Research & Reports

Charities take digital money now – and the risks that go with it

Harvesting gains from digital money by giving some of it away can be better for donors than the nonprofits they support.

Creeping credentialism and the bureaucratization of charity

Expertly deflating the pretensions of those who would make fundraising a bureaucratic and esoteric profession, this book takes on the creeping trend of professionalization in philanthropy.

Total giving increased slightly in 2018, but only due to larger gifts

Number of donors, retention rates and smaller gifts all decreased.

Why some places thrive while others collapse

Reviewing Timothy P. Carney’s “Alienated America.”

The state of our neighborhood communities is not strong

A recent survey reveals that Americans are expecting too little from their communities and too much from a distant central power.

Study reveals damage done by insidious licensing laws

If fighting poverty is philanthropy’s primary task, then foundations and donors ought to take note of the high economic and moral damage done by insidious occupational licensing laws.

Survey reveals public confidence in philanthropy across party lines

In our extremely polarized age, this is a very good piece of news.

The price of prayer

A recent study examined whether “thoughts and prayers” are substitutes for or complements to material help.

Partisanship and philanthropy, again

Add the name of one more victim to our ongoing Culture Wars: Charity.

Do happy faces or sad faces raise more money?

Including different facial expressions in fundraising pitches can change how people respond, research suggests