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Back on their feet

Taking (literal) steps to change lives: Phila. nonprofit Back on My Feet helps homeless train for marathons, and in the process makes the “unattainable” a reality.… MORE >>

Giving Tuesday-creep

Sixty UK organizations have signed on to match employees’ donations this Giving Tuesday through Workplace Giving UK’s payroll initiative. “Sixty organisations have committed to signing up to payroll -giving schemes on Giving Tuesday as part of a match-giving initiative launched by Workplace Giving UK.… MORE >>

Fundraising for breast-milk bank in PA

To help “the sickest of the sick” in neonatal care: Group launches IndieGoGo campaign hoping to raise $50K to open PA’s first breast-milk bank. “A local nonprofit working to build the first breast milk bank in Pennsylvania has launched a crowd-funding campaign on the website Indiegogo, asking for the public’s help to raise $50,000 for the Three Rivers Mothers’ Milk Bank to pay for equipment such as pasteurizers, commercial-grade freezers and a bar-coding system.… MORE >>

Dept. of clever innovations

Indy nonprofit has converted old parking meters into “donation meters,” where people can deposit change to give homeless food, clothing, and hygiene kits. “A new campaign kicks off Friday to help the city’s homeless.… MORE >>

DePauw’s student philanthropy council

Students at DePauw have founded their own philanthropy council; hope to encourage student philanthropy for the college and the community at large. “‘Go. Give. Help. Connect.’ That’s the motto of the newly-formed DePauw Student Philanthropy Council.… MORE >>

CA nonprofit touts drought simulation

23 million liters of water were used in ALS ice-bucket challenges; now a nonprofit is asking people to mimic water poverty by using just 4 liters per day.… MORE >>

Haunted Files at NYU

Naomi Schaefer Riley gives us a tour of NYU’s new “Haunted Files” exhibit, which shows intersection of eugenics and philanthropy in the America of 100 years ago.… MORE >>

Bad for stockholders, good for nonprofits

Are you a shareholder confronting a giant tax bill because of Medtronic’s international move? Charities are turning lemons into lemonade, soliciting stock donations. “The pain felt by many longtime Medtronic Inc.… MORE >>

Seasonal ambush upon us

Donation with purchase: Consumer Reports reminds us that cause marketing is probably not the best way to support charity, for several reasons. “But as the number of cause-related campaigns has risen, so too has consumer skepticism.… MORE >>


Grand Canyon University cites “stigma” of being a for-profit college; wants to become nonprofit and “join the traditional academic community”. “Executives at for-profit Grand Canyon University want to turn the company into a nonprofit, they said Wednesday, because of the “stigma” of being a for-profit.… MORE >>
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