Human-scale philanthropy: 3 tips for grantmakers

Foundations are best poised to succeed when they take reasonable measures to advance their mission.

Givers Doers & Thinkers, William B. Allen, national character
GDT Podcast / Episode 8

Today Jeremy speaks with William B. Allen on constitutional heritage and a nation’s character and Austin Detwiler about COVID-19 giving trends and how it might affect nonprofits.

Despair is a sin—and it’s no fun

Bill Kauffman, in a recent episode of Givers, Doers, & Thinkers, paints a sad portrait of an overly mobile and centralized world while describing the healthier communal life of small town America.

Yale’s new planned giving policies signal trouble ahead for legacy givers

Universities should use gift agreements to preserve donor intent—and to best serve the interests of the university.


Political fragmentation today harms our communities

Arthur Brooks’ new book, Love Your Enemies, discusses the political discord in America today and how we might form healthier communities.

Making generous children: a review of "The Gift Inside the Box" by Adam and Allison Grant

With increasing wealth inequality, more parents are more concerned to foster generosity in their kids. A new children’s book from Adam and Allison Grant seeks to teach children about gift-giving.

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GDT Podcast / Episode 7

Today Jeremy speaks with Tom Riley of the Connelly Foundation on how to give well and with Liz Palla on cultivating foundations.

4 tips for reimagining in-person events in the time of COVID-19

If you are going to host an in-person event—whether fundraising or to celebrate an organizational landmark—it’s important to get it right. Today, that means taking COVID precautions into account, as well.

Swearing mentors, learned helplessness, and pay-day loans: what Hillbilly Elegy teaches us about charity

J.D. Vance’s bestseller Hillbilly Elegy offers an unflinching inside look at rural America. We can learn a lot about charitable work in rural areas from this book.

Employee "ownership"

Giver, Doers, & Thinkers discussed how nonprofit leaders can encourage their employees to be innovative and entrepreneurial in the workplace. It’s not just pay—and not just mission.

GDT Podcast / Episode 6

Don’t miss the sixth episode of Philanthropy Daily’s podcast, Givers, Doers, & Thinkers! Today Jeremy speaks with Bill Kauffman.

Seeking a foundation grant? Write a successful LOI in 5 simple steps

Make sure that you are putting your organization in the best position for funding.

Giving Review Blog

Another “dark-money” tributary?

A significant, and widening, flow of funding through legally permissible public-charity lobbying is influenced by non-charitable interests, new study finds.

A good egghead, messily making omelettes

More of Irving Kristol’s kind of counter-establishment insurgence, as described in Michael J. Brown’s new book, might now be needed again—including in philanthropy.

Fred Siegel’s The Crisis of Liberalism shows how its “clerisy” has now come to fully trump evidence with ideology

Collection of essays from Manhattan Institute senior fellow, once a man of the left, lays out a century’s worth of instances in which elite experts—and, in at least one case, philanthropy—have failed the citizenry.