Haelee Norton

Haelee Norton is the Givers, Doers, & Thinkers podcast production assistant and executive assistant for American Philanthropic, working from the Phoenix office. An Arizona native, she studied communication and behavioral health science at Grand Canyon University where she served in a leadership position in the spiritual life department. She worked as a part-time research and writing assistant for American Philanthropic throughout college. Haelee has experience in creative writing, marketing, podcasts, and direct mail.

Jennifer Bird-Pollan’s examination of tax on university endowments has implications for philanthropy

As University of Kentucky law professor asks, “Why are we focused only on universities?”

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NoteWorthy Credit Union makes loans that banks won’t make. This is civil society at work, supporting culture in a way that the for-profit sector cannot.

Trust in philanthropy substantially declines

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Leveraging donor “meeting partners”

One way to improve donor meetings and strengthen donor relationships is to bring a “meeting partner”—someone else from within your organization.

Lawmakers should make donor-advised funds more appealing, not less

Efforts to legislate philanthropy should focus on making charitable giving benefits accessible to more Americans—not more complicated and less accessible.