Kara Beer

Kara Beer

Kara Beer has worked as a development officer, grant writer, manager, and editor in the nonprofit sector for over fifteen years. She is the former managing editor of Modern Age, and the former development department manager at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.


  • Hit by thieves twice in one week

    Seattle nonprofit workshop that refurbishes bikes for underprivileged kids was robbed twice in one week; locals react with cash and in-kind donations.… MORE >>

  • Bill Gates: Salesman

    It looks like Bill Gates’s trip to India worked: Billionaire Anil Agarwal was persuaded to join the Giving Pledge after meeting with him.… MORE >>

  • Pets for Patriots now in WV

    WV county gets its own chapter of Pets for Patriots, pairing homeless pets with veterans, and possibly mitigating effects of PTSD in the process.… MORE >>

  • Saving school libraries in Philly

    West Philadelphia nonprofit is “reviving the school library” in district with budgetary issues; so far, with help of donations and volunteers, they’ve reopened 17.… MORE >>

  • MS closes, as job is done

    Founder of MS nonprofit for those who lost loved ones to murder says victim advocacy has made huge strides in 27 years, and she can close her doors.… MORE >>

  • “Fuel for philanthropy”

    With everyone from Harvard’s endowment fund to the Rockefeller Foundation divesting, some are asking: Is fossil fuel “too dirty” for charity now?… MORE >>

  • Canadian company gives away $8m

    Canadian company Telus has pledged $8 million in gifts this year to British Columbia charities ranging from prison programs to education groups.… MORE >>

  • Things are looking up

    Charitable deduction total for 2012 is nearly back to 2007′s pre-recession level; even still, the future may look different than the past.… MORE >>

  • BFFs

    When state says no, turn to Philadelphia School Partnership: The Great School Fund is seen by some as a solution to city’s ailing school system.… MORE >>

  • Ethics complaint against MN Democrat

    MN Republicans register ethics complaint against Democrat senator who they claim benefited from relationship with nonprofit –to the tune of $800K.… MORE >>

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