People & Projects

“Time banks” build economies and communities without using money

People are giving the gift of time through “time-based currencies” that strengthen voluntarism and civil society.

Back row America: the fascinating work of Chris Arnade

Bond trader-turned-writer and photojournalist of the “down-and-out,” Arnade has insightful lessons to share with philanthropists who are serious about helping the poor.

How can funders support scholars with an alternative point of view?

Funders interested in supporting intellectual diversity should pay attention to the ideas of social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, and academic organizations doing their part to encourage alternative points of view.

“Art of the Steal” raises tough questions about donor intent

A documentary that details the fight over the stewardship of a $25-billion art collection raises enduring questions of donor intent.

Pew Charitable Trusts CEO Rebecca Rimel announces retirement

After 25 years leading Pew Charitable Trusts, Ms. Rimel leaves behind a transformed organization and a questionable record on donor intent.

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s plans for sunsetting

The Foundation is planning to spend itself out, but it’s not clear how much of its billion-dollar endowment is being spent and how much is being transferred (with much of its staff) to a partner nonprofit.

An army for peace

In the midst of civil war in the Central African Republic, boy scouts are arguably more effective than peacekeepers.

Claims of donor intent violations at Surdna Foundation

Descendants of Surdna Foundation founder John E. Andrus have charged that the foundation has drifted very far away from the founder’s vision.

Donors Choose and the power of small-scale philanthropy

This crowdfunding platform has empowered hundreds of thousands of teachers across the country.

John and Laura Arnold create new LLC, focus on affecting policy change

In the past few years, several mega donors have used LLC’s as their giving vehicles, and now the Arnolds are joining this move away from traditional philanthropy.