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Donor-advised funds, protects donors’ intentions through customized vehicle

As a vehicle for their charitable giving, donor-advised funds give both flexibility and protection to donors’ intent; their diversity is increasing their popularity. “What vehicle do young tech billionaires, retired farmers and kids too young for a driver’s license share?… MORE >>

10 tech-companies that attract millennial talent with increased giving

Millennials want their job to make a difference, and companies are listening; here is a list of 10 tech companies that are increasing their charitable activity.… MORE >>

Would selling the Vatican feed the world?

This infographic on what the Catholic Church spends on salaries and good works serves as a timely reminder of what churches do with their tax exemption status.… MORE >>

Performing charity around the world, two groups use Bitcoin

In order to perform unencumbered charity across the globe through avoiding fees and speedy access to developing economies, two groups are using Bitcoin. “When it comes to reasons for using Bitcoin, consumers in countries with developed economies — where credit cards, PayPal and other payment systems function quite well — don’t have many.… MORE >>

Board directors lack vision, need clear roles, responsibility and review

Nonprofits boards of directors have common flaws and dysfunctions; the problems are analyzed with some proposed solutions offered by Stanford researchers. “A new survey supports a long-held hypothesis that many nonprofit boards are ineffective, say Stanford GSB researchers.… MORE >>

Summary of changes to MI nonprofit law

Michigan’s recent amendments to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act will increase the limited liability protections, among other changes. “As you may have heard, Michigan recently enacted significant amendments to the Michigan Nonprofit Corporation Act (the “Act”).… MORE >>

Western PA nonprofits make up 11% of workforce

Nonprofits employ more than ten percent of employees in western Pennsylvania; study reflects the growing economic impact of nonprofits. “Allegheny County’s community nonprofits pay $1.8 billion in annual wages to more than 75,000 employees, representing almost 11 percent of the workforce countywide, a study obtained by the Tribune-Review found. … MORE >>

Nonprofit and for-profit hospitals give away the same

California nonprofit and for-profit hospitals give away roughly the same amount of healthcare in their charity care, a new report shows. “A new report on California uncompensated care has found there’s very little difference between what for-profit and nonprofit healthcare providers are giving away in care, despite the expectation that nonprofits should be more charitable than their for-profit competitors.… MORE >>

Midyear report shows charitable giving up 8%

The 2015 Mid Year Report on US Charitable Giving shows that one major factor is the rise of new, focused, niche nonprofits. “2015 first half U.S.… MORE >>

Peer invitation motivates millennial giving

Millennial employees are more likely give to charities and volunteer time when their peers and direct supervisors invite them to join. “If you care about Millennial recruitment – which you should if you care about the future of your company – you need to understand how to make these socially conscious employees feel connected to the greater purpose of your company.… MORE >>

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