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A nonprofit mounts an opposition to Facebook-owned WhatsApp

As tech companies continue to invade user privacy to collect profit, a nonprofit offers a secure, high-privacy alternative.

Cristo Rey Network exceeds a major campaign goal, even amidst the pandemic

The innovative Cristo Rey Network of schools met the challenges of 2020 with aplomb, closing a major fundraising campaign ahead of its $31.5 million goal.

Philanthropy Daily in 2020

Here’s looking back at our best content from a busy year.

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American generosity continues apace, even in 2020

Quarterly charitable sector performance reports tell an important story: Americans remain a generous people, even in trying times.

The intelligent donor’s guide to college giving

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni released the Intelligent Donor’s Guide to help donors give wisely to institutions of higher education.

Giving to individuals: how private foundations can do more with their philanthropy

Private foundation grants directly to individuals increased nearly 500% in 2020 from 2019. Foundation Source is facilitating this process to streamline grants to individuals.

Plainfield, New Jersey judge ruled in favor of donor intent

In 1925, a donor left two paintings to the city of Plainfield, New Jersey. A judge had to determine whether or not the city could sell the paintings, or if that violated the donor’s will.

Yale’s new planned giving policies signal trouble ahead for legacy givers

Universities should use gift agreements to preserve donor intent—and to best serve the interests of the university.

Toward a recovery of philanthropy

Impersonal donor communication is harming nonprofit success and growth. On the latest Givers, Doers, & Thinkers, Jeremy Beer and Gabe Cooper discuss how nonprofits can be more “responsive” to donor interests—and make their work more interesting in the meantime.

OSU donor exposes hidden endowment fees

Ohio State University is undergoing criticism from Jeffrey Moritz for drawing endowment fees out of his father’s $30 million endowment gift and failing to fulfill the gift’s intentions.