5 essential features of a successful nonprofit database

Nonprofit fundraising is more than making the “ask,” it’s about fostering relationships with your prospective and current supporters. These are the essential features every your database should have in order to achieve just that.

nextafter online fundraising digital fundraising report
Improve your online fundraising: a new benchmark report

NextAfter invites you to participate in a new online fundraising benchmark survey. This survey will create a new online fundraising benchmark report to help you see how your online fundraising compares and where you can improve.

rockefeller foundation global issues human suffering
Puzzles, mysteries, and global issues

The Rockefeller Foundation has new plan to “solve global issues.” But is leveraging “expertise” really the best way to address human suffering?

good cover letter tips
What matters most in your cover letter

Writing a cover letter is stressful and intimidating. Here are some thoughts from a recruiter on what makes a cover letter sink or swim.


The complexities of donor intent

The question of donor intent is not simply, ‘What would our founder have done?’ but rather, ‘How do we implement our founder’s vision today?’

Millennials and Philanthropy at Work

Used to getting trophies for participation, straight-A grades from their college professors, and protected by helicopter parents, millennials can be a challenge for employers.

Latest Articles

Real charity from a generous South Carolina donor

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on an “unlikely donor.” John Hollingsworth is an admirable donor, committed to generously serving his hometown.

Political fragmentation today harms our communities

Arthur Brooks’ new book, Love Your Enemies, discusses the political discord in America today and how we might form healthier communities.

Just released: Youth Education & Audience Research report

The Foundation for Economic Education, in partnership with a major grant from the John Templeton Foundation, just released the results of a three-year research study on how to communicate to younger audiences ideas about liberty and limited government.

Bernie Sanders’ victory is due to his strategy to motivate “belongingness”

Bernie Sanders is fighting an uphill battle to emerge as the Democratic frontrunner. His trick is cultivating a sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself.

Is micro-granting the future of philanthropy?

Micro-granting provides an exciting way forward for philanthropy: supporting unlikely grantees at low-levels to have major impact in communities.

Raise more money by leveraging donor motivation

What motivates donors to give?