The GR Editors

Potential grantmaking options in higher education

Exploring ways in which, if inclined, to support that which ultimately undergirds Western civilization itself.

The 1968 Kerner Commission report’s contemplated roles for philanthropy

“[T]he need is not so much for the Government to design new programs as it is for the Nation to generate new will.”

More on monuments, memory, and meaning

Eisenhower: “these people gave us a chance ….”

More than five

All foundations, but especially conservative ones, should consider annually spending substantially more than the five percent of their corpus now required by federal tax law.

Updated grantmaking options to support history and civics education

Revisiting how to better bolster our shared allegiance to America and its principles. Of potential interest to donors, of course—but maybe also to parents who’ve become involuntary headmasters of their own home “academies” because of the coronavirus crisis.

Considering James Carville’s curious Creel Committee commendation

Why progressive expertise, guilty of alarming excesses, now?