prose, repetitive
Three strategies for writing a killer direct mail letter

Direct mail readers skim your letters—you’ve got seconds to convey your message. That means repetition, pith, and repetition are paramount.

Danger, death, and decision-making

You have little time to grab your reader’s attention. Don’t split hairs. Don’t beat around the bush. And don’t be afraid to pull on your donor’s heartstrings.

Do you have a DAF strategy? If not, perhaps you should.

If you want your nonprofit’s development program to be in a competitive position in the coming years, you need to be thinking about DAFs. Ignorance is not bliss in this arena, and DAFs need to be on your radar.

board members fundraising expectations
Setting 10 clear expectations for nonprofit board members

To avoid limping along or being frustrated by the performance (or lack thereof) from your board members, you need to make sure to set clear expectations.

feasibility study, campaign
To campaign or not to campaign? That is the question.

Whether or not to undertake a capital campaign—and the size of that campaign—is not small question. Here’s how to prepare.

communications, cheesy
Cheesy fundraising doesn’t have to be cheesy

Motivating donors to give isn’t easy. You need to connect money to mission, but you also need to give donors a reason to act. That might require some cheese.

Capital campaigns require grit . . . does your organization have it?

Preparing for a capital campaign is a “grit-check” for your organization. Does your organization have what it takes to be successful?

Who needs donor research tools?

Good research can mean the difference between going into a meeting feeling at ease or on edge. Here are some of the best donor research tools out there.

The 6 questions you need to ask before launching a capital campaign

For many organizations that already struggle just to match last year’s fundraising revenue, the capital campaign is simply a pipedream.

gift charting for philanthropy and fundraising
How to build and use a gift chart for fundraising strategy

Success in fundraising depends upon setting realistic goals and crafting an actionable strategy. A gift chart can guide you through setting the goals and putting a strategy into action. Here’s how to build one.