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Appealing to the highest authority

Modern discomfort with charity makes “the historian sit up and take notice,” leading to this short history of how St Augustine prevailed upon Romans to take up almsgiving.… MORE >>

Philanthropy’s need to reflect, not just act

Ever wondered what happened on this date in philanthropic history? New blog HistPhil is run by three historians and aims to give context to today’s givers.… MORE >>

Daily Deeds

Kansas City man launches permanent crowdfunding platform Daily Deeds, hoping to make it easier to give  frequently, even if small amounts. “A new website a Kansas City man plans to launch this coming week will promote crowdfunding to raise money for local nonprofit agencies through even the most modest of donations.… MORE >>

Help for the “priced out”

Bobby Turner’s Multifamily Impact Fund is buying up housing units where working people live; pilot program hopes to keep rents affordable while offering perks to residents.… MORE >>

“Recovered” food finds new life

Former president of Trader Joe’s is proud of new project in Dorchester, MA: The Daily Table is a nonprofit grocery store where most items are priced $1 or less.… MORE >>

“Unlikely middlemen”

Partnering with Swell Investing, huge multinationals like Coke and Walmart are helping investors make money while “do[ing] good for those in need”. “[Liam] Monaghan is one of the founders of Swell Investing, a new financial-research company guided by the philosophy that “you can do well for yourself and do good for those in need at the same time.” It’s not a novel concept: There are plenty of powerful organizations such as the Rockefeller Foundation and Morgan Stanley’s Institute for Sustainable Investing exhibiting a similar spirit.… MORE >>

Dept. of “Why Not?”

“Roller Coaster Dad” Will Pemble (who built a roller coaster in his backyard) hopes to start a nonprofit that will teach math and science to kids through projects.… MORE >>

Wedding nonprofit holds dress sale

CA nonprofit Wish Upon A Wedding helps people with serious illnesses pay for their weddings; this weekend, they’re sponsoring huge sale of donated dresses to fundraise.… MORE >>

“Not just a shop, a movement”

Eagle Scout Jon Dressler opened a repair shop last month in Akron, OH, that lets customers donate 10 percent of their bill to a local charity.… MORE >>

Ungrateful uncle gains inheritance

Peter Petrasek found sanctuary in the US after fleeing then-Czechoslovakia; lifelong gratitude resulted in his $850K estate being bequeathed to the federal government. “Americans often go to great lengths to keep the government off their assets.… MORE >>

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