donate future of philanthropy
donate future of philanthropy
Philanthropist Lisa Greer has insights for fundraisers

A recent interview at with philanthropist Lisa Greer raises some important issues for fundraisers. Greer has some good advice—and has some ideas in need of further questioning.

world vision evangelican humanitarian philanthropy
20th century evangelical philanthropy: a review of David P. King’s “God’s Internationalists”

In the post-war era, evangelicalism took on a unique level of cultural influence, leading in part to the growth of World Vision. David P. King covers this growth in his new book, “God’s Internationalists.”

coca cola branding to build fundraising and help philanthropy
Branding is more than you might think it is

More than a beautiful logo or a catchy tagline, branding is an essential part of how your nonprofit builds a reputation and relationships with your donors.

higher education philanthropy and donor intent
Two recommendations for savvier higher education giving

In light of the lawsuit between Hillsdale University and University of Missouri of the misuse of a donor’s gift, here are two recommendations on how better to secure donor intent.


How Salvation Army's red kettles became a Christmas tradition

Around this time of the year, The Salvation Army’s red kettles become visible as part of holiday giving. How this British evangelical organization came to the US is interesting history.

Pits and falls of donor-advised funds

Ray Madoff is a Boston College law professor with one big idea: all forms of perpetuity in foundations should be curtailed or outlawed.

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Crowdfunding and contingency: does storytelling distract from effective giving?

In a recent piece in the New Yorker, Nathan Heller worries that GoFundMe exacerbates the problem of using stories to exploit the emotions in order to generate donations—rather than relying on more data-driven giving.

4 easy ways to establish better relationships with your donors

By establishing personal relationships with your donors, you establish a solid foundation for a greater partnership to bloom.

Donor advised "dark money"?

It is often argued that donor-advised funds are a “dark money” ploy to funnel money without proper oversight—but are they really so nefarious?

The importance of storytelling: the dollar in the details

It is essential to use stories to cultivate donors, raise money, and strengthen your organizations. Here are tips on the details and tone you should employ in your writing.

Equity and inclusion

Internal university assessments are succumbing to the bureaucratic jargon that obfuscates, rather than facilitates, a healthy learning environment.

Hillsdale College sues University of Missouri over neglect of donor intent

After University of Missouri apparently neglected to follow the clear stipulations of a $5M gift to the business school, Hillsdale College sues to defend the donor’s intent.

Giving Review Blog

Loving mankind poorly

Overcoming temptations and the tragic with tough-mindedness and long-termism.

A case of mutual, personal understanding and trust yielding more benefit than transaction-based philanthropy

Reflections on my co-editors’ conversation with Howard Fuller.

A conversation with Craig Kennedy

Daniel P. Schmidt and Michael E. Hartmann talk to the Hudson Institute senior fellow and former Joyce Foundation and German Marshall Fund president about philanthropy and international affairs.