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innovation prize
Heritage Foundation awards six new Innovation Prize winners

Celebrating the latest recipients of the Heritage Foundation’s Innovation Prize: six organizations standing against the Radical Left.

bible, scripture
The Gospel of generosity: Study finds Scripture-engaged Americans are among most generous

Americans who consistently engaged with Scripture gave $145 billion to charity in 2021, says new study from American Bible Society.

Heritage Foundation supports innovative solutions to America’s biggest issues

The new Innovation Prize from the Heritage Foundation rewards conservative movement organizations developing solutions to the biggest problems facing America today.

bankman-fried effective altruism
Sam Bankman-Fried’s downfall is more than a black eye for Effective Altruism

SBF’s close affiliation with William MacAskill and the Effective Altruism movement cast a dark shadow over the legitimacy of Effective Altruism and its leaders.

2022 Simon-Devos Prize for Philanthropic Leadership recently awarded

Ken Griffin, Chicago’s wealthiest man before relocating to Miami, was honored with The Philanthropy Roundtable’s flagship prize for philanthropists.

The scoop from the roof

This old world may be getting others down, but one inspired Chicago minister has found a calling that is . . . higher.

Announcing the American Philanthropic Fundraising Fellowship

Early- to mid-career fundraisers are invited to apply for this nine-month leadership program designed for those looking to grow professionally and intellectually alongside a small group of peers.

Forbes 400
Forbes ranks the wealthiest Americans’ charitable giving

As it turns out, the wealthiest Americans are not doling out their fortunes in vast percentages.

SCOTUS stays New York Court ruling restricting Yeshiva University’s religious identity

The shocking June decision by a city judge, widely seen as a threat to the First Amendment, coalesced a multi-denominational pushback in support of both the nation’s oldest Jewish college and religious liberty