Kara Beer

Kara Beer

Kara Beer has worked as a development officer, grant writer, manager, and editor in the nonprofit sector for over fifteen years. She is the former managing editor of Modern Age, and the former development department manager at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.


  • When is a yacht not a yacht?

    Millionaire upgrades his boat for $34 million and wonders if the money he pumps into local economy is a form of philanthropy, and more direct to boot.… MORE >>

  • Ohio pride

    OH is birthplace of presidents, LeBron James, and the community foundation: Cleveland columnist reminds his neighbors of their philanthropic patrimony.… MORE >>

  • “Quiet and prone to generosity”

    Pat Bowlen, owner of Denver Broncos, is stepping down due to Alzheimer’s; during career, he directed over $25 million to community from foundation.… MORE >>

  • An Oakland divided

    With a minimum-wage hike looming, Oakland, CA, nonprofits are torn between supporting a living wage and being able to afford to pay one to their workers.… MORE >>

  • “Doing righteousness”

    Don’t put off until tomorrow the charitable giving you could be doing today: First Things review of Righteous Giving to the Poor… MORE >>, which harks to the rabbinic tradition.

  • An appreciation of William Schambra

    On the occasion of “Bradley Week” and the annual Bradley Prizes and Symposium, Adam Keiper offers a great tribute to William Schambra over at NRO.… MORE >>

  • Shower on the go

    Showering on the go: San Francisco nonprofit rolls out Lava Mae, a bus with toilets and showers, where the homeless can go to clean up.… MORE >>

  • $650 million for psychiatric research

    Ted Stanley’s $650 million gift to Broad Institute for psychiatric research was born out of concern for his son, counts as historic gift to neglected arena.… MORE >>

  • Private-public tension in Italy

    As $34-million-restoration of Colosseum nears completion, Italy is still not entirely comfortable with private aid for public treasures.… MORE >>

  • A neighborhood “cornerstone”

    Davenport, IA, nonprofit receives bank’s donation of foreclosure– a historic 1860′s house built by Civil War vet– in the hopes they can put it to community use.… MORE >>

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