Leveraging donor “meeting partners”

One way to improve donor meetings and strengthen donor relationships is to bring a “meeting partner”—someone else from within your organization.

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5 things to know ahead of your next donor meeting

Going into a donor meeting unprepared is the surest way to secure a bad outcome. Here are some essential tips for preparing a donor meeting.

Planning your integrated fundraising campaign

Here are the key questions and steps to building out and mapping your integrated fundraising campaign—and how to ensure you’re always improving.

What is an integrated fundraising campaign … and how do I get started?

Alright, I get it! Integrated fundraising matters. What now? Let’s explain what we mean and lay the groundwork.

Nonprofit marketing: digital and traditional

Your nonprofit is trying to reach an audience with your message. Here’s where you can find them—it’s not an either/or.

You’re (probably) not investing enough in legacy giving

It’s easy to let the urgent take the place of the important. But don’t let urgency hurt your long-term success and preclude planned giving efforts.

How the pandemic accelerated digital transformation

If the past year made anything clear, it’s that digital marketing is now longer optional. If you don’t want to be left behind, prepare your digital transformation now.

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Digital donor acquisition begins with acquiring emails

Here’s how to set up a digital donor acquisition program in six steps. This will help your organization grow its digital fundraising program.

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Does integrating direct mail and digital outreach improve fundraising results?

Integrating multichannel communications will improve your fundraising results. Here are three tips to make that happen.

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Integrating digital and direct mail fundraising channels is essential business

Integrating fundraising efforts across all marketing channels has become exceedingly important for all nonprofits.