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Cautionary bequest tale

Eileen Belmont left $200K to Columbus Jewish Foundation, but “lack of clarity” in her will resulted in taxes and litigation chipping away at bequest. “The Tax Court decision in the Estate of Eileen S.… MORE >>

IA says mandate would duplicate efforts

AZ nonprofit wants to require American high schoolers to pass civics exam based on citizenship test; last week IA legislature said, “No thanks”. “A plan to require students in all 50 states to pass a civics exam to graduate from high school hit a speed bump in Iowa last week when a bill to mandate the test was scrapped for the session.… MORE >>

Curtain goes up on new act

Twin Cities boast robust theater tradition, but the recession and tech age have hit hard; a few companies are trying new strategies to gain supporters and audiences.… MORE >>

Helping people “age in place”

Village Friends Village Values is nonprofit movement dedicated to helping seniors “age in place”: This article on chapter in AL explains what they’re about. “When area seniors feel uncomfortable completing certain tasks at home, yet also uncomfortable living in a nursing or assisted living home, they may feel there is no middle ground.… MORE >>

Homework help (for parents)

Nonprofit Stand for Children Arizona offers kids and their parents free online help with math and English homework. “Parents, are you stumped by your child’s homework?… MORE >>

$3 million and counting

Are Arcus and Ford foundations spending millions on campaigns to convince people that religious liberty and its legal exemptions are “un-American”? “Questions are being raised over two U.S.… MORE >>

Keeping it in the family

67 years ago, Philip Masi built study tables for university library; now that they need refinishing, his family– some of whom are alumni– raised the funds.… MORE >>

Beating swords into textbooks

Nonprofit KVC Health Systems is holding public meeting in WV to discuss converting a local naval base that’s about to close into career college. “A nonprofit is holding a public meeting this week on its proposal to convert a Navy base to a career college.… MORE >>

Philly nonprofit reopens school libraries

Philadelphia nonprofit WePAC is using donations and volunteers to reopen elementary school libraries that fell to budget cuts. “Reading is fundamental. And studies show that by fourth grade, children who can’t read at their grade level are at greater risk of dropping out of high school.… MORE >>

“A private billboard on public land”?

Public schools– like Beverly Hills High– are starting to ask “why not?” when it comes to donations and naming opportunities; critics say it underlines inequity. “At Beverly Hills High School, a gift of $2,500 will get your name on a seat in the theater.… MORE >>

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