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Claims of donor intent violations at Surdna Foundation

Descendants of Surdna Foundation founder John E. Andrus have charged that the foundation has drifted very far away from the founder’s vision.

Total giving increased slightly in 2018, but only due to larger gifts

Number of donors, retention rates and smaller gifts all decreased.

Informal networks of generosity are supporting asylum seekers on both sides of the border

This help is often given in kind rather than in dollars and cents. Without it, these migrants might have nowhere to go and nothing to eat.

Donors Choose and the power of small-scale philanthropy

This crowdfunding platform has empowered hundreds of thousands of teachers across the country.

The state of our neighborhood communities is not strong

A recent survey reveals that Americans are expecting too little from their communities and too much from a distant central power.

John and Laura Arnold create new LLC, focus on affecting policy change

In the past few years, several mega donors have used LLC’s as their giving vehicles, and now the Arnolds are joining this move away from traditional philanthropy.

Foundation Center and GuideStar announce merger

Foundation Center and GuideStar join forces to become a new nonprofit entity named Candid.

Nonprofit groups are restructuring themselves to be political players

The increasing prevalence of 501(c)(4)s is shaping the political landscape.

John Bogle, Boring Philanthropist

Philanthropists should learn from the late John Bogle’s humility and localism. Because of his selfless business decisions, we had one less billionaire philanthropist and millions more middle-class givers spread throughout the world.

Study reveals damage done by insidious licensing laws

If fighting poverty is philanthropy’s primary task, then foundations and donors ought to take note of the high economic and moral damage done by insidious occupational licensing laws.