James Davenport

charity navigator
Ignore Charity Navigator

Have we stopped to think about what it actually means to be a “Four Star Charity?” Or whether the criteria by which these charities are judged are actually . . . good?

Quick facts and top tips for a successful year-end push

It’s that time of year . . . the end of Q4 and the big fundraising push. With that in mind, here’s a few facts and a few tips to set you up for a successful close to the year.

How do I give well? Here are 8 questions for donors.

American Philanthropic’s latest resources guides donors through eight questions to help them reflect on and improve their giving habits.

big tech
Something to Hide? A review of “Digital Contagion”

Big Tech doesn’t love you, but it does want to know you. Michael Matheson Miller has recommendations for avoiding the contagion of Big Tech.

Restoring American pluralism through localism: a review of David French’s Divided We Fall

With America suffering dramatic disunity and tearing at the seams, we need a renewed commitment to liberalism and pluralism—and localism.