war on philanthropy karl zinsmeister philanthropy as democracy not plutocracy
The war on philanthropy—and the war on careful thinking

Karl Zinsmeister’s recent Wall Street Journal article about the “war on philanthropy” has ruffled feathers—and stirred up some sloppy thinking.

New Year’s Resolution: Improve our communities and not just ourselves

Our nation thrives when diverse individuals come together to improve their communities. The new year is an important time to reflect upon the role of nonprofits—and civil society leaders—in strengthening communities and helping the disadvantaged.

An Austin, Texas nonprofit has a creative way of helping the homeless

A nonprofit in Austin, Texas has a creative way of dealing with the homeless in their city. Treating them like persons, they’ve created a community for the homeless to live and support each other.

approach to poverty reduction
Is our approach to poverty all wrong?

Measuring input and not outcomes will never solve the problem.

Death by disassocation: a review of Them by Senator Ben Sasse

Loneliness is killing us. Ben Sasse’s latest book, “Them” addresses a growing health crisis today—loneliness—and the effect of loneliness on individual and communal health, as well as contemporary politics.

In a talk at Cambridge University, Bill Gates is optimistic about helping poorer countries

Bill Gates is confident that focusing donor resources on researching and innovating medical advances for Third World country is the best way to fight poverty and disease.

Christmastide and charity: giving as self-emptying

Christmas remembers the birth of Christ, in which God “emptied himself” to become man. This self-emptying is instructive for our own generosity.

Christmas, salvation, and ghosts: Frederick Forsyth’s “The Ghost”

Frederick Forsyth’s “The Shepherd” is a modern “Christmas ghost story” well worth taking time to enjoy around the holiday.

Ebenezer Scrooge: a model for philanthropists

While Scrooge’s name has come to be associated with a joyless parsimoniousness, his transformation in A Christmas Carol actually demonstrates real philanthropy.

When “thank you” doesn’t matter

A new study raises questions about the value of thank-you calls for nonprofits. The study, however, has several outstanding questions.