Donors need to stop pressuring nonprofits to pinch pennies

Too many donors rely on evaluating overhead to determine the value of a nonprofit. This obsession hamstrings a nonprofit’s ability to grow and achieve success.

Poor Americans tend to love America—what does that mean for fighting poverty?

How we understand a problem affects how we try to remedy it. Is our understanding of the working poor accurate?

Americans are more rooted as migration declines among younger generations

Access to internet, among other trends, is leading to decreased migration as more Americans stay put in their hometowns.

3 New Year’s resolutions for your nonprofit’s sake

#1: If you don’t have a plan for next year, let’s change that.  


Thanksgiving and the call of home

Thanksgiving is a holiday of homecoming for many Americans, but that homecoming may be fraught or joyous.

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Success Academy charter schools provide an interesting approach to education

Success Academy charter schools attempt to combine the best of traditional and progressive educational methods in order to provide inner-city New Yorkers the best education available.

How much control should the government have over charter schools?

Charter schools are funded by public and private dollars, raising the question as to how much government control they should be under. The first in a two-part series.

Suspicion, trust, and Thanksgiving dinner

As Thanksgiving approaches, we see distrust and suspicion plaguing even our family life. But Thanksgiving also remains a crucial gathering time for families. We should use Thanksgiving dinner as an opportunity to avoid discord and instead to find non-political conversations.

Barron Hilton dies age 91, leaving his fortune to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Prior to his death, Barron Hilton and the Hilton Foundation took measures to protect Conrad Hilton’s donor intent. These are important measures for ensuring donor intent, and time will tell the foundation board’s commitment to these measures.

Dear Senator Warren: Don’t Penalize Moms Who Choose to Stay Home with Their Kids

An open letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren: Don’t hurt American families by pushing them farther and farther into the two-income trap. Most of all, please don’t create a system that penalizes moms who choose to stay home with their children.