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most important
It’s the most important time of the year

We’re staring down December and praying for a successful end-of-year campaign. Does that mean we’re entering our “most important” month?

Should philanthropies be permanent?

Center for Civil Society director, Jack Fowler, sat down with Heather Higgins, Dick DeVos, and John Miller to consider whether philanthropies ought to sunset.

4 strategies for a successful Giving Tuesday

It’s a crowded field on Giving Tuesday, but there’s no reason to sit that day out. Here are 4 tips for a successful Giving Tuesday that doesn’t overwhelm you.

GDT Podcast / Episode 24

Today Jeremy speaks with Mark Roosevelt about what a genuine liberal arts education looks like, how it contributes to a healthy civil society, and how philanthropy can be deployed to make college more or less affordable again.


Fundraising defines the mission

Good fundraisers tell stories to engage donors. This storytelling helps to define your organization’s mission.

The root causes of problematic giving

So much philanthropic giving is concerned with identifying and tackling “root causes.” And yet, few people know the history of this effort—or its resounding failure over time.

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The "great wealth transfer" is coming. It's time to update tax policy

How do we ensure that “donated” funds will be put to charitable use? We need to make changes to encourage the movement of charitable dollars from foundations and DAFs to charities.

The balance of friction and data in getting donors

Give your donors many ways to support you—including cryptocurrency—and eliminate needless “friction” along the way.

GDT Podcast / Episode 23

This week, Jeremy speaks with filmmaker John Papola about the power of storytelling and how it can be deployed to deepen our appreciation for the value of human freedom.

Disappointed higher ed donors have options

It can be hard for donors to support higher education in keeping with their values. But there are options at universities all across the country.

Post-pandemic: from "pandemic" to "endemic" giving

Post-pandemic K-12 philanthropy should focus on families and communities.

GDT Podcast / Episode 22

Join Jeremy Beer and Jack Fowler for a lively discussion on the early days of National Review, along with the influence of publications in civil society.

Giving Review Blog

“Private rights of action” against violations of charitable law?

A thought experiment.

Philanthropy, grassroots activism, and politics in In Defense of Populism

“[T]oday’s politics of the street,” according to political historian Donald T. Critchlow, “resembles that of the late Roman Republic, when oligarchs, such as Caesar, Sulla, and Catiline, organized mobs to serve their factional interests.”

In case of homelessness in L.A., Deloitte’s look at philanthropy in “new light” sees “instrumental change” quite curiously

Foundations’ collective effort presented as exemplary isn’t, or at least not for the reasons the consultants think.