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Again recalling Eisenhower, his American heritage, and his character

Philanthropy can learn from Ike—who said at Normandy in 1964 of those who preceded us, “these people gave us a chance ….”

Some thoughts about charity and justice

From AOC and two popes.

Reed Coleman, R.I.P.

Businessman, outdoorsman, conservationist, philanthropist.

Updated: New organizations and projects seeking to help refine or redefine conservatism

Briefly overviewing some potential grantmaking options.

Where are they now?

A telling historical snapshot of five foundations.

Revisiting a collection of content on philanthropy and eugenics

In the wake of Planned Parenthood of Greater New York’s disavowal of Margaret Sanger.

Potential grantmaking options in higher education

Exploring ways to, if inclined, support that which ultimately undergirds Western civilization itself.

The 1968 Kerner Commission report’s contemplated roles for philanthropy

“[T]he need is not so much for the Government to design new programs as it is for the Nation to generate new will.”

More on monuments, memory, and meaning

Eisenhower: “these people gave us a chance ….”