Fundraising when times are bad: Navigating campaigns

Capital campaigns put a lot of stress or an organization—when the economy is healthy. How do you navigate a campaign when times are bad?

The stories you need to tell

You’re ready to stop telling happy stories in your fundraising appeals, so how should your letters look? The second in a two-part series.

Stop telling happy stories

Are your fundraising appeals as strong as they could be? How happy is the story they tell? The first in a two-part series.

fundraiser story
Solving fundraiser burnout: Transforming the story character

Fundraiser burnout is an all-too-common tale. One way to solve that problem is to tell a better story about the work of the fundraiser.

giving tuesday
4 strategies for a successful Giving Tuesday

It’s a crowded field on Giving Tuesday, but there’s no reason to sit that day out. Here are 4 tips for a successful Giving Tuesday that doesn’t overwhelm you.

donor upgrades
Qualifying for donor upgrades

Learning which donors are most inclined to upgrade is just as crucial as knowing which are able to according to the depth of their pockets.

How real estate gifts can benefit your donor and your charity

It is important for fundraisers to understand the value of asset-based gifts. Not only are they good for your organization, but they are good for your donors, too, often creating a win-win situation.

Fundraising when times are bad: management

When the going gets tough, the leaders step up. Here’s how to lead your nonprofit through a recession or other “bad times.”

family giving
Giving as a family affair

Giving as a family can help cultivate a philanthropic spirit in kids while helping preserve your giving values.

Quick facts and top tips for a successful year-end push

It’s that time of year . . . Q4 is here and the big fundraising push is coming. With that in mind, here are a few facts and a few tips to set you up for a successful close to the year.