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Houston’s back!

Another week, another “million-dollar luncheon”: Fundraising has bounced back in Houston, in typically big Texan fashion. “It seems to be the week of seven-figure fundraising events with Neighborhood Centers joining the ranks with a non-profit rarity — the million dollar luncheon.… MORE >>

Manitoba wins

Manitoba is Canada’s most generous province, for the second year in a row; giving is up 0.7%, and over a quarter of them reported charitable donations.… MORE >>

“Aligned self-interest”

Results of Stanford researchers’ online survey indicate men are more likely to donate if the pitch appeals to their sense of self-interest. “When it comes to charitable donations (also known this time of year as deductions), do women or men hold the edge on generosity?… MORE >>

Annual top 50: what you should know

Chronicle of Philanthropy published its top 50 list; AP article breaks it down into 5 bullet points, like: how many are under-40 tech millionaires. “The Chronicle of Philanthropy in Washington released its annual list Sunday of the top 50 American donors to nonprofit organizations in 2014.… MORE >>

Are we successful?

JPMorgan Chase wonders if their corporate philanthropy is having an effect, so they gave $10 million to Urban Institute to figure it out for them. “JPMorgan Chase & Company is spending $10-million to answer a big question: Is its corporate giving making a difference?… MORE >>

$212 million given via PayPal

This past December, PayPal processed $212 million in donations, nearly 50% more than December 2013, boosted in part by its “Give Cheer” campaign. “PayPal processed $212-million in charitable donations during December 2014, including $8.6-million raised through its Give Cheer campaign, the online payment-processing company reported.” — Rebecca Koenig, the Chronicle of PhilanthropyMORE >>

“Beyond reasonable”?

Too perky? Boston Globe reporters examine perks that accrue to many of the CEOs who run nonprofit arts and cultural institutions in their city. “They are not only well-paid, but many receive an array of generous perks — housing allowances, home loans, club dues, and free travel for spouses.… MORE >>

Mom was right

Better to give than receive: Economics professor finds donating makes people feel better, and possible link between tax exemptions and perception of health. “Is it really better to give than receive?… MORE >>

Higher education sets record

Council for Aid to Education survey shows charitable giving to colleges at historic high; up nearly 11% since last year, to $37.5 billion. “Charitable giving to U.S.… MORE >>

Conversion experience

Back in October, for-profit Grand Canyon University announced it would become a nonprofit institution; the Arizona Republic follows up here. “GCU’s proposed switch appears unprecedented in the business world — a surprising, tantalizing option others might envy but few could follow.… MORE >>

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