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Gettysburg and philanthropy

At first glance you might think Battle of Gettysburg and philanthropy have nothing in common, but Tom Watson says that’s where American tradition of charity was truly forged.… MORE >>

Cooper Union: Also dead at 150?

Donor intent: After 150 years as bastion of free education, NY’s Cooper Union may start charging tuition, depending on court’s interpretation of charter.
“The interpretation of a more than 150-year-old document ensconced in a Greenwich Village library is causing a furor in academia as its author’s intention is battled over in court.… MORE >>

New life for Styrofoam

Cleveland’s Buckeye Industries is taking Styrofoam in all its forms and recycling it into denser foam that can be used for crown moulding and other consumer products.… MORE >>

Selling out without selling out

Can Toms shoes, the brand built on philanthropic consumerism, sell to private equity without selling out? That’s the question some are asking as Bain Capital enters the picture.… MORE >>

Conservatives and philanthropic reform

How human scale benefits civil society: In American Conservative… MORE >>, Brian Brown explains “why conservatives should reform philanthropy”.
“[W]hile today’s conservatives agree that the space is important, they are much more interested in the ‘protecting’ part than creating and sustaining.

Bitcoin philanthropy

Swedish company Safello announces Bitcoins specifically for charitable giving; three global nonprofits have started campaigns around the new currency.
“Today, a Swedish company, Safello, announced it’s enabling worldwide charitable giving through Bitcoin donations with three global charities.… MORE >>

On the same team?

One group doesn’t find “Washington Redskins” objectionable– MT tribe that was given school iPads and rodeo team from owner Dan Snyder’s foundation.
“The life cycle of Daniel Snyder’s Original Americans Foundation is something to behold. … MORE >>

There’s a nonprofit for everything

Feeling nostalgic for your old Sega video games? Open Core Foundation is reintroducing the Hitachi chips that ran our gaming consoles in the 90s.
“ Processors that powered some of Sega’s famous gaming consoles in the 1990s will come back to life starting later this year.… MORE >>

A moveable feast

Giving Tuesday has (so far) traditionally been in December, but some are proposing move to August, when many nonprofits set annual budgets.
“Temperatures in the 80s, maybe a light breeze, packed highways and airport concourses, sand between the toes, simmering grills, cold beer, baseball and … December fundraising?… MORE >>

Convieniently located

Charitable Agents is a CA start up pairing real-estate agents with nonprofits they can choose to support through a percentage of their commission profits.
“As the only nationwide network of real estate agents who want to give back to the communities who have contributed to their wealth, Charitable Agents has been able to make a difference by connecting real estate professionals with home buyers and sellers who want the same thing. … MORE >>

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