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2014’s Philanthropy 400

The leaves are changing, the air is brisk, and it’s time for the Chronicle’s Philanthropy 400; this year’s study shows harbingers of a “shake up in the nonprofit world”.… MORE >>

Lackluster response

What’s been the public response to charity solicitations for fighting Ebola? Less than robust, say experts, who aren’t sure if confusion or fear is to blame.… MORE >>

Christian giving in an age of affluence

Annual Empty Tomb report on Christian giving is out: Author says one way to reverse declining rates is for pastors to address charity from the pulpits.… MORE >>

Keeping up with the Joneses

The recently released Chronicle report on U.S. giving has a new interactive feature where you can type in a zip code and see how charitable its residents are.… MORE >>

Phaltering philanthropy

Everyone’s talking about state rankings in Chronicle report, but how about the cities: Philadelphians are worried, noticing they’ve taken second-biggest dip. “Among the nation’s 50 biggest cities, Philadelphia had the second-biggest drop in charitable giving from 2006 to 2012, according to a new report from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.… MORE >>

Take that, NY and CA

Numbers have been tallied, and America’s most charitable states are not the richest: Top five are Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. “An analysis from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, which uses data on tax returns, found that Utah was the most charitable state in 2012, as measured by giving as a percentage of adjusted gross income.… MORE >>

Why so reluctant, India?

Why are India’s billionaires “so bad at charity”? One explanation: Study suggests that heirs are less likely to be charitable than the self-made. “Ever wondered why Indian billionaires are so bad at charity?… MORE >>

Things are looking up

Charitable deduction total for 2012 is nearly back to 2007’s pre-recession level; even still, the future may look different than the past. “The Internal Revenue Service recently reported on the amount of income tax deductions U.S.… MORE >>

AZ nonprofits contend with high demand

AZ still suffering fallout from ’08 recession — like higher than average unemployment– and state nonprofits say there’s still great demand for services. “The U.S. economy has picked up steam in recent months, with the country finally recouping all the jobs lost in the Great Recession and the nation’s poverty rate dropping for the first time since before the downturn began.… MORE >>

When sex doesn’t sell

Why do “sexualized images of women” make men less charitable? In a nutshell, they cause disconnectedness and a detachment from others. “For decades, women’s advocates have argued that sexualized advertisements of women harm women’s self-esteem and increase gender disparities.… MORE >>
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