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Pulte’s “reverse engineering”

Detroit’s Pulte family made fortune building houses; now their nonprofit is knocking them down in blighted areas, for 1/2 the price the city could on its own.… MORE >>

All Star local philanthropy

Neighborhood baseball fields, nature preserve among MN-area nonprofits receiving some of the $8m largesse the Twins are donating as All Star hosts. “The All-Star Game this summer at Target Field is bringing more than just baseball’s top talent to the Twin Cites. … MORE >>

Happy Easter from Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Foundation made sure residents of FL shelter who wanted to get to Easter services were able to, and hosted brunch for them afterwards too.… MORE >>

Things fell apart

InBloom is $100m project funded by Gates Foundation, intended to “tailor” and measure education, but partners withdrew over student-privacy concerns. “A controversial $100 million student data collection project funded by the Gates Foundation and operated by a specially created nonprofit organization called inBloom is shutting down after failing to achieve its goals.… MORE >>

Huntsman 2014 Simon prize winner

Jon M. Huntsman Sr. has been awarded Philanthropy Roundtable’s 2014 William E. Simon Prize; he’ll receive it in October during ceremony in Salt Lake City. “The Philanthropy Roundtable has selected Jon M.… MORE >>

Bloomberg’s new project

Gun-control answer to the NRA: Michael Bloomberg is seeding awkwardly named $50 million “grass-roots advocacy network on gun violence,” Everytown on Gun Safety. “Media mogul Michael Bloomberg will pump $50-million into building a grass-roots advocacy network on gun violence that he hopes will challenge the National Rifle Association’s political clout, The New York Times reports.… MORE >>

Major carbon offsets

If you’re worried about which environmental groups the Waltons support (which has developed overnight for some news outlets), a comprehensive list is here. “But what is a bit surprising is how much of a player in conservation Walton has become, rising along the same trajectory as Walmart’s growing emphasis on sustainability.… MORE >>

Bezos boost

Billionaire Jeff Bezos just gave largest donation yet, $20m to Hutchison Center for further research into immunotherapy, boosting his previous gifts there. “He’s ruthless. He’s secretive.… MORE >>

Suspicious of Walton motives

As part of conservation initiative, Walton Family Foundation spent $16.6m on restoring Colorado River, making monkey wrenchers suspicious. “Since around 2005, the Walton Family Foundation has been pouring funds into environmental issues, with one of its main interests being the Colorado River.… MORE >>

Wishes he could help everyone

Calgary businessman Tom Crist won $40 million last year in Canada’s Lotto Max, and he’s valiantly trying to give much of it away to aid others.… MORE >>

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