5 silly mistakes nonprofits make when applying for grants

The “sins” that foundation executives often cite in their work with nonprofit grantees.

Warranted wariness of philanthropic “problem-solving”

Civil society should not be seen by experts, or funders, merely as a tool to solve social problems.

How NYC nonprofits use public money to promote their political agendas

Next time you see protesters picketing something in Manhattan, be aware that a third—or more—of their salaries comes from New York City and the state of New York.

Nonprofit employment is rising, in raw numbers and at a rapid rate

Those who care about the sector should be a little unsettled.


The achievements behind America’s great philanthropist

We should remember Julius Rosenwald’s philanthropy and his accomplishments at Sears, Roebuck if we are to properly assess his place in American history.

What can Bob Dylan teach us about the Giving Pledge?

The crown prince of American folk music reminds us – in his characteristically cool way – that there is a different style of philanthropy…

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The Frustration with Innovation

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and its effect on the nonprofit sector.

Philanthropy is power — for better and worse

Considering the principle of “subsidiarity” as a way to untangle the complex relationship between philanthropy, power, and justice.

Direct Mail Vendors: the used car salesmen of nonprofit fundraising?

Is your direct mail vendor ripping you off?

Legal battle over Kurtis Froedtert's wishes, a warning to donors everywhere

A legal battle developing in Milwaukee over the wishes of philanthropist Kurtis Froedtert ought to remind donors everywhere to be very careful in how their wills are phrased.

400 years of black giving: From the days of slavery to the 2019 Morehouse graduation

Billionaire Robert F. Smith made a big splash when he told Morehouse grads he would pay off their student debt. Yet his generosity adheres to a long African American tradition.

Making generous children: a review of "The Gift Inside the Box" by Adam and Allison Grant

With increasing wealth inequality, more parents are more concerned to foster generosity in their kids. A new children’s book from Adam and Allison Grant seeks to teach children about gift-giving.

Giving Review Blog

Philanthropy and homelessness in L.A. (Part 1 of 3): An “action plan”

In wake of USC Center on Philanthropy & Public Policy’s must-read report, first of three-part series overviews initial ambitions and aspirations of effort led by city’s funders to deal with “wicked problem.”

In passing, an implicit endorsement of general-operations grantmaking?

From the Old Testament.

Debate about philanthropy breaks out during discussion of conservative magazines

You may have missed it.