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“Time banks” build economies and communities without using money

People are giving the gift of time through “time-based currencies” that strengthen voluntarism and civil society.

Back row America: the fascinating work of Chris Arnade

Bond trader-turned-writer and photojournalist of the “down-and-out,” Arnade has insightful lessons to share with philanthropists who are serious about helping the poor.

Charities take digital money now – and the risks that go with it

Harvesting gains from digital money by giving some of it away can be better for donors than the nonprofits they support.

Should the NRA fear losing its ‘nonprofit status’?

More likely dangers include administrative hassles and fines.

Following its crisis, will the SPLC truly change?

“The SPLC,” staffers would joke, “Making hate pay.”

Pew Charitable Trusts CEO Rebecca Rimel announces retirement

After 25 years leading Pew Charitable Trusts, Ms. Rimel leaves behind a transformed organization and a questionable record on donor intent.

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s plans for sunsetting

The Foundation is planning to spend itself out, but it’s not clear how much of its billion-dollar endowment is being spent and how much is being transferred (with much of its staff) to a partner nonprofit.

For-profit thrift store chain gets sued for dressing like a charity

The attorney general of Washington state sued largest thrift retailer in the world with what amounts to deception and acting like a fake charity.

Why a college admissions racket would funnel bribes through a fake charity

Outright fake charities like the one involved in this scandal are less commonly detected than other kinds of nonprofit fraud.

A book for people who hate these kinds of books

Reviewing Jeremy Beer and Jeff Cain’s “The Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising: Practical Advice and Contrarian Wisdom for Nonprofit Leaders.”