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Cash is king

Report on UK giving shows cash is still king, with 66% of donation pie, versus 13% for online giving and 9% for text– but direct debit is gaining in popularity.… MORE >>

The science behind giving

Purely altruistic, impurely altruistic, and egoistic: Behavioral scientists use their research to divide donors into three categories (so far). “There are several questions that have fascinated behavioural scientists for decades: why do people ignore information that is right in front of us?… MORE >>

Petroleum pressure

Gates Foundation holds nearly $1.5 billion in fossil-fuel related stocks, so the Guardian has started a petition asking them to completely divest. “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had at least $1.4 billion invested in large oil, gas, and coal companies in 2013, The Guardian writes, citing an analysis of the charity’s most recent available tax return.… MORE >>

Unwieldy name, large mission

“ToyotaTogetherGreen by Audubon”: Inside Philanthropy wonders why automaker has partnered with Audubon Society and other conservation groups. “Like a number of automakers, Toyota’s philanthropy has been keenly attuned to STEM education in recent years, as we reported recently.… MORE >>

One take on grantmakers salary report

The good news is nonprofit sector has more female CEOs than any other; the bad news is men seem to be the ones entrusted with the “really big pots of money”.… MORE >>

(Not) putting money where your mouth is

Many of the UK’s largest charities benefit from direct payroll giving, but study shows “lower-than-average proportion” of their own staffs are participating. “A higher-than-average proportion of the UK’s biggest fundraising charities have set up payroll-giving schemes, but a lower-than-average proportion of their staff are participating in them, according to research by Third Sector.… MORE >>

Houston’s back!

Another week, another “million-dollar luncheon”: Fundraising has bounced back in Houston, in typically big Texan fashion. “It seems to be the week of seven-figure fundraising events with Neighborhood Centers joining the ranks with a non-profit rarity — the million dollar luncheon.… MORE >>

Manitoba wins

Manitoba is Canada’s most generous province, for the second year in a row; giving is up 0.7%, and over a quarter of them reported charitable donations.… MORE >>

“Aligned self-interest”

Results of Stanford researchers’ online survey indicate men are more likely to donate if the pitch appeals to their sense of self-interest. “When it comes to charitable donations (also known this time of year as deductions), do women or men hold the edge on generosity?… MORE >>

Annual top 50: what you should know

Chronicle of Philanthropy published its top 50 list; AP article breaks it down into 5 bullet points, like: how many are under-40 tech millionaires. “The Chronicle of Philanthropy in Washington released its annual list Sunday of the top 50 American donors to nonprofit organizations in 2014.… MORE >>

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