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Italian report shows that Medici’s still hold Florentine wealth

Some interesting results from the research of Italian economists, which, if accurate, shows Florence’s wealth remains in the same families as in the 1400’s. “New research from a pair of Italian economists documents an extraordinary fact: The wealthiest families in Florence today are descended from the wealthiest families of Florence nearly 600 years ago.… MORE >>

Detroit’s Grand Bargain serves as a model for other rust belt cities

The “Grand Bargain” which has pulled Detroit out of bankruptcy was a combination of efforts from the state, labor, and philanthropy; Howard Husock argues it is a model for other cities.… MORE >>

Of hospitals with highest profits, most are nonprofit hospitals

A new report out of Johns Hopkins found that the majority (7 out of 10) of the hospitals that bring in the most profit are the hospitals that claim nonprofit status. … MORE >>

The Green Revolution impacts the energy world as well

The relationship between The Green Revolution and energy has not, to date, received a penetrating study; John Perkins gives an outline of those areas where this Revolution has impacted energy.… MORE >>

How do donors shape the reports of the press they fund?

“Nonprofit journalism” does not refer to reporting on “All things Charitable”, but to nonprofit media outlets; what ethical implication does funding journalism in this model have for freedom of press?… MORE >>

Give the poor the means to get out of poverty, not just money

Poverty, according to a new study from the Brookings institute, could be solved simply by the world’s billionaires effectively taking the pledge; this simplistic answer won’t meet the needs of the poor.… MORE >>

Corporate social responsibility continues to grow, and should not be imposed

Corporate social responsibility continues to rise both nationally and internationally; India has a law that corporations give 2% of their revenue, but there is and should not be a similar law in the US.… MORE >>

Trump’s favor-filled philanthropy

The Republican front-runner’s charitable giving receives further scrutiny; John Cassidy summarizes the research into Trump’s flawed, favor-filled charitable past. “Donald Trump was in Albany on Monday night, speaking to another big crowd and complaining about how Ted Cruz was robbing him of delegates in places like Colorado and Louisiana.… MORE >>

Nonprofits attract employees from many companies

Many companies let their employees serve a year in nonprofits for a year and then return to their job; many of those who go to work in the nonprofit sector leave their company to work for the charity.… MORE >>

Charity seeks funding to find out more why people with autism die earlier

The findings of one charity point out that people with autism die earlier than others; two prominent causes of mortality are epilepsy and suicide. “Citing recent research carried out in Sweden, the charity Autistica described the problem as an ‘enormous hidden crisis’.… MORE >>

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