The GR Editors

Neera Tanden’s tweets, the trouble they’ve caused her, and the proper role of nonprofit think tanks

She probably should have known better, and sure seemed to have known so once.

Philanthropy in The Dictatorship of Woke Capital

Stephen R. Soukup’s straightforward explanation of increasing, and increasingly destructive, “wokism” in the country’s for-profit sector necessarily includes the role of some who are also in, and/or are acting through, the nonprofit sector.

Yet three more “new kids on the block”

The Center for American Restoration, the American Cornerstone Institute, and the Center for the American Way of Life provide additional options for ideas-driven, policy-oriented conservative givers to consider.

God, mammon, and philanthropy

Lance Morrow’s new book provides an historically and religiously informed contextual overview for considering how money should be organized to do good.

God and Man at Yale at 70, William Rogers Coe 50 years after his death, and manipulable elites’ “naïveté and effrontery”

Which may be permanent, and thus still relevant—including in the higher-education context.

Bill Bergeron’s 25 years of managing knowledge and wisdom

The Bradley Foundation’s librarian has been doing it very well, and with a smile, for a quarter of a century.

Thoughts on philanthropy from The Giving Review’s “Conversations” series in 2020 (Part 2 of 2)

A year-end collection of interesting and insightful thinking about grantmaking and giving.