Haelee Norton

Haelee Norton is the Givers, Doers, & Thinkers podcast production assistant and executive assistant for American Philanthropic, working from the Phoenix office. An Arizona native, she studied communication and behavioral health science at Grand Canyon University where she served in a leadership position in the spiritual life department. She worked as a part-time research and writing assistant for American Philanthropic throughout college. Haelee has experience in creative writing, marketing, podcasts, and direct mail.

succession planning
What donors can learn from succession planning in business

It’s hard to protect donor intent at a foundation after the death of the original donor, making perpetual foundations nearly doomed to mission drift.

rage giver
Rage givers: what they are and what to do

A new phenomenon of “rage giving” has emerged in recent years. You’ll want to be ready in case your nonprofit is next.

501(c)(4) reform
Reforming §501(c)(4) organizations

Using one guiding principle, here are two proposed reforms to improve the permissions, restrictions, and tax advantages around 501(c)4s.

Some narrowness in longtermism

The short of it: in his new book’s ambitious thinking about the “full scale of human history,” William MacAskill undervalues the past—by definition, but more than needed—and elides in practice what that thinking could perhaps offer those of a different ideological worldview.

foundations and grants
Fundraising when times are bad: foundations and grants

Worried about shrinking foundation endowments? That’s going to happen during a recession, but that doesn’t mean you should pull back.