Kara Beer

Kara Beer


Kara Beer is managing editor of Philanthropy Daily. She has worked as a development officer, grant writer, manager, and editor in the nonprofit sector for over fifteen years. She is the former managing editor of Modern Age, and the former development department manager at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

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  • Ungrateful uncle gains inheritance

    Peter Petrasek found sanctuary in the US after fleeing then-Czechoslovakia; lifelong gratitude resulted in his $850K estate being bequeathed to the federal government. “Americans often go to great lengths to keep the government off their assets. But last month, as Peter and Joan Petrasek had wished in their wills, a cashier’s check for $847,215.57 was […]

  • MN man gives back to “second home”

    “I’ve got all I need. I enjoy helping people”: MN businessman Lloyd Paulson gave $1m each to two SD nonprofits, after another recent $1m gift to local aquatics center. “A 90-year-old Minnesota man who has donated $1 million each to a state park and a nonprofit family service in western South Dakota says philanthropy is […]

  • Canada’s Brian Mulroney on philanthropy

    Former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney talks to Maclean’s about the Horatio Alger Association and growing role of philanthropy up north. “For a veteran of many of Canada’s most bruising political battles, Brian Mulroney was low-key and thoughtful when he met Maclean’s in Montreal. The former prime minister was eager to talk about his work […]

  • Case Foundation’s “Be Fearless” philosophy

    Make big bets, experiment often: Jean Case of the Case Foundation recently addressed USC philanthropy luncheon about her approach to giving. “At a USC Center on Philanthropy and Public Policy luncheon, Case Foundation CEO Jean Case shared her commitment to risk taking in philanthropy as a driver of social change, as well as the foundation’s […]

  • The seediness of the scam

    The Atlantic has a story about 4 related cancer nonprofits who collectively used $187m in donations to “pay for posh jobs, jet-ski trips, and other luxury goods”. “In 1984, the American Cancer Society forced James Reynolds out of a job. He had led the respected organization’s Knox County, Tennessee, office, but ACS accused him of […]

  • “He always asks not to be named”

    Indiana PBS station will air documentary about local businessman and philanthropist Art Decio, whose success in manufactured housing allowed him to give back. “It took several tries before Art Decio agreed to be a part of it, but an upcoming documentary will look at the local business leader’s life and philanthropy in Elkhart…. The program begins […]

  • Cart before the horse (or car, in this case)

    Quebec judge refused to hear case of woman who wouldn’t remove her hijab; now a crowdfunding effort on her behalf illustrates the “mixed blessing of flash philanthropy”. “This is not the Canadian way….,’ wrote Nouman Ahmad of Toronto and Rayan Rafay of Vancouver, organizers of the ‘Buy a car for Rania El-Alloul’ campaign on the […]

  • Keeping green in Green Mountain State

    At a press conference last week, VT governor Peter Shumlin urged lawmakers to find budget cuts elsewhere and leave the state’s charitable deduction alone. “Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin is not happy with a tax plan in the Vermont Legislature he says will limit charitable giving. He spoke out against the plan, currently under compromise negotiations, […]

  • Compensation raises flag in AL

    A 35-year-old AL housing nonprofit recently got a much higher profile when commissioners noticed top two execs make combined salary of $900K. “Looking into safety issues at a public housing development for elderly tenants in Tarrant, Jefferson County commissioners say they discovered an agency that they knew very little about: Navigate Affordable Housing Partners, Inc. […]

  • Anti-wind nonprofit stirs up controversy

    After battling wind farm for years, founders of Friends of ME’s Mountains agreed to end legal battle in return for settlement–and removed board members who objected. “It was January 2014, and [Rand Stowell and Chris O’Neil] – the driving forces behind the nonprofit wind opposition group Friends of Maine’s Mountains – had been fighting a […]

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