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Conversion experience

Back in October, for-profit Grand Canyon University announced it would become a nonprofit institution; the Arizona Republic follows up here. “GCU’s proposed switch appears unprecedented in the business world — a surprising, tantalizing option others might envy but few could follow.… MORE >>

Time to beef up the gift shop

Art museum report: Patrons don’t spend much per visit beyond admission fees; worse yet, museums themselves invest average of $53 per visitor. “A new report from the Association of Art Museum Directors compiled from a survey of its 236 members offers a sometimes surprising snapshot of the state of the museum ecosystem.… MORE >>

Half empty

“What recovery?” asks CBS’s MoneyWatch. They’re unhappily comparing 2014’s total $3.3 billion in top gifts to pre-recession 2007’s $4.1 billion. “The good news for charitable institutions is that huge donations continue to roll in.… MORE >>

Top 10 for 2014

Top 10 gifts in 2014 totaled $3.3 billion: One third of the year’s total was due to Ralph Wilson Jr’s bequest to his own foundation. “The mega-rich donated heavily in 2014, with the 10 largest single donations totaling $3.3 billion.… MORE >>

FL both number 3 and number 1

Census data shows FL muscling in to 3rd place, population-wise; does this partly explain the state’s 12.2% increase in charitable donations over 2013? “According to a new report Florida is outpacing the rest of the country this year for charitable donations.… MORE >>

Through the cracks

For Americans too poor for insurance and too rich for Medicaid, getting sick is catastrophic, especially when nonprofit hospitals garnish your wages to recoup inflated costs.… MORE >>

Mr. Kurtz c. 2014

I care more than you do: Trash-dwelling Burmese migrants are the casualties when various nonprofit organizations argue over turf. “When he came to Thailand seven years ago, [Fred] Stockwell’s community-based organization, Eyes to Burma, was the only one serving the roughly 400 migrant squatters settled on the mountain of trash.… MORE >>

Friday diversion

If you’d like to see how your state stacks up, the Providence Journal made an interactive U.S. map showing “giving rate” for middle class in every state.… MORE >>

Good news up north

In MN, “strong signs” that charitable giving has returned to “pre-recession levels”: 2014 is fourth year in a row that giving has grown. “Nonprofits take heart: There are strong signs, according to a statewide study released Thursday, that charitable giving across Minnesota is making a slow, steady climb to pre-recession levels.… MORE >>

The 48th state ranks 45th

Arizona ranks close to the bottom when it comes to charitable giving and volunteerism– but that’s partly because it’s poorer than other states. “It may be the season for people to give.… MORE >>

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