database sucks
database sucks
Everyone’s database sucks: part one

You probably feel it, too: “my database sucks.” Here are the four reasons databases suck—and what to do about it. The first in a three-part series.

GDT Podcast / Episode 28

Today on Givers, Doers, & Thinkers, Jeremy speaks with Michael E. Hartmann about philanthropy’s biggest challenges and how to address them.

The charity-industrial complex

Let’s be uncharitable: how charity foundations damage Western societies.

The virtue of gratitude: essential for fundraisers

As a fundraiser, gratitude — both well-expressed and sincere — is one of the most important tools you have. It’s good for you and your donor.


The root causes of problematic giving

So much philanthropic giving is concerned with identifying and tackling “root causes.” And yet, few people know the history of this effort—or its resounding failure over time.

Unsustainability in higher education

Higher education has become infatuated with “sustainability,” even as it has become increasingly unsustainable. It is time for a new approach to the higher education model.

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The Center for Effective Philanthropy finds that grant reports don’t help. Is it time to put grantees first in order to put the mission first?

The John and Daria Barry Foundation: Investing in local anti-poverty initiatives

The Barry Foundation and the Woodson Center demonstrate how local knowledge can create solutions to fighting poverty.

How do I give well? Here are 8 questions for donors.

American Philanthropic’s latest resources guides donors through eight questions to help them reflect on and improve their giving habits.

10 steps to Giving Tuesday success

Giving Tuesday can be a big one-day revenue opportunity for nonprofits. Here’s how to get the most out of Giving Tuesday!

New study: religious faith and reading the Bible increases generosity

A new study from the American Bible Society shows that “Practicing Christians” and “Bible Users” remain more generous than non-religious Americans—and that this trend held steady through the pandemic.

Giving Review Blog

On “Givers, Doers, & Thinkers” podcast, Jeremy Beer talks to Giving Review’s Michael E. Hartmann
The charity-industrial complex

Let’s be uncharitable: how charity foundations damage Western societies.

1 > 10,000,000

Philanthropy and data, oxytocin and neurological unity, and love and charity in Arthur C. Brooks’ new book on the culture of contempt.