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Kara Beer


Kara Beer is managing editor of Philanthropy Daily. She has worked as a development officer, grant writer, manager, and editor in the nonprofit sector for over fifteen years. She is the former managing editor of Modern Age, and the former development department manager at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

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  • Is venture philanthropy too risky?

    Risk v. reward: Washington Post asks if it’s worth it when nonprofits (especially research-focused ones) “act like venture capitalists”. “The pioneering success of Beall and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the practice of ‘venture philanthropy’ is prompting a growing number of nonprofit groups to explore whether they, too, might be able to benefit their patients, […]

  • Free flowers in NE for vets

    If you are a vet living in NE, gardening over this long weekend, head over to Benson Plant Rescue, where they’re giving flowers away to thank you. “The Benson Plant Rescue is thanking veterans, active duty military and emergency personnel this weekend by giving away free flowers.” — Natasha Rausch, the Omaha World-Herald

  • South Carolina nonprofits petition state

    SC nonprofits united in statement, joining chorus of those asking state legislature to take down the Confederate battle flag already. “Following the aftermath of the shooting where nine people were killed during Bible study in a historic African-American church in Charleston, the state’s largest consortium of nonprofit leaders and organizations joins the growing list of […]

  • On Donna Karan’s recent announcement

    WaPo columnist Robin Givhan talked to NPR about fashion designer Donna Karan’s recent announcement that she’s stepping down from business for philanthropy. “[Donna] Karan has announced she’s stepping away from her labels, Donna Karan New York and DKNY. While the DKNY brand will continue, the flagship label will be suspended. Givhan says that’s likely to […]

  • New columnist in Dallas

    Paper of record in city of generous givers gets new philanthropy columnist: Holly Haber is starting July 13 at Dallas Morning News. “Starting July 13, the Dallas Morning News philanthropy column will be written by longtime Dallas journalist Holly Haber. ‘I greatly respect and admire the tireless dedication, ingenuity and largesse of Dallas’ innumerable nonprofit […]

  • Strong indicator

    How to tell a presidential election is nearing: Candidates’ charitable contributions, or lack thereof, are scrutinized– and Jeb Bush is no exception. “Former Florida governor Jeb Bush just dropped 33 years of tax returns on his campaign Web site, the sort of mega data dump that he’s tried to make a hallmark of his campaign. […]

  • Echoes of future giggles

    Philadelphia nonprofit Access Matters plans on launching “sex education app” this fall; wants to “meet youth where they are–on their phones”. “Rates of HIV and STDs among teenagers have gotten worse within recent years in Philadelphia. Condom use among teens also has declined. A Philadelphia nonprofit is designing a new tool to help change those […]

  • Stingier than CPAs?

    Law firms saw revenues north of $100 billion last year, so the New York Times wants to know why they are only donating 1/10th of 1 percent to legal aid services. “While major law firms are enjoying record revenues — more than $100 billion last year — they are donating only a tenth of 1 […]

  • Duo embezzled $100K

    Way to punch Detroit in the face: High school principal conspired with nonprofit head to siphon education funds meant for at-risk kids. “The principal of Western International High School and the head of a nonprofit agency have been charged with stealing money that was supposed to be used to serve at-risk students.” — Ann Zaniewski, […]

  • Thiel asks some big questions

    Maybe because he’s a philosophy major, Peter Thiel asks big questions about higher education, like “What is the nature of educational good?”–recently, at Aspen. “Tech investor Peter Thiel, who founded PayPal, told an Aspen Ideas Festival crowd Wednesday that while highly regarded institutions of higher education claim to benefit society as a whole, the ultimate […]

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