relief act cares tax
relief act cares tax
Top 5 changes for nonprofits from the COVID legislation

In light of the economic impact of the coronavirus, the U.S. Senate just passed a $2 trillion relief act. Here are the five items that affect nonprofits.

Direct Response

Eric Streiff and Olivia Smith provide strategic advice to guide your direct-response efforts through the coronavirus pandemic.

direct mail donors
Mailing during COVID: refining tactics to improve results

Many organizations are asking whether they should keep mailing during the coronavirus pandemic. You can’t stop mailing—but you do want to make certain tactical shifts in light of the current fundraising environment.

stock market diversity of donors
Market turmoil underlines the importance of small donors & diversified support

The current economic downturn leaves many organizations exposed to market volatility. How should you prepare—or have prepared—for a bear market?


Philanthropy and risk taking

Philanthropy is sometimes said to be “society’s risk capital.” But without market accountability, without consumers or competitors, we can’t properly speak of philanthropic grantmaking as “risk taking.”

The dangers of arrogance in philanthropy

The same qualities that made us philanthropists in the first place start eroding as soon as we are propelled into a position of power.

Latest Articles

Giving during COVID: thoughts for donors

Everyone is wondering how donors will respond to the economic downturn. Here are some recommendations for donors—we need you to help keep nonprofits and civil society strong.

How are artists weathering COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of us. Here are some encouraging stories about groups making the arts available to those of us at home and supporting artists in need.

Making direct mail work smarter during the COVID-19 crisis

In times of economic uncertainty and global panic, like we face today, it’s tempting to step back and play it safe. If history is an indicator, this is a bad idea.

Distracted by distraction: how to work remotely in uncertain times

More of us are working from home than ever before, with distraction near at hand. How do we work remotely well?

Major gifts fundraising in the midst of global shutdown

A virus runs rampant. Wall Street is in a free fall. Cities are in shutdown. Airplanes are grounded. And you still need to raise money—but how?

Crisis fundraising: three suggestions for success

Nonprofits feel like they are facing a crisis—but you can’t stop fundraising. Here are three tips for keeping your organization’s revenue stable in tough times.

Giving Review Blog

Considering James Carville’s curious Creel Committee commendation

Why progressive expertise, guilty of alarming excesses, now?

Philanthropy’s “Call to Action”

At last, our largest foundations may see benefit in foregoing all their restrictions, processes, and expectations—opting instead for trust in grantees.

Political and charitable contributions “crowding out” each other, consumptively

The two different types of giving are substitutive, researchers find. If so, there would be implications worth exploration.