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Starchitect’s playhouse

Architect Frank Gehry is designing Facebook’s new HQ, and they talked him into a side project: designing a playhouse to be auctioned off for charity. “Architect Frank Gehry is the mastermind behind Facebook’s new office space and world-renowned buildings such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles and the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain.… MORE >>

Texas-sized plans

The Urban Land Institute wants to convert Houston’s Astrodome into “massive indoor park,” but project has pricetag of $243 million. “A nonprofit group estimates that it would cost nearly $243 million to convert the iconic but shuttered Houston Astrodome into a massive indoor park and surrounding green space.… MORE >>

MN’s “miniboom” in DAFs

“What’s driving the surge in donor-advised funds?” Minneapolis Foundation saw a 185% increase after local corp was purchased. “The recent Medtronic acquisition of Covidien not only lowered the company’s corporate tax rate, but also created a tax headache for longtime Medtronic shareholders — and a local miniboom in an increasingly popular type of family charity.… MORE >>

Licorice for autism awareness

“Not for germaphobes”: Is the “Twizzler challenge” this year’s philanthropic fad or just savvy branding from a candy company? “After the ALS Ice Bucket challenge raised more than $115 million in mere months, many speculated the viral campaign had forever changed the face of charitable fundraising.… MORE >>

A “different vision of rural philanthropy”

Rick Cohen on NE Community Foundation’s Jeff Yost, who says big money is less of a solution than helping communities help themselves. “In the vision of Jeff Yost of the Nebraska Community Foundation, the development of rural America is more than a challenge of money.… MORE >>

Do donors have rights?

In wake of Sweet Briar announcement, VA state senator is asking attorney general if donors’ rights supersede other concerns or obligations. “As alumnae fight to stop Sweet Briar College from closing, a state senator has a bunch of questions for Virginia’s attorney general, starting with: What are the rights of donors?… Virginia State Senator Chap Petersen (D-Fairfax), whose own grandmother was a Sweet Briar alumna, heard from many distraught alumnae.… MORE >>

George Clooney, let’s do lunch

You can dine with George Clooney, if you’re in Scotland this November and donate to Social Bite, a charity-based cafe that helps the homeless. “Oscar-winning actor George Clooney is coming to Scotland to visit a social enterprise sandwich shop – and one lucky punter will have the chance to dine with him.… MORE >>

Giving for selfies

Donate $25 to nonprofit Creative Chatter for chance to have your “selfie” festoon an electronic billboard for a week in one of 45 participating cities. “With a small donation to the nonprofit organization Creative Chatter, you can get your face on a billboard in 45 cities.… MORE >>

Philanthropy in Parks and Rec

NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation ended last week; columnist already misses “the only [TV] show to give philanthropy a turn in the prime-time spotlight”. “‘Parks and Rec’ was the only show to give philanthropy a turn in the prime-time spotlight, making it funny while taking seriously its increasingly prominent role in society.… MORE >>

The new “ice bucket challenge”?

Viral trends love the cold: The latest has Lady Gaga and volunteers jumping into frozen Lake Michigan to raise money for Special Olympics Chicago. “Talk about jumping into a good cause.… MORE >>

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