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School choice arose out of philanthrolocalism, not political partisanship

The historical story that school choice would not exist without the philanthropy of the Bradley Foundation is the common misinterpretation that places school choice in a partisan light.… MORE >>

Is philanthrocapitalism a boon to society?

A new book criticizes “philanthrocapitalism;” the big philanthropy that is meant to end poverty, but has done little to raise the income disparity. “It’s not easy to criticise philanthropy when the need for giving seems stronger than ever.… MORE >>

Vowing to do the most good and nothing but the most good

In this piece Effective Altruism demonstrates its extreme, tortured commitments almost like vows: an antithesis to religious vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. “The do-gooder, on the other hand, knows that there are crises everywhere, all the time, and he seeks them out.… MORE >>

When big philanthropy fails, who suffers?

A new book, “The Prize: Who’s in Charge of America’s Schools”, recounts a recent big philanthropy effort to reform schools in New Jersey, and what happens when they fail.… MORE >>

Mixing giving and festivity makes a joyful, charitable event

In Washington, one group brings together many charities for a giving fair; mixing many local charities into one event of giving, matching, competing, and festivities. “What’s your favorite charitable cause?… MORE >>

Poverty among minorities overshadows poverty among whites

Poverty is not limited to minorities; unfortunately most foundations and other charitable organizations overlook the statistics of caucasian poverty. “As philanthropy races to fight inequality, the country’s foundations and wealthy donors continue to overlook a major part of impoverished America: poverty among whites.… MORE >>

Bitcoin now accepted by Barclays for charitable giving

For charitable giving, Bitcoin will now be accepted by Barclays, one of the UK’s major banks; this makes the first bank to accept the algorithmic currency.… MORE >>

The future value proposition for business: supply meaning

Companies that are able to give experiences and reach a spiritual dimension are supplying meaning to their millennial consumers, and here are some tips on how to do it.… MORE >>

Charity fraud most often comes from within

NY chief charities investigator says nonprofit fraud most commonly comes from inside; he gives common symptoms that fraud may infect a charity. “James G. Sheehan is not the man you want a phone call from—if you’re a charity, that is. … MORE >>

The Philanthropic Revolution: a revolt against charity

Jeremy Beer, our own associate publisher, is the author of The Philanthropic Revolution; it was recently published, and is reviewed by Fred Smith of Comment.… MORE >>

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