required minimum distribution grants
Foundation solicitations during COVID: stay in touch, stay the course

The market is down and we are all stuck at home. One thing hasn’t changed: foundations are required to spend 5% of their corpus.

Answering the call to greater effectiveness in your charitable giving

Sometimes the most effective giving is small, personal, and even “under the table.” That can have the greatest impact in a person’s life.

Courting communications: how to craft a successful LOI

Foundation officers are coy—and busy. Here’s how to craft a successful LOI to capture their attention in the brief time that you have.

Compelling communications and the curse of knowledge

Why is it so hard to effectively communicate my point? Perhaps because you know too much. Here’s how to step back and strengthen your donor communications.

Personality, personality type
Should you consider personality when making a hire?

Personality testing can help your hiring process, but it can also obscure your decision.

4 ways foundations make bad decisions

If you work for a foundation, you probably don’t get much negative feedback. As a neutral party, I’m here to tell you what your grantees won’t.

3 things every fundraising director should do to start the new year

Q1 is here, so it’s time to look ahead. This is what every fundraising director should do to start the new year.

Four tips for major gifts fundraising at your hospital

Major gifts fundraising may seem oblique if you are new to it. Here are four tips to help your hospital or medical center launch a major gifts effort.

Five tips for nonprofit leaders to plan for proactive fundraising

Too often fundraising is reactive rather than proactive, hindering growth and creating a frenzied and hectic development culture. Take some time at the beginning of the year to set goals, plans, and strategies.

10 lessons for nonprofit leaders from #GivingTuesday 2020

After wading through the thicket of Giving Tuesday emails, here’s the top 10 recommendations for next year.