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Poll finds 2/3 of Americans have faith in charities

A new poll surveyed the opinions of the general public regarding charities and 2/3 of Americans are confident that charities do their jobs effectively and well.… MORE >>

Report raises concerns with colleges that restructure as nonprofits

A new report has looked into a few of the colleges that have restructured from for-profit to nonprofit status; the findings point to some not-for-profit shields.… MORE >>

Millennials use their vacation to donate time in service

A rising trend among millennials and their families is to spend their vacations volunteering and spending their hard earn vacations serving those in need. “Millennials are more generous with their time, money, and donations than any other generation, according to a recent study on travel and philanthropy.… MORE >>

Do raising taxes diminish giving? A new study says, “yes.”

The research from the American Legislative Exchange Council shows in a new study that when people are taxed more they give less, and, conversely, when taxes go down their giving goes up.… MORE >>

Men give from Mars and women from Venus

A new study shows that the differences between men and women extends to their choices as donors: good data for foundations to have in the back pocket.… MORE >>

Healthcare numbers are up but household incomes are down

While healthcare coverage has increased, the median household income has declined 6.5% since to 2007, landing at $53,700: Americans have more healthcare and less income. “A steadily growing job market and higher minimum-wage laws in pockets of the country failed to reduce the nation’s poverty rate last year or reverse the long-running trend of stagnating incomes for most American households.… MORE >>

AAMC reports giving to medical colleges up 8%

The American Association of Medical Colleges reports that giving to medical colleges increased by 8% in 2014, and the largest donations come from outside the medical community.… MORE >>

To tax or not to tax that is the endowment question

Private universities receive tax savings that out pace the subsidies publicly funded institutions receive by staggering proportions: is it time to tax those endowments? “The joke about Harvard is that it’s a hedge fund with a university attached to it,” Mark Schneider tells me.… MORE >>

Millennials remain interested in nonprofit sector and thrive with freedom in a framework

Millennials are willing to sacrifice high incomes for meaningful work, but the nonprofit will retain them if it gives them freedom within a framework. “The future is here — don’t get left behind.… MORE >>

Donor-advised funds, protects donors’ intentions through customized vehicle

As a vehicle for their charitable giving, donor-advised funds give both flexibility and protection to donors’ intent; their diversity is increasing their popularity. “What vehicle do young tech billionaires, retired farmers and kids too young for a driver’s license share?… MORE >>

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