Matthew Gerken

Matthew Gerken

Matthew Gerken joined American Philanthropic after serving as a program officer at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, where he organized the Institute’s first-ever collegiate debating symposium. He studied intellectual history as an undergraduate at Yale, and has experience in education, event planning, and foundation research. An Illinois native, he currently resides in Wilmington, DE, with his wife.

Measuring the impact of mozzarella

About two thirds of donors to nonprofits do no research whatsoever before they give a gift. None. If it isn’t driven by donor demand, why is demonstrating “impact” so popular? Who is really benefiting from this trend?

Why we love college

Colleges are amongst the last remaining places where ordinary Americans experience an authentic life in common. That’s why we go back and we give back. We wish we could still belong…

The Netflix nonprofit?

The trend away from retail sales towards Netflix-style subscriptions is one area where those nonprofit leaders who rush to copy their for-profit brethren could be burned…