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Troubleshooting Midlevel Donor Programs

Are you overlooking your mid-level donors in your acknowledgment procedures? Maybe you’re overlooking major donors, too.

Donor intent and religious education

Questions around abuse of donor intent make their way to high schools, in a new lawsuit about a $1.35 million pledge to a Catholic school in Florida.

The Center for Civil Society: a response to our needs

Crushed under so much turbulence and division, civil society today needs its friends.

4 findings shed light on crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is on the rise in charitable giving. While exact data on crowdfunding isn’t available, here is some insight into the typical donor.

Good news for donors who only get bad news

The new Center for Civil Society will help donors support their communities, without becoming overwhelmed by options or paralyzed by “impact.”

New bill to reform charitable giving introduced to Senate

The Institute to Accelerate Charitable Giving gets legs as Senators Grassley and King introduce the “Accelerating Charitable Efforts Act.”

Donor intent should be better protected

Even with a gift agreement, donors have little recourse in the event of their intent being flouted. There are state Senate bills under review to change that.

Hope Women’s Center serves the needs of women in Phoenix

By focusing their attention and resources on women in need in the Phoenix area, Hope Women’s Center can respond to changing needs from women in their community.

Much ado about … student loan debt

Conversations about student loan debt need to look at more than just the staggering “total amount.” The Peterson Foundation offers a start with “10 key facts” about student loan debt.

give local
Shaq’s “give local” strategy is a slam dunk

Shaquille O’Neal has some sound philanthropic advice in a recent Forbes interview: “Just take care of where you’re from.”