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Change of fortune

As his political clout has waned, and legal costs mount, NY rep Charles Rangel’s charitable contributions have declined — in some cases, over 95%.
“As his fund-raising power dwindled after the loss of his position on the tax-writing committee and his 2010 censure by the House of Representatives, the donations to community groups, churches and cultural organizations declined as well.… MORE >>

Walmart gave $25m in MI

Walmart gave $25 million in Michigan last year, if you include gifts in kind, like nearly 14 million pounds of food to state food banks.
“In Michigan, Walmart donated 13,567,417 pounds of food to local food banks—nearly 12 million meals in the last fiscal year.… MORE >>

I gave at the office

When it comes to charity, family businesses are consistently more generous than non-family ones, but sometimes that means family members don’t bother giving out of their own pockets.… MORE >>

“Wired charity”

Forbes has list of America’s top 10 cities for online giving; Microsoft hubs Seattle and Bellevue are obvious contenders, but Cincinnati might be less so.
“A new report by Blackbaud (the largest technology provider to nonprofits)  charts actual donations and reveals the cities where online giving is the hottest.… MORE >>

New Giving USA is out

Giving USA’s latest report is out; religious giving (-1.6%) is down, education is up (7.6%), corporate philanthropy slumped (-1.9%), and giving as a whole up 3%.… MORE >>

Passing the baton

Who might be the next philanthropic power couple out of Silicon Valley? Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and her husband, David Goldberg of Survey Monkey?
“Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg has zoomed to fame with Lean In, but she’s not the only tech heavyweight in the family.… MORE >>

Scrutiny time for Waltons

“Stingy kids” plus “tax break”: Walton family’s local paper sums up Forbes… MORE >>‘ recent look into their foundation, now taking heat for only giving 0.04% away.

Here it comes

According to Boston College report, the “greatest wealth transfer in history” is underway now; between 2007 and 2061, estimated $59 trillion will change hands.
“The greatest wealth transfer in history is underway, according to a new report.… MORE >>

Stuck in the middle

Business4Better report concludes midsized companies are still figuring out corporate philanthropy: They’re good at giving locally but struggle to harness employee potential.
“Mid-sized companies, which represent about one-fourth of American businesses, are actively engaged in corporate philanthropy, largely with local charities.… MORE >>

Unquenchable thirst for Kochs

Apparently some people can’t get enough of exposes on the Koch brothers; along with a new book, not one but two documentaries are being released.
Koch Brothers Exposed is being released right before Citizen Koch… MORE >>, a Kickstarter documentary by two frequent collaborators of Michael Moore.

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