Addressing donor fatigue

If you’re a fundraiser, you’re probably familiar with donor fatigue. Here’s what lies at the heart of that fatigue and how you can address it as a fundraiser.

4 pitfalls to avoid on your donation page

Have you thought about your donation page recently? Here’s how to improve your page to get more gifts.

It’s not about you

Who shows up more in your fundraising copy, you or your donor? Here’s how to check your pronouns.

What nonprofits need to know about political verification on Facebook

Social media marketing is increasingly important, but there are some preliminary steps for most nonprofits. Here’s how to get ready to advertise on Facebook.

The four cardinal virtues of a successful major-gifts officer

Major-gifts fundraising is not for the faint of heart. Here are the four cardinal virtues you need to be successful at major gifts fundraising.

major-gifts officer
4 tips for a new major-gifts officer

When you’ve recently been hired, your tendency is to prove yourself and seem like an expert fast—but leveraging your “newness” may be the best way to close gifts and engage donors.

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5 surefire ways to bomb a donor meeting

There are an infinite number of ways to mess up a donor meeting, but don’t let yourself fall prey to these common mistakes!

Make way for MFA: new security measures from Salesforce

Coming February 2022, Salesforce will require all licenses to employ Multi-Factor Authentication. Here’s what you need to know.

Leveraging donor “meeting partners”

One way to improve donor meetings and strengthen donor relationships is to bring a “meeting partner”—someone else from within your organization.

donor meeting, major gift fundraising
5 things to know ahead of your next donor meeting

Going into a donor meeting unprepared is the surest way to secure a bad outcome. Here are some essential tips for preparing a donor meeting.