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Hunger in America has risen since the Great Recession

When feeding the hungry is discussed third world countries most often arise as the location of the crises, but the United States has seen a rise in hunger problems since the recession.… MORE >>

New report and real-time updates bring more clarity to disaster philanthropy

As unpredictable as large scale disasters are, so are large scale charitable responses difficult to track, but a recent report aims to address that difficulty with interactive real-time updates.… MORE >>

Charitable grants from Donor-advised funds up 27% in 2014

The National Philanthropic Trust’s report on Donor-advised funds shows a 27% increase in the charitable grants, totaling $12.5B for 2014. “Gifts to charity from donor-advised funds grew 27 percent in 2014 to reach $12.5 billion, as assets in fund accounts reached an all-time high, according to a study released today.… MORE >>

New survey shows international giving has risen, while in the US has dropped slightly

An international survey finds that international giving as a whole has risen, but has slightly declined in the US; only 5 of the G20 countries were on the top 20 most generous nations.… MORE >>

When a donor flubs on a pledge when can a charity legally enforce the gift?

Below are some legal considerations on the relationship created when a donor pledges to a charity, and what the charity can or cannot do when a donor flubs on their pledge.… MORE >>

Study shows: cultivate existing donors and invest in the education of staff

A new study shows that cultivating existing large donors has better results than pursuing new ones, and a major key to increased revenue is to invest in educational opportunities for staff.… MORE >>

100 largest US charities continued to grow through 2014

Large charities continue to grow, according to the 27th annual study of the largest US charities; total revenue for the 100 largest charities totaled over $75B.… MORE >>

Philanthropy 400 shows donor-advised funds grow, while large charities lag

The Chronicle of Philanthropy‘s “Philanthropy 400” survey shows growing trends for donor-advised funds, as well as declining trends for large charities; this is the 25th year of the survey.… MORE >>

We need a functional definition of philanthropy

Stanley Katz argues that the common law manner in which philanthropy operates has outgrown its functionality; we are in need of a national definition of philanthropy.… MORE >>

Millennials like to incorporate giving into normal daily routine

Millennials are not giving through mailers and checkbooks, but there will always be a need for human interaction, and millennials like to incorporate giving into their normal daily routine.… MORE >>

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