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Pure click bait

(Or maybe “chick bait”?) Researchers in Britain claim men are more likely to give to charity when an attractive woman is face of campaign– and another man has donated first.… MORE >>

Another round

Study shows government doesn’t necessarily “cannibalize” philanthropy when accompanied by strong community and sense of duty– and there’s a handy chart to illustrate. “I recently found a chart that I think at least complicates the idea that government necessarily cannibalizes philanthropy.… MORE >>

Chicago study finds Chicagoans above average

Chicago community trust commissioned study which concluded Chicagoans are more generous than U.S. average (and launched affiliated website, givinginchicago). “A study commissioned by the Chicago Community Trust, our region’s community foundation, and just released by Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy shows that Chicagoans are, indeed, more philanthropic than the national average.” — Terry Mazany, Crain’s Chicago… MORE >>

Cash is king

Report on UK giving shows cash is still king, with 66% of donation pie, versus 13% for online giving and 9% for text– but direct debit is gaining in popularity.… MORE >>

The science behind giving

Purely altruistic, impurely altruistic, and egoistic: Behavioral scientists use their research to divide donors into three categories (so far). “There are several questions that have fascinated behavioural scientists for decades: why do people ignore information that is right in front of us?… MORE >>

Petroleum pressure

Gates Foundation holds nearly $1.5 billion in fossil-fuel related stocks, so the Guardian has started a petition asking them to completely divest. “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had at least $1.4 billion invested in large oil, gas, and coal companies in 2013, The Guardian writes, citing an analysis of the charity’s most recent available tax return.… MORE >>

Unwieldy name, large mission

“ToyotaTogetherGreen by Audubon”: Inside Philanthropy wonders why automaker has partnered with Audubon Society and other conservation groups. “Like a number of automakers, Toyota’s philanthropy has been keenly attuned to STEM education in recent years, as we reported recently.… MORE >>

One take on grantmakers salary report

The good news is nonprofit sector has more female CEOs than any other; the bad news is men seem to be the ones entrusted with the “really big pots of money”.… MORE >>

(Not) putting money where your mouth is

Many of the UK’s largest charities benefit from direct payroll giving, but study shows “lower-than-average proportion” of their own staffs are participating. “A higher-than-average proportion of the UK’s biggest fundraising charities have set up payroll-giving schemes, but a lower-than-average proportion of their staff are participating in them, according to research by Third Sector.… MORE >>

Houston’s back!

Another week, another “million-dollar luncheon”: Fundraising has bounced back in Houston, in typically big Texan fashion. “It seems to be the week of seven-figure fundraising events with Neighborhood Centers joining the ranks with a non-profit rarity — the million dollar luncheon.… MORE >>

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