The Roosevelt Institute: old wine in new bottles?


You’d think that, for liberals, this decade would be one of boundless happiness. After all, when Barack Obama, the most liberal president since Lyndon Johnson, was elected in 2008, Oprah … MORE >>

Who’s afraid of community service?

EthikaPolitika Deputy Editor Mattias Caro recently penned a short and muddled tirade against “community service.” Apparently, according to Caro, Christians have a special obligation to reject the idea of community service, inasmuch as it “creates a false dichotomy between ordinary and charitable activity [and] devalues genuine engagement with others.” He goes on to express a preference for the language of charitable “work” over “service” since the former incorporates charity into the “normal part[s] of daily activity.” 

It remains unclear to me how this argument is supposed to play out.… MORE >>

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