Banks have no business advising individual philanthropy

Big banks know no more about philanthropy than they do about making toast. They shouldn’t be advising customers on either.

Cancel culture in philanthropy

It’s not always unwise to remove someone’s name from a building or an award. But we should make that decision with accurate information.

GDT Podcast / Episode 20

Jeremy chats with David Patrick King of the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving and the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy to close season two of Givers, Doers, & Thinkers.


The assault on generosity and voluntary action

Enemies of private giving and voluntary action insist that only government should be allowed to improve the common good, and that alternatives to state power must be shut down, or taxed away.

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Time for nonprofits to develop DAF strategies

Donor-advised funds represent a growing portion of the charitable sector. Before we introduce new regulations, nonprofits should get more strategic about them.

Cheesy fundraising doesn't have to be cheesy

Motivating donors to give isn’t easy. You need to connect money to mission, but you also need to give donors a reason to act. That might require some cheese.

Program officers should be skeptical of proposals that promise too much

Foundation program officers look for bold proposals that promise the outcomes they are hoping for. This can skew their ability to assess them.

GDT Podcast / Episode 19

This week on Givers, Doers, & Thinkers, Jeremy sits down with JP De Gance to discuss the status of marriage in the United States and what it means for civil society.

What is charity?

“Charity” and “philanthropy” are not equivalent ways of helping your neighbor. One—a Christian virtue—flows from love. The other—sterile and secular—is born out of duty.

Donor-advised funds and small foundations should not be targets for government regulation

Involving the government in charitable giving is neither wise nor innocuous—and it poses the greatest risk to DAFs and small foundations.

Giving Review Blog

Conservative givers should do something different than politics

Washington, D.C., is not where the important battles of the day are fought. Change the culture first.

Navigating the financial, political, and information constraints on large-scale philanthropy

Place-based strategies seem attractive to overcome these constraints, but while they help ameliorate financial and political challenges, they actually exacerbate information challenges.

Scholars convincingly urge increased academic study of elite philanthropy

Professors make strong case for high-status grantmaking to be taken more seriously within management and organizational research. Such increased attention would be well-warranted, including from much-wider circles.