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Why research is important

National chain Chili’s wanted to tie corporate philanthropy into autism awareness, but set off a firestorm by pairing with an anti-vaccination group.
“If you believe that a great deal of corporate charity is only for show, not about serious concern for the beneficiaries of philanthropy, the restaurant chain Chili’s has just provided a data point to support your view.… MORE >>

Small fry?

Are smaller family foundations getting lost in the philanthropic fuss about billionaires and celebrities? It turns out they’re giving away $21b a year without fanfare.
“Family foundations are quickly springing up across the country as baby boomers sell successful businesses or take buyouts from top corporate jobs.… MORE >>

Your daily Bill Gates

Here’s your daily Bill Gates link: This one to a Paul Farrell piece that asks whether he’s a “techno-fixing Luddite” or a “world savior”.
“Is Bill Gates a ‘Master of the Universe,’ the global savior leading his new ‘Billionaires Club’ of philanthropists destined to save the world?… MORE >>

WA unveils nonprofit wine center

The Clore Wine Center is project of WA nonprofit, and aims to combine education and tastings to “tell the story of the state’s wine industry”.
“A long-awaited center that celebrates Washington’s wine industry opened quietly in Prosser earlier this year.… MORE >>

Bill and TED’s philanthropic adventure

Know who we haven’t heard much about this week? Bill Gates–so here’s a link about his TED talk, wherein he discussed the “joys of philanthropy”.
“His head may still favour coding and business first but his heart is clearly fixed on his future as a philanthropist.” — Jane Wakefield,… MORE >>

The un-lonely crowd

Another Silicon Valley vet starts another crowdfunding site, “Givelocity”; this one is based on user’s self-selected affinities and neighborhoods.
“Susan Cooney has worked in Silicon Valley tech since 1994, moving between early-stage startups like PayPal and LinkExchange, an early advertising venture Zappos founder Tony Hsieh founded.… MORE >>

“A philanthropic revolution”

Consider them “foundation lite”: A little history behind the donor-advised fund, “philanthropic delivery system of choice” for the new generation.
“You’ve probably never heard of donor-advised funds, but they are taking over the philanthropic world.… MORE >>

Innovation “isn’t dependent on Washington”

As you wait anxiously for PD’s take on last night’s Bill Gates Atlantic Exchange, you can read more at the journal itself here.
“Bill Gates is aware that there’s a lot of gridlock in Washington.… MORE >>

Growing pains

Desert festival Burning Man just went nonprofit, in its 28th year of existence; change has some worried, in spite of promises of increased financial transparency.
“Last week, the founders of Burning Man announced that after 3 years of planning and piles of paperwork, they successfully received 501(c)3 nonprofit status for their new umbrella entity Burning Man Project.… MORE >>

What about charity for Lent?

Columbus Dispatch… MORE >> looks at “Lenten generosity” as it profiles citizens who using the traditional time of sacrifice to give more to less fortunate.
“The project is one of many happening around central Ohio during Lent, the six-week period leading to Easter that started on Wednesday.

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