Donor relationships are about money—and we shouldn’t hide that fact

What type of friendship is a donor relationship? Is it really “not about the money”?

How much control do university donors have over their gift?

When Nikole Hannah-Jones was under review for tenure at UNC, a mega-donor who named the journalism school confidentially—and controversially—expresed his opposition to her tenure.

Troubleshooting Midlevel Donor Programs

Are you overlooking your mid-level donors in your acknowledgment procedures? Maybe you’re overlooking major donors, too.

Charity begins at home: The amazing love that would not abandon a small city and its downtown

Generosity, love of place, and local commitment: this is a recipe that can save America’s small towns, revitalize its places.

What makes a “major donor”?

What makes a “major” donor varies by organization. But whatever your organization considers a “major” gift, they’re becoming increasingly important.

Local philanthropy isn’t local for “citizens of the world”

Activist billionaires use community foundations to funnel even more money to their global and national causes.

In defense of membership programs

Membership programs can be misused, but by and large, they are extremely valuable tools for fundraisers—and they’re good for donors, too.

Think Big vs. Think Small Philanthropy

Philanthropy is evermore concerned with “thinking big.” But are there virtues in “thinking small”—and what can you achieve then?

Brother, Can You Spare an ROI?

Obsession with numbers and metrics does the philanthropist—and his grantee—no favors.

What’s the value of macro-trend research for fundraisers?

Macro-trends, future-telling, and sector reports have their place. But they aren’t nearly as important as the fundamentals—and just cultivating donors.