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Blame it on the gift shop

“The Galapagos might lose some of its best researchers, and they’re blaming the gift shop”: It turns out income generated by souvenirs helped defray costs. “For years, the Charles Darwin Research Station on the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, operated a small store to help it get by in lean times — selling mostly clothing with the Charles Darwin Foundation’s logo.… MORE >>

Applying oneself to the (world’s) problems

Today’s “much more interventionist interpretation” of philanthropist’s role: philanthro-preneurship, a word that spell check may never catch up to. “[T]oday’s philanthropists have a much more interventionist interpretation of their role.… MORE >>

Bah humbug!

100 years ago charities asked post office to throw away letters to Santa, fearing they encouraged cheating, lying, and budding con artists. “What could be more innocent than a letter to Santa?… MORE >>


Like Bartlett’s for philanthropy: Here’s a fun diversion from Forbes– quotes ranging from Herman Melville to Jon Huntsman to Truman Capote.… MORE >>

Wearing our chains lightly?

Americans continue to believe in “myth of individualism,” but anthropologist argues that’s “contrary to our evolved human nature as social animals”. “We will certainly hear it said many times between now and the 2016 elections that the country’s two main political parties have “fundamental philosophical differences.” But what exactly does that mean?… MORE >>

“The impacts of small gestures were huge”

Chicago’s LaSalle St Church profited from real-estate deal; decided to “tithe” back to congregants, giving them $500 apiece to give away however they chose. “When a real-estate deal netted Chicago’s LaSalle Street Church $1.6 million, Pastor Laura Truax made an unusual announcement: 10 percent of that money – the size of a typical tithe – would be divided among about 320 regular churchgoers.… MORE >>

Boomerang Giving

Idea behind new program: Not every senior needs discounted admission perks; what if there was a way to donate the price difference to needy? “Three dollars can go a long way.… MORE >>

Back on their feet

Taking (literal) steps to change lives: Phila. nonprofit Back on My Feet helps homeless train for marathons, and in the process makes the “unattainable” a reality.… MORE >>

Giving Tuesday-creep

Sixty UK organizations have signed on to match employees’ donations this Giving Tuesday through Workplace Giving UK’s payroll initiative. “Sixty organisations have committed to signing up to payroll -giving schemes on Giving Tuesday as part of a match-giving initiative launched by Workplace Giving UK.… MORE >>

Fundraising for breast-milk bank in PA

To help “the sickest of the sick” in neonatal care: Group launches IndieGoGo campaign hoping to raise $50K to open PA’s first breast-milk bank. “A local nonprofit working to build the first breast milk bank in Pennsylvania has launched a crowd-funding campaign on the website Indiegogo, asking for the public’s help to raise $50,000 for the Three Rivers Mothers’ Milk Bank to pay for equipment such as pasteurizers, commercial-grade freezers and a bar-coding system.… MORE >>

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