Fundraising when times are bad: Navigating campaigns

Capital campaigns put a lot of stress or an organization—when the economy is healthy. How do you navigate a campaign when times are bad?

innovation prize
Heritage Foundation awards six new Innovation Prize winners

Celebrating the latest recipients of the Heritage Foundation’s Innovation Prize: six organizations standing against the Radical Left.

On giving thanks

Remembering Lucy, who chose to serve others on Thanksgiving day, even when she had so little to give.

bible, scripture
The Gospel of generosity: Study finds Scripture-engaged Americans are among most generous

Americans who consistently engaged with Scripture gave $145 billion to charity in 2021, says new study from American Bible Society.


Teaching compassion and virtue to citizens today

Today’s virulent political discourse needs an influx of compassion and virtue. Here’s how donors might support that.

Suspicion, trust, and Thanksgiving dinner

As Thanksgiving approaches, we see distrust and suspicion plaguing even our family life. But Thanksgiving also remains a crucial gathering time for families. We should use Thanksgiving—and Christmas—dinner as an opportunity to avoid discord and instead to find non-political conversations.

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Heritage Foundation supports innovative solutions to America’s biggest issues

The new Innovation Prize from the Heritage Foundation rewards conservative movement organizations developing solutions to the biggest problems facing America today.

Sam Bankman-Fried's downfall is more than a black eye for Effective Altruism

SBF’s close affiliation with William MacAskill and the Effective Altruism movement cast a dark shadow over the legitimacy of Effective Altruism and its leaders.

2022 Simon-Devos Prize for Philanthropic Leadership recently awarded

Ken Griffin, Chicago’s wealthiest man before relocating to Miami, was honored with The Philanthropy Roundtable’s flagship prize for philanthropists.

The stories you need to tell

You’re ready to stop telling happy stories in your fundraising appeals, so how should your letters look? The second in a two-part series.

The scoop from the roof

This old world may be getting others down, but one inspired Chicago minister has found a calling that is . . . higher.

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Ken Paxton’s questions of Mark Zuckerberg-funded CTCL show investigative power of state attorneys general
A conversation with Archdiocese of Boston schools superintendent Thomas W. Carroll (Part 2 of 2)

The educational administrator talks to Daniel P. Schmidt and Michael E. Hartmann about Catholic education, the importance of remaining faithful to its core mission of eternal salvation, and the educational and societal benefits of school choice.