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(I got “the on your feet” giver)

Fun diversion: Take the Knoxville United Way’s interactive quiz and it will tell you your “giving style” and a nonprofit that would be a good fit.… MORE >>

“Everyone is scrambling”

MN worried about the greying of volunteer population; age, warmer weather are shrinking the pool and Boomers don’t seem inclined to jump in. “Dorothy Johnson has been a bedrock volunteer in rural Braham, Minn., since she retired from finance in 1997.… MORE >>

From tagger to entrepreneur

Giving them “a different channel for their creativity”: CA nonprofit Streetcraft LA is helping taggers take their graffiti from vandalism to art. “Bobby Rodriguez started tagging when he was 13, spray painting illegal graffiti art from San Pedro to San Bernardino.… MORE >>

Their “big bet for the future”

As Gates Foundation turns 15, their annual letter lays out goals– and predicts advancements in developing countries will snowball by 2030. “The nonprofit Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is celebrating its 15th anniversary by making big bets on key breakthroughs by 2030, such as forecasting the eradication of diseases including polio, improving innovation in farming in Africa to reduce malnutrition, the creation of better software to revolutionize learning and the growth of digital banking to give the poor more control over their financial lives.… MORE >>


OR’s breweries gave over $2m to charity in 2013; Deschutes a firm part of tradition, with $285K going to more than 500 nonprofits last year. “Oregon’s 185 breweries give back to their communities in many ways, including donations of beer to many events and money, such as the $22,000 the 2014 Holiday Ale Fest just donated to the Children’s Cancer Association of Portland.… MORE >>

Loans from the church

Hoping to craft alternative to predatory payday-lending practices, some churches are offering members low-interest loans. “The program is called the Jubilee Assistance Fund. In 7 1/2 years, it has helped parishioners of the United Methodist Church secure 14 loans – from $500 to $8,800 – according to Carol Mathis, chief executive of the credit union.… MORE >>

What’s trending?

The Chronicle on “6 trends to watch in 2015″: They include Gen X’s rise to influence, nonprofit privacy advocacy, and evolution of crowdfunding.… MORE >>

Loyalty and geography

Recent gift of $50 million to U of Michigan by alumni Weisers shows not just the power of a shared alma mater, but the pull of geography and loyalty.… MORE >>

Nonprofit cafe victim of minimum wage

MI cafe that operated as a nonprofit is closing permanently because it can’t afford state’s new minimum-wage requirements. “Most Americans want to see their fellow citizens thrive and prosper, so it’s only natural that some see a  minimum wage increase as a good thing.… MORE >>

NE nonprofit helps convicts transition

NE nonprofit Prairie Gold Homes is training convicts in useful skills and building houses for community at the same time–50 since program started in 2002. “Angelo Douglas walked into the Community Corrections Center-Lincoln three years ago, an 18-year-old with few job skills and convictions for attempted robbery and use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony.… MORE >>

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