Local giving can change the world

Local charity might not attack “root problems,” but it can solve problems in one person’s life—and to them, that feels like the whole world.

Navigating philanthropy in 2021

If the nonprofit sector is going to continue to thrive through 2021, philanthropists need to ward off “philanthropy fatigue.”

“Wokeism” invades philanthropy

The “woke” ideology is invading philanthropy and undermining the very principles that make philanthropy possible, as well as the conditions that have helped so many people flourish.

Lessons learned for K-12 philanthropy

Reflecting on the Covid-19 pandemic and the new struggles it posed for driving change in educational environments helped us to identify several ways to improve our K-12 philanthropy—especially by attending to the specific needs of local communities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters creates the relationships that foster civil society

Our thinning civil society has the effect of removing from so many kids the natural mentor relationships that many of us were blessed with growing up. Big Brothers Big Sisters steps in to play this role.

Cancel culture in philanthropy

It’s not always unwise to remove someone’s name from a building or an award. But we should make that decision with accurate information.

Time for nonprofits to develop DAF strategies

Donor-advised funds represent a growing portion of the charitable sector. Before we introduce new regulations, nonprofits should get more strategic about them.

Program officers should be skeptical of proposals that promise too much

Foundation program officers look for bold proposals that promise the outcomes they are hoping for. This can skew their ability to assess them.

What is charity?

“Charity” and “philanthropy” are not equivalent ways of helping your neighbor. One—a Christian virtue—flows from love. The other—sterile and secular—is born out of duty.

Donor-advised funds and small foundations should not be targets for government regulation

Involving the government in charitable giving is neither wise nor innocuous—and it poses the greatest risk to DAFs and small foundations.