How to think about your fundraising investment

Significant fundraising expenses are not only unproblematic—they are responsible if your goals are to grow and to ensure that that growth is sustainable.

The 6 questions you need to ask before launching a capital campaign

For many organizations that already struggle just to match last year’s fundraising revenue, the capital campaign is simply a pipedream.

Be not afraid . . . to invest in fundraising

Nonprofit leaders often worry about keeping their fundraising costs low, but that may be the wrong approach. The first in a two-part series on fundraising expenses.

Capital campaigns require grit . . . does your organization have it?

Preparing for a capital campaign is a “grit-check” for your organization. Does your organization have what it takes to be successful?

Candid advice to fundraisers from foundation leaders

Wondering how to make your foundation outreach more successful? Here are three key takeaways from a recent conversation with foundation officers.

stop giving
Why your donors stop giving

You fight to retain donors, but every year some of them lapse. Do you know why they stop giving?

campaign goal
Setting a sound campaign goal

When you are running a short fundraising campaign, it’s important to set a smart campaign goal. Here’s how to do that—and how to message it.

Cryptocurrency makes an appearance at the Super Bowl, and crypto philanthropy is growing

As adoption grows and market capitalization increases in the cryptocurrency world, crypto giving increases dramatically, as well.

bad donors
Tainted gifts: five techniques for handling contributions from bad donors

What can leaders of universities, museums, and other charities do to plan for and otherwise manage the risks presented by bad donors? In this article, I identify five planning options that will increase a charity’s ability to react and decrease its risk.

foundation program officer grants
Three tips for winning grants—before and after COVID

If you’re still reaching out to foundations—and you should be!—best practices are not much different. Here’s how you can stand out from the crowd.