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What a nutshell

Charitable-giving sex divide: Canadian study says men “just want to write a check and move on,” whereas women prefer to build relationship with an organization. “Canadian women have different motivations and strategies for charitable giving than men do, according to a research paper by Investor Economics and TD.… MORE >>

U.S. barely cracks top 10

When it comes to percentage of the population who gives to charity, U.S. ranks 9th; 68% of Americans gave this year, compared to Myanmar’s 91%. “The United States climbed into the top 10 on an annual ranking of the countries with the most charitable people but still lags behind smaller and poorer nations like Myanmar, Malta, and Thailand.… MORE >>

Good news up north

Bank of Montreal poll shows charitable giving in Canada is up 8 percent from last year (albeit based on self-reported data). “A new poll says charitable giving by Canadians remains on the rise and is expected to increase yet again next year.… MORE >>

MI county sees 12% increase

MI’s Kent County– home to Grand Rapids — registered 12% increase in charitable giving over one year, with “bulk of the increase” in foundation money. “Charitable giving in Kent County jumped 12 percent in 2012, an increase that experts attributed to an improving economy, according to a new report by Grand Valley State University’s Johnson Center for Philanthropy.… MORE >>

“A geographic shift”

The London Independent buries lede: Real revelation is perceived “geographic shift,” and that British are getting “prouder to say they do [philanthropy]”. “The Philanthropy Workshop, founded in 2000, trains 24 people each year.… MORE >>

Give, for health

Study suggests charity is not only good for the spirit, but good for the body– impacting high blood pressure, lung disease, and arthritis in particular. “Ingredients for a healthier body are less pizza takeout, kale smoothies, a regular gym routine, going to bed early and — giving to charity.… MORE >>

Parsing the data

Making lemonade out of Chronicle report’s lemons: These graphs purporting to show blue states are as charitable as red speak for themselves. “When the Chronicle of Philanthropy released an analysis of charitable giving in America earlier this month, it included one surprisingly consistent finding: Red states contributed the most.… MORE >>

Headline speaks for itself

“Nonprofits Worth $887.3 Billion To U.S. Economy”: Nonprofit Times notes there are now approximately 1.44 m nonprofits, an increase of 8.6% in 10 years. “The tax-exempt sector in the United States represented 5.4 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) during 2012, contributing $887.3 billion to the economy.… MORE >>

When $33K lands you on “highest paid” list

Are you wondering who the highest-paid nonproft executives in Central Florida are? Here’s a 22-person list, and salaries range from $33K to $370K. “Central Florida has a number of nonprofit organizations that serve the communities in which they’re located in numerous ways.… MORE >>

2014’s Philanthropy 400

The leaves are changing, the air is brisk, and it’s time for the Chronicle’s Philanthropy 400; this year’s study shows harbingers of a “shake up in the nonprofit world”.… MORE >>
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