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MUSED invites people to focus like a poet on the world around them

Poetry encapsulates a way of “extrinsic thinking” by the founder, and author of Reverse Selfie, of a new nonprofit that hopes to inspire people to think poetically.… MORE >>

Green Revolution sets up need to conserve diminishing crops it set out to replace

Through its work in genetic diversity the Rockefeller Foundation created the need to stockpile the diminishing and diverse crop varieties that the Green Revolution aimed to replace.… MORE >>

Clarity from history helps shine light on the confusion of David Rieff’s rambling

David Rieff’s new book on today’s problems of accessing basic foods in the global south, but the complexities are lost in his ramblings; it is a call for clarity from the history of hunger relief.… MORE >>

First time ever, Almanac of American Philanthropy serves all as a snapshot of US philanthropy

The role of philanthropy in America has been condensed into one new book published by Philanthropy Roundtable: it is the Almanac of American Philanthropy. “Philanthropy is a very big part of what makes America America.… MORE >>

The rise of the new plutocracy, as seen in the Gates Foundation and Zuckerberg Initiative

The author of  No Such Thing as a Free Gift, Linsey McGoey asks why do politicians and media on both sides of the aisle support the rise of the new plutocrats like the Gateses?… MORE >>

Big philanthropy receives a necessary corrective from reasonable critics

Big philanthropy has begun to receive bigger criticism than in the past, and will hopefully serve as a necessary corrective to the lessons that Mark Zuckerberg learned in New Jersey.… MORE >>

Green Revolution ignored healthy American agrarianism, opted for heavy-handed American agrarianism

The Green Revolution imposed a part of American scientific agrarianism on the global South, and did so by ignoring some American scientific agrarianism that listened to the needs of the farmers.… MORE >>

Anne Frank Fund sues French MP for making Diary available online

The Diary of Anne Frank has been published in a free online format, despite a threatening lawsuit from the foundation named in her honor. “Anne Frank’s diary, written when the Jewish teenager was in hiding from the Nazis with her family, was made freely available online on Friday despite threats of legal action over copyright. … MORE >>

Corporate subsidies now come from large non-profit foundations; the new meaning of “corporate philanthropy”

Large foundations have now begun subsidizing not only the poor but also for-profit corporations; Linsey McGoey continues to refine her critique of philanthrocapitalism in a solid interview.… MORE >>

An analysis of Carnegie’s first century of giving

The Carnegie Corporation’s second centenary of giving allows for historians to look back at the first century and review the work began in the first “golden age” of philanthropy.… MORE >>

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