third places
Investing in third places

Third places are necessary for our individual and civic health. If we want to rebuild our social fabric, that should guide our giving habits.

Without Queen Elizabeth II, will Britain survive?

As much a matriarch as a monarch, the queen’s passing raises significant questions about the future of Britain.

Show your true self: why branding is essential for nonprofits

You want your donors and prospective donors to know what your organization really is—and to remember it. That’s what branding is for.

Localism without the local

Working alone, localism can mitigate some of the effects of larger root causes. In a thicker community, there would be fewer Cannells, because there would be more “preventative care.”

How nonprofits can make the most of the gig economy

Like it or not, the Gig Economy is staying—and growing. If you want your organization to thrive, you need to embrace it.

Americans’ Charitable Grit

American charitable giving persists through sluggish or recessive economies and surpasses preceding levels when the economy recovers.

Buffett bequests billions for abortion

Warren Buffet’s mega estate—$90 billion and counting—is poised to flood the abortion movement.

Dark Money vs. Donor Privacy

There is broad consensus that when it comes to foreign funding of nonprofits and universities, transparency is more important than privacy.

independence day
Happy Independence Day

Backyard beers and barbecues foster not only merriment but also our “mystic chords of memory.”

impact investing
Impact investing for individuals and DAFs

As fund managers continue to invest assets in companies whose values run opposed to their investors, individuals will seek out new ways to invest their resources.