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Bitcoin now accepted by Barclays for charitable giving

For charitable giving, Bitcoin will now be accepted by Barclays, one of the UK’s major banks; this makes the first bank to accept the algorithmic currency.… MORE >>

The future value proposition for business: supply meaning

Companies that are able to give experiences and reach a spiritual dimension are supplying meaning to their millennial consumers, and here are some tips on how to do it.… MORE >>

Charity fraud most often comes from within

NY chief charities investigator says nonprofit fraud most commonly comes from inside; he gives common symptoms that fraud may infect a charity. “James G. Sheehan is not the man you want a phone call from—if you’re a charity, that is. … MORE >>

The Philanthropic Revolution: a revolt against charity

Jeremy Beer, our own associate publisher, is the author of The Philanthropic Revolution; it was recently published, and is reviewed by Fred Smith of Comment.… MORE >>

Christopher Lasch speaks to both liberals and conservatives

Social theorist Christopher Lasch’s argument for producers populism continues to provide answers  for concerns of Reps and Dems alike, Matthew Harwood argues.  “Over the course of his life and work, Lasch, who was the son of progressive parents and was himself initially drawn to Marxism, grew more culturally conservative as he grew more and more tired with American society’s tendency to equate the good life with mere consumption and consumer choice.… MORE >>

Top tech companies hiring classical degrees

As classical education makes a comeback across the country, newer businesses are acknowledging the indispensable benefits of hiring thinkers. “In less than two years Slack Technologies has become one of the most glistening of tech’s ten-digit “unicorn” startups, boasting 1.1 million users and a private market valuation of $2.8 billion.… MORE >>

Hospital sues estate for old pledge

Redken founder Paula Meehan pledged $5m to CA’s St John’s Hospital foundation, but later revoked gift; now hospital is suing her estate in hopes of getting the money.… MORE >>

Some 46th anniversary!

Smithsonian stoops to crowdfunding, using Kickstarter to raise $500,000 needed to preserve and exhibit Neil Armstrong’s space suit. “The Smithsonian has launched its first crowdfunding campaign, seeking to raise $500,000 on Kickstarter to preserve and once again exhibit the space suit Neil Armstrong wore while taking humankind’s first steps on the moon, reports CollectSpace, an online news service on space history.”– the Chronicle of PhilanthropyMORE >>

What happens to a plan derailed?

Oakland has been pushing for development that puts low-income families closer to BART– but nonprofit frittered away $400K and city may lose $8.5m state grant as a result.… MORE >>

When unreal seeing can make things real

Is virtual reality the next frontier in philanthropy? “Storytelling can actually increase empathy,” and there’s no doubt seeing can be believing. “Sometimes, all it takes to inspire more charitable giving is a visit to a place or person in need.… MORE >>

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