Make way for MFA: new security measures from Salesforce

Coming February 2022, Salesforce will require all licenses to employ Multi-Factor Authentication. Here’s what you need to know.

Think Big vs. Think Small Philanthropy

Philanthropy is evermore concerned with “thinking big.” But are there virtues in “thinking small”—and what can you achieve then?

What to look for when hiring a major gifts officer

It’s no small task—and takes no small amount of trust—to hire an MGO. Here’s how to find a great fundraiser.

Brother, Can You Spare an ROI?

Obsession with numbers and metrics does the philanthropist—and his grantee—no favors.


A look at Anand Giridharadas' "Winners Take All"

Giridharadas prescribes the replacement of one center of power for another. Where does that leave civil society?

Credit unions: the not-for-profit structure that philanthropy should note

Supporting credit unions could be the way for foundations to practice a more equitable and inclusive approach.

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In the wake of lockdowns and increased digital use and access, keeping orchestras funded and relevant will be no small task. They need to engage donors and make the experience excellent.

On supporting musicians: an interview with Henry Peyrebrune

NoteWorthy Credit Union makes loans that banks won’t make. This is civil society at work, supporting culture in a way that the for-profit sector cannot.

Leveraging donor "meeting partners"

One way to improve donor meetings and strengthen donor relationships is to bring a “meeting partner”—someone else from within your organization.

Lawmakers should make donor-advised funds more appealing, not less

Efforts to legislate philanthropy should focus on making charitable giving benefits accessible to more Americans—not more complicated and less accessible.

5 things to know ahead of your next donor meeting

Going into a donor meeting unprepared is the surest way to secure a bad outcome. Here are some essential tips for preparing a donor meeting.