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Losing the youth

Maybe it’s too small a sample to know for sure, but poll shows charitable giving in Northern Ireland is down 17% so far this year over last.… MORE >>

“Astonishing” compensation

Group of Harvard alumni protest salary hikes of university’s endowment managers– whose compensation packages have increased 48% in 3 years.
“A group of Harvard graduates has sent a letter to university President Drew Faust criticizing a huge jump in compensation for managers of the institution’s investment portfolio, Bloomberg reports.… MORE >>

The “exponential growth” of crowdfunding

In the Dallas area, causes ranging from nonprofit Cafe Momentum to North TX Giving Day are registering the growth wrought by crowdfunding.
“Through Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns, the nonprofit sector is increasingly raising small amounts of money online from many people.… MORE >>

Oil enriches AK indirectly too

Majority of charitable dollars in Alaska come from corporate giving, not oil dividend checks: 15 percent, compared to national average of 5.
“We don’t usually talk much about charitable giving during the summer.… MORE >>

A perpetual Jerry Lewis telethon

Hollywood Reporter… MORE >> on how Edward Norton and Shauna Robinson started CrowdRise, and changed the way Tinsel Town approaches giving.
“[Shauna R]obertson and her then-boyfriend, now-husband, Edward Norton, launched CrowdRise — an innovative for-profit website that uses crowdsourcing to drive charitable fundraising — with two of her childhood friends, brothers Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe.

The suspense may kill you

Inside Philanthropy promises “you’ll never guess who got the top spot” on their list of the 18 most generous Wall St. philanthropists.
“America has been living through a Second Gilded Age, and some of today’s biggest fortunes have emerged from finance, where hedge fund managers and private equity titans score paydays that boggle the mind.… MORE >>

Their soft, nougat-y center

When it comes to giving away their $60 billion, Inside Philanthropy finds Mars family appears to have a soft, nougat-y center for wildlife and conservation.
“We’ve been doing some digging on Mars heirs Jacqueline, Forrest, and John Mars.… MORE >>

A “mysterious paper tide”

Canadian widow is hospitable and generous, but reports her patience (and memory) being tested by charitable solicitation laws that require opt out.
“In the last two months alone, 51 different non-profits have sent Angela letters soliciting donations.… MORE >>

Change of fortune

As his political clout has waned, and legal costs mount, NY rep Charles Rangel’s charitable contributions have declined — in some cases, over 95%.
“As his fund-raising power dwindled after the loss of his position on the tax-writing committee and his 2010 censure by the House of Representatives, the donations to community groups, churches and cultural organizations declined as well.… MORE >>

Walmart gave $25m in MI

Walmart gave $25 million in Michigan last year, if you include gifts in kind, like nearly 14 million pounds of food to state food banks.
“In Michigan, Walmart donated 13,567,417 pounds of food to local food banks—nearly 12 million meals in the last fiscal year.… MORE >>

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