Does the "social enterprise" model at nonprofits corrupt the mission of nonprofits?

As more nonprofits consider and implement additional revenue streams, one wonders whether this distracts or detracts from a nonprofit’s responsibility to promote social goods.

A primer on thinking through fundraising events

Too frequently nonprofit organizations rush—enthusiastically and blindly—into a fundraising event after fundraising event. Avoid wasted time and funds by reflecting on their value and, if you do host one, preparing adequately.

Bernie Marcus plans to sunset his foundation after his death

In order to protect donor intent, Bernie Marcus, Home Depot founder and Atlanta mega-donor, plans to give away 90 percent of his fortune—within 30 years of his death.

Good fundraisers make good neighbors

Door-to-door solicitations can promote neighborliness and serve as a valuable part of a healthy community.


Donors who help veterans

What are the best ways for donors to help veterans?

Globalist humanitarians and the new nationalist backlash

Should solidarity for a particular person be superseded by a love of humanity in general?

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How occupational licensing blocks employees from entering the workforce

Broad occupational licensing laws serve to block too many applicants from the workforce—especially reformed ex-criminals.

Millennials Are Givers, and Uniquely So

Millennials have a bad reputation for being insignificant as a donor class. Is their giving really so minimal?

4 ways to break down 'silo mentality' in nonprofit organizations

In many nonprofits, two cultures develop: a fundraising culture and a programmatic culture, creating “silo mentality” that fosters suspicion and degrades mission effectiveness. 

The Kochs and the Pews

Similarities and differences between the two philanthropic brother duos.

Hurricane Michael recovery efforts point to the power of local generosity after overlooked disasters

Two main suggestions for those wishing to help support survivors of disasters reevaluate how they choose to respond.

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California’s corporate board-makeup mandate faces legal challenges

Troubling implications for foundations and grantmaking if those challenges fail.

Before the Wall, Westminster; before Schabowske, Sheptytsky

With overriding principles of freedom and human dignity, underlying practices of patience and persistence.

Remembering David Halberstam’s observation about Ford Foundation president McGeorge Bundy

Needing to nuance intensities in tension.