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U.S. cities ranked according to the seven deadly sins, just in time for Lent

The real estate website Trulia has published a guide for saints and sinners to U.S. cities; just in time for Lent, they categorize the data and rank the cities based on the seven deadly sins. … MORE >>

Catholics and Muslims are similarly motivated to charity by their differing religious beliefs

A person often gives for reasons of faith in God, and the tenets of their faith undergird their rationale for charity; these authors compare the Catholic and Muslim reasons to give.… MORE >>

Relationship fundraising continues to build bonds between donor and charity

Ken Burnett’s classic Relationship Fundraising continues to be vetted and found beneficial to charities; a new report offers some further nuances to a tried and true approach.… MORE >>

2015 was a record year for charitable giving to universities

2015 was a record year for charitable giving to universities with the totals around $40B; the disproportionate percentage of giving shows 50% of the giving going to 2% of universities.… MORE >>

Educational philanthropy expected to grow through 2018

According to a recent report from the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University,  educational philanthropy is expected to grow over the next two years. … MORE >>

New tech “hacker” philanthropists give earlier in life to uncritical accolades

The young, “hacker” philanthropists are praised, with little criticism, for donating their billion dollars in philanthropy earlier in their life, sometimes ignoring the lessons of history.… MORE >>

40 leaders under 40 in the philanthropy world

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has issued a special report on 40 major movers and shakers in the philanthropic world that are under the age of 40.… MORE >>

Millennials interested in social responsibility not the arts

Millennials have the potential to be one of the most significant philanthropic generations, but at the bottom of the millennial giving list are arts and cultural institutions.… MORE >>

ISIS threatens and infiltrates UK muslim charities

A new report from the UK Charity Commission shares troubling numbers that demonstrate that muslim charity groups in the UK are in danger of being targeted, even infiltrated by ISIS.… MORE >>

Increased presence of millennials in workforce increases corporate social responsibility

As millennials increase their presence in the workforce, the expectation of corporate social responsibility rises, according to the new America’s Charities report. “In the past three years, America’s Charities has been releasing the country’s most incisive and comprehensive series of reports on trends in employee volunteering and giving.… MORE >>

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