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Currency of the future?

United Way now accepts Bitcoin transactions in lieu of cash donations; its new Innovation Fund hopes to raise $2 million through digital currency.
“United Way Worldwide is now accepting donations in Bitcoin, the organization said Monday, making it one of the largest nonprofits yet to wade into digital-currency fundraising.… MORE >>

Boom along with bust

MT nonprofits called meeting to discuss how area oil boom has affected them, positively (more money) and negatively (no time to volunteer).
“The effects of the oil boom are weighing heavy on Sidney’s nonprofit community, a group of community activists said on Tuesday.… MORE >>

Zombie houses

NY law means 800 days can pass between home occupancy and foreclosure; land banks are helping prevent “zombie houses” from popping up in the meantime.
“[Z]ombie homes are a problem throughout the U.S.… MORE >>

I brake for philanthropy

This is the sixth August that MN’s Signal Garage has offered free brake service to anyone who brings in donation bag of food or school supplies.… MORE >>

Nuts to you, says FLW foundation

Taliesin, the architecture school run by Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, will lose accreditation because of rule change instituted by Higher Learning Commission.
“The architecture school run by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation on Wednesday criticized a decision by the foundation’s board that will result in the school losing its accreditation.… MORE >>


Restaurant group starts charitable trust, FEEDNH: “Families, Education, Elderly, and the Disadvantaged in and surrounding New Hampshire”.
“A longtime supporter of nonprofit organizations within the Granite State, Great New Hampshire Restaurants, owner of T-Bones, Cactus Jack’s and the Copper Door, has taken its next step in its charitable giving by establishing a nonprofit trust,… MORE >>

Gettysburg and philanthropy

At first glance you might think Battle of Gettysburg and philanthropy have nothing in common, but Tom Watson says that’s where American tradition of charity was truly forged.… MORE >>

Cooper Union: Also dead at 150?

Donor intent: After 150 years as bastion of free education, NY’s Cooper Union may start charging tuition, depending on court’s interpretation of charter.
“The interpretation of a more than 150-year-old document ensconced in a Greenwich Village library is causing a furor in academia as its author’s intention is battled over in court.… MORE >>

New life for Styrofoam

Cleveland’s Buckeye Industries is taking Styrofoam in all its forms and recycling it into denser foam that can be used for crown moulding and other consumer products.… MORE >>

Selling out without selling out

Can Toms shoes, the brand built on philanthropic consumerism, sell to private equity without selling out? That’s the question some are asking as Bain Capital enters the picture.… MORE >>

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