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Birth of a nonprofit

Detroit Water Project is brainchild of citizens concerned about basic service being cut off: now people can pay water bills online for needy.
“It all started on a Thursday night on Twitter.… MORE >>

“Doing righteousness”

Don’t put off until tomorrow the charitable giving you could be doing today: First Things review of Righteous Giving to the Poor… MORE >>, which harks to the rabbinic tradition.

Shower on the go

Showering on the go: San Francisco nonprofit rolls out Lava Mae, a bus with toilets and showers, where the homeless can go to clean up.
“A nonprofit group is taking a novel approach to helping the homeless in San Francisco with a new bus that allows them to take a shower.… MORE >>

Giving a “nudge”

Is social media boosting American generosity, by making us more aware of charitable opportunities?  People are giving, even without tax deductions.
“Websites displaying sweet faces of seriously ill kids or tales of medical-bill horrors are fueling millions of dollars per day in social-site donations, nudging more Americans to help folks they often know only through an Internet glance….… MORE >>

A felix culpa

Jeff Cain reviews Abusing Donor Intent… MORE >>, notes how the Robertson family’s experience with Princeton helped fortify donor intent in America.
“Ironically, the university’s failure led the Robertsons’ son Bill and his siblings to make an even greater gift—to the whole country.

Before the Giving Pledge

In 2006, when Giving Pledge was just a glimmer, Warren Buffett tied his fortune to the Gates Foundation; here are 4 reasons why that plan is obsolete.… MORE >>

Belong, and give

Harnessing a “natural tendency”: No surprise that donors who feel “sense of belonging” are the ones who give more financially.
“I work at the nonprofit Yale University, and the higher purpose of education is a major reward for me.… MORE >>

Video link to loved ones

“If you’re watching this and I’m not here”: NY nonprofit Thru My Eyes helps dying make videos for the loved ones they are leaving behind.
“Leaving a farewell video isn’t new — Michael Keaton did it in a 1993 movie called My Life… MORE >> — but it is evolving beyond the version in which a dying person talks to an unmanned camera on a tripod or spends hundreds of dollars for a videographer who also records weddings and bar mitzvahs.

“Can philanthropy make good TV?”

Starkey Hearing Foundation has helped deaf people around the world since ’84; recently produced “Operation Change,” a TV series for OWN about their work.
“Sawalich got talking to his stepfather one night about how many of the poverty-stricken places they visit are perceived negatively, but are filled with hope, inspiration and local heroes.… MORE >>

Double Up Food Bucks

NY counties launch new program, Double Up Food Bucks; SNAP recipients receive twice the value of benefits when shopping farmers’ markets.
“The two men are among more than 250,000 residents in eight Western New York counties who receive benefits from SNAP, formerly called the food stamp program.… MORE >>

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