A book for people who hate these kinds of books

Reviewing Jeremy Beer and Jeff Cain’s “The Forgotten Foundations of Fundraising: Practical Advice and Contrarian Wisdom for Nonprofit Leaders.”

The higher calling of fundraising

Several authors reflect on the value of nonprofit fundraising as a vocation and its role in strengthening our democracy. They also also offer important practical tips for fundraising professionals.

Creeping credentialism and the bureaucratization of charity

Expertly deflating the pretensions of those who would make fundraising a bureaucratic and esoteric profession, this book takes on the creeping trend of professionalization in philanthropy.

Loving mankind poorly

A review of Daniel J. Mahoney’s “The Idol of Our Age: How the Religion of Humanity Subverts Christianity.”

A renaissance of localism

The movement, once as small as the things it appreciates, is finding traction in our frenzied age.

Credit unions: the not-for-profit structure that philanthropy should note

Supporting credit unions could be the way for foundations to practice a more equitable and inclusive approach.

Philanthropy and rural life: what is being done, and what might be

The decline of rural America is being complacently accepted as a reasonable price to pay for the renewed dynamism of coastal cities. It’s time that philanthropy takes note.