Donors and Demographics: thoughts for savvy higher education giving

The Great Recession “Birth Dearth” signals a looming sharp decline in higher education enrollment. What does that mean for savvy higher ed donors?

Does the “social enterprise” model at nonprofits corrupt the mission of nonprofits?

As more nonprofits consider and implement additional revenue streams, one wonders whether this distracts or detracts from a nonprofit’s responsibility to promote social goods.

Good fundraisers make good neighbors

Door-to-door solicitations can promote neighborliness and serve as a valuable part of a healthy community.

How occupational licensing blocks employees from entering the workforce

Broad occupational licensing laws serve to block too many applicants from the workforce—especially reformed ex-criminals.

Millennials Are Givers, and Uniquely So

Millennials have a bad reputation for being insignificant as a donor class. Is their giving really so minimal?

The Kochs and the Pews

Similarities and differences between the two philanthropic brother duos.

Popularity-based grants are irritating, harmful, and need to end

Funding contests where groups compete to get the most votes to win money from a corporate partner are well intentioned, but hurtful to nonprofits.

Who’s afraid of nonprofit overhead?

Five prominent foundations recently pledged to support more overhead expenses. This is good news—but will it really be a radical shift in the landscape of fundraising?

Warranted wariness of philanthropic “problem-solving”

Civil society should not be seen by experts, or funders, merely as a tool to solve social problems.

The Frustration with Innovation

Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and its effect on the nonprofit sector.