed with the man until paramedics arrived, talking to him to make sure he didn’t go into shock.… MORE >>

The “big guns” (and one loathed owner)

The list came out a couple of weeks ago, but Barron’s highlights three of 2013’s top givers: Michael Bloomberg, David Rubenstein, and Frank McCourt. “For all of the good news, signs of an unequal recovery persist.… MORE >>

The Facebook effect

When Facebook purchases your company for $19 billion, people conjecture about your future philanthropy–e.g., Brian Acton and Jan Koum of WhatsApp. “Okay, notice I’ve asked how and when these two newly minted billionaires will give away their fortunes, not whether.… MORE >>

Quite a retirement gift

GM Foundation donated $1m to three Detroit nonprofits in honor of outgoing CEO Dan Akerson and his wife, who “changed many lives” through their own philanthropy.… MORE >>

“Rescuing” food

Boston nonprofit Lovin’ Spoonfuls takes food that would otherwise be thrown out–for aesthetic reasons or expiration ones–and distributes it to hungry. “That’s where Lovin’ Spoonfuls comes in.… MORE >>

Coordinating efforts

Former Reebok CEO Paul Fineman and wife Phyllis launch Secure Jobs program in MA; will help homeless by coordinating efforts of social services agencies.  “A new initiative, funded by the Boston-based foundation of former Reebok chief executive Paul Fireman and his wife, Phyllis, is trying to demonstrate that a coordinated approach between social service agencies is an effective way to break the cycle of homelessness.… MORE >>

They could always hire him

Philanthropy-adviser-to-the-stars concerned that Scarlett Johansson brouhaha will make it more difficult for celebrities to support causes and hawk products. “A-list stars and billionaire philanthropists are less likely to get involved with charities because of the row that resulted in Scarlett Johansson cutting her ties with Oxfam last week, according to an expert on celebrity philanthropy.Trevor Neilson, co-founder of Global Philanthropy Group, has worked with stars including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Madonna.… MORE >>
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