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Robust in spite of Czech economy

Here’s an article on Czech charitable giving: It’s doubled in the last 10 years, majority of givers are lower and middle class, and retirees are generous.… MORE >>

Predictions of future philanthropy?

Study reveals popular kids are more generous, but only when others are looking; with or without an audience, less-popular kids are more consistent.
“Well-liked people behaving one way in public and another in private is a phenomenon that begins as early as age six, according to a new joint study out of George Mason University, Lund University and the University of Copenhagen.… MORE >>

Yes, but

Who’s more charitable, conservatives or liberals? Short answer is, neither; long answer, conservatives give more overall, but MIT is sure it’s because they’re richer.
“My Sunday column comparing private philanthropy and government social programs has revived the old debate over who is more charitably inclined, conservatives or liberals?… MORE >>

Recession rebound picks up

Chronicle… MORE >> notes “a strong stock market helped boost the assets last year” of nation’s largest foundations (but totals are still below pre-recession levels).
“Among 66 foundations that provided seven years of data, assets in 2013 were still 16.6 percent below the total $223.7-billion reported in 2007.

2013 giving for MN colleges

Jean Hopfensperger takes a look at MN’s slice of $33b pie that was charitable donations to higher education in 2013; Carleton College tops list at $28m.… MORE >>

Ranking 16 D.C. billionaires

The Washington Post… MORE >> looks at the giving records of its 16 local billionaires; David Rubenstein is an obvious first place, but how do the other 15 rank?

Spread good news, or else

Quid pro quo: Does Evergreen Foundation require media coverage of its grants as a condition of their final release? Apparently, yes.
“Quintin Ellison reports for the Sylva Herald that a local nonprofit organization claimed that without news coverage from the paper saying the group had received a grant from the Evergreen Foundation, the organization would not receive the grant.… MORE >>

British giving rebounds

Survey shows charitable giving in Great Britain rebounded last year from 2008′s recession levels, helped in part by lower rate of inflation.
“More than three-quarters of Britons are giving the same amounts to charity or more than they were before the economic downturn struck, in further signs that consumer confidence is improving, according to research.” — the Yorkshire Post… MORE >>

(Slight) decline makes for record low

Volunteerism rate in US at lowest since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking it — from 27.6% in 2002 to 25.4% in 2013.
“Last year, the percentage of people in America donating time to charity hit its lowest level since the government began tracking volunteerism.… MORE >>

Telemarketing for charity

Report from NY attorney general Schneiderman says telemarketers raised record $250m in 2013; claims nonprofits received only about 38% of it.
“While the person who calls you to ask for a charitable donation is probably representing a non-profit organization, that telemarketer may be employed by a for-profit fundraising company hired by the charity.… MORE >>

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