Kara Beer

Kara Beer

Kara Beer has worked as a development officer, grant writer, manager, and editor in the nonprofit sector for over fifteen years. She is the former managing editor of Modern Age, and the former development department manager at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

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  • From tagger to entrepreneur

    Giving them “a different channel for their creativity”: CA nonprofit Streetcraft LA is helping taggers take their graffiti from vandalism to art. “Bobby Rodriguez started tagging when he was 13, spray painting illegal graffiti art from San Pedro to San Bernardino. Life in that world led to other illicit activity and several arrests…. Today, at […]

  • High (and mighty) court decision

    Are you a CA judge who participates in Boy Scouts of America? Not anymore, as state’s Supreme Court unanimously, self-righteously imposes ban. “When the California Supreme Court voted last week to prohibit state judges from belonging to nonprofit youth organizations that practice discrimination, Julia Kelety was not surprised. The issue, which had been roiling through […]

  • Obama’s surprise

    Howard Husock notes one “surprise” of the State of the Union was that Obama offered a “modest concession” on charitable giving tax. “What might well be called President Obama’s State of the Union soak-the-rich tax proposal included a surprising exception:  a significant increase in potential capital gains taxes on the sale of inherited assets would […]

  • (Skip to the 3rd or 4th paragraph)

    Mellon Foundation gave $840K to Yale press for new online portal to make archival art and documents more readily accessible for everyone. “From an academic standpoint, researchers may attempt to access important archival material, but they must pay an exorbitant amount to do so. The Yale University press hopes to solve this problem thanks to […]

  • A novel scam

    Thieves posed as nonprofit group and worked concession stands during TX sporting events; police estimate they made off with $30,000. “Police in Austin and San Antonio are working together to track down a group of thieves suspected of stealing thousands of dollars during sporting events in Austin and San Antonio. According to police, the group […]

  • Their “big bet for the future”

    As Gates Foundation turns 15, their annual letter lays out goals– and predicts advancements in developing countries will snowball by 2030. “The nonprofit Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is celebrating its 15th anniversary by making big bets on key breakthroughs by 2030, such as forecasting the eradication of diseases including polio, improving innovation in farming […]

  • Better than nothing

    IRS releases new guidelines designed to help patients targeted by the “aggressive debt collection” practices of some nonprofit hospitals. “Last month, ProPublica and NPR detailed how one nonprofit hospital in Missouri sued thousands of lower income workers who couldn’t pay their bills, then seized their wages, all while enjoying a big break on its taxes. […]

  • Philadelphia Catholics set record target

    Philadelphia’s Catholics are preparing for September’s papal visit by setting goal to raise record $10 million in annual appeal. “With Pope Francis coming in September to Philadelphia, 2015 looks to be a year for Catholics across the region to wear their faith proudly and publicly. But catching a glimpse of Francis on the Benjamin Franklin […]

  • Conversion experience

    Back in October, for-profit Grand Canyon University announced it would become a nonprofit institution; the Arizona Republic follows up here. “GCU’s proposed switch appears unprecedented in the business world — a surprising, tantalizing option others might envy but few could follow. For now, officials at the Phoenix-based company give themselves a 50 percent chance of […]

  • Cleanliness preserves dignity

    CA nonprofit Project WeHOPE proposes “Dignity on Wheels” service to bring shower and laundry facilities to Palo Alto homeless. “People who are homeless in Palo Alto and East Palo Alto could soon have free showers and laundry services through a new initiative that would bring the facilities to them. The mobile Dignity On Wheels service […]

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