Abandoning vs. living in place

When should we move, and when should we “stay put”?

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The government shutdown is an opportunity for self-reflection

Just Justice?

We weren't made for endless work

Survey reveals public confidence in philanthropy across party lines

Crowdfunding the Wall

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Dire predictions that tax reform will depress giving appear to be wrong—at least so far. Charities that rely on donations from middle-income Americans saw contributions rise by very healthy margins in last year’s final quarter… read more

The growth in total household giving is camouflaging a decline in giving by small and medium donors: what can we do about it? Research on giving in the United States has now produced definitive empirical evidence to show a decline… read more

We need to stop treating nonprofits the way society treats poor people. We must be able to provide each other honest feedback and push one another to do better for our community… read more