Thomas Piketty proposes specific tax scale for nonprofit endowments

Don’t miss influential author, in new book, floating idea “in order to avoid an excessive concentration of power within a small number of entities and to enable less wealthy entities to develop.”

Effort to reduce tax on income of elite higher-education endowments dropped

Tax likely to remain at current level, at least for now. “The Harvard faculty club should lay in extra scotch for members to drown their sorrows,” according to a tax-policy expert.

What Malcolm Gladwell gets wrong (and right) about university endowments

Malcolm Gladwell’s critique of university endowments is not misguided, but it fails to ask some key questions.

Enchanted with the elitist of exempt endowments

Policymakers, protection, and power.

Jennifer Bird-Pollan’s examination of tax on university endowments has implications for philanthropy

As University of Kentucky law professor asks, “Why are we focused only on universities?”

Looking at the largest higher-education and grantmaker endowments in America

Of the top 50 overall, colleges and universities are more than half. Very few, if any, of either type of the huge funds are clearly controlled by conservatives.

How much money is in nonprofit endowments in America?

About $1.7 trillion as of 2017.