revolving door of development turnover employee talent retention in nonprofit sector
Shutting the revolving door of development turnover

Development departments suffer from a “revolving door.” Quality staff cycle in and out—for understandable reasons—stagnating growth and hurting donor relationships. Nonprofit managers and directors need to prioritize retaining top talent.

digital communications to major donors email donors
20-minute fundraising fix: emailing major donors

It’s important to email treat your major donors personally. That can be hard to do with mass emails, but here is a quick fundraising fix for engaging your top donors through email.

Does your job title scare off your donors?

A new study by Nonprofit Management & Leadership investigates the best job titles for fundraisers. The crucial thing is that they avoid jargon and put the donor first.

Five tips for nonprofit leaders to plan for proactive fundraising

Too often fundraising is reactive rather than proactive, hindering growth and creating a frenzied and hectic development culture. Take some time at the beginning of the year to set goals, plans, and strategies.

One awkward conversation

If program officers, foundation presidents, and other grantmaking representatives would commit to one awkward conversation with fundraisers, they could save everyone a great deal of time and energy.

A primer on thinking through fundraising events

Too frequently nonprofit organizations rush—enthusiastically and blindly—into a fundraising event after fundraising event. Avoid wasted time and funds by reflecting on their value and, if you do host one, preparing adequately.

Hurricane Michael recovery efforts point to the power of local generosity after overlooked disasters

Two main suggestions for those wishing to help support survivors of disasters reevaluate how they choose to respond.

Popularity-based grants are irritating, harmful, and need to end

Funding contests where groups compete to get the most votes to win money from a corporate partner are well intentioned, but hurtful to nonprofits.

5 silly mistakes nonprofits make when applying for grants

The “sins” that foundation executives often cite in their work with nonprofit grantees.

Direct Mail Vendors: the used car salesmen of nonprofit fundraising?

Is your direct mail vendor ripping you off?