Research & Reports

Survey reveals public confidence in philanthropy across party lines

In our extremely polarized age, this is a very good piece of news.

The price of prayer

A recent study examined whether “thoughts and prayers” are substitutes or compliments to material help.

Partisanship and philanthropy, again

Add the name of one more victim to our ongoing Culture Wars: Charity.

Do happy faces or sad faces raise more money?

Including different facial expressions in fundraising pitches can change how people respond, research suggests

How should philanthropy respond to America’s “loneliness” problem?

A look at the research behind what some sociologists have called an “epidemic of loneliness.”

Shoddy scholarship for shoddier motives

Whether they fight donor intent or malign a whole field of study, the AAUP, AFT, and UnKoch My Campus have a vested interest in promoting shoddy academic work that reinforces their viewpoint and agenda.