Haelee Norton

Haelee Norton is the Givers, Doers, & Thinkers podcast production assistant and executive assistant for American Philanthropic, working from the Phoenix office. An Arizona native, she studied communication and behavioral health science at Grand Canyon University where she served in a leadership position in the spiritual life department. She worked as a part-time research and writing assistant for American Philanthropic throughout college. Haelee has experience in creative writing, marketing, podcasts, and direct mail.

A conversation with retiring Murdock Trust CEO Steve Moore (Part 1 of 2)

After 16 years as a philanthropic executive, he talks to Michael E. Hartmann about Jack Murdock and his fellow Tektronix founder Howard Vollum, the opportunities and challenges of planning for a foundation to exist in perpetuity, and the consequences of ideas, both good and bad.

Personalize your direct mail appeal in 5 simple steps

Step #3: Treat your donors like persons, not investors.

capital campaigns
Capital campaigns are back! Make sure your next campaign is a huge success.  

With things returning to some sense of “normal,” capital campaigns are coming back—fast. Be sure that you’re prepared for a capital campaign before you start down that road. Here are some tips to help you plan for a successful campaign.

Using gift acknowledgments to create opportunities to give again

It might seem tacky at first, but acknowledging a recent donation from one of your donors is a great opportunity to ask for another gift.

time-limiting, sunet
Three advantages of time-limiting your philanthropy

New foundations can be set up in perpetuity or with a time limit to “sunset” within a set period of time. Here are three reasons to sunset before too long.