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Elephant in the room

An awkward conflict of interest inevitably arises when researching the politics of foundations, since so many of the researchers rely on foundation grants.  “It’s something so obvious that saying it out loud seems rude.… MORE >>

Political polarization reaches the small screen

We hear over and over again about the growing polarization in America. Pew reported a few years ago that partisanship has grown both more concentrated and more pointed since the mid-nineties—the number of voters expressing hard ideological stances has doubled while those same voters feel more and more unfavorable towards their counterparts on the other side.… MORE >>

China’s philanthropic void

Even though it has the world’s second largest population of billionaires, China ranks 144th out of 145 countries on CAF ‘s World Giving Index which measures the percentage of a population that engages in charitable giving and volunteer work, as well as how willing people are to help strangers.… MORE >>

Was 2015 really America’s most generous year ever?

Good news from the latest Giving USA’s report: in 2015 charitable donations in the United States amounted to $373.25 billion. That means Americans donated over $1 billion per day, on average.… MORE >>

Cultivating Resilience in Children

How paying kids to succeed doesn’t work, why good teachers make all the difference, and why parents need to have choices (through vouchers for some and charters for everyone).MORE >>

More turnout for charitable giving than for elections

Americans are more motivated to give to charity than they are to vote for president: perhaps they feel charity will make more of a notable difference.… MORE >>

Common Core fails to fulfill its goals

Common Core critics have claimed that the hegemonic curriculum will not serve US students, and will not deliver the touted results; a recent report confirms those claims.… MORE >>

LA County giving down about $1B per annum

A recent report shows that the charitable donations in LA county have declined since the Great Recession; giving dropped to $6B in 2013, $1B less than 2006.… MORE >>

Italian report shows that Medici’s still hold Florentine wealth

Some interesting results from the research of Italian economists, which, if accurate, shows Florence’s wealth remains in the same families as in the 1400’s. “New research from a pair of Italian economists documents an extraordinary fact: The wealthiest families in Florence today are descended from the wealthiest families of Florence nearly 600 years ago.… MORE >>

Detroit’s Grand Bargain serves as a model for other rust belt cities

The “Grand Bargain” which has pulled Detroit out of bankruptcy was a combination of efforts from the state, labor, and philanthropy; Howard Husock argues it is a model for other cities.… MORE >>

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