Devon Ironside

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Data during COVID: the most useful database reports for development success

Smart fundraising requires knowledge of the field, good judgment, and having the right tools and information at your disposal. Here are the reports you need—especially now—for development success.

Sticks and straw: building a database to support you in crisis

In times of crisis, decisions must be made quickly and accurately—but a poor database makes this difficult if not impossible. It is essential—crisis or no—to have a useful and well-used database.

How’s your nonprofit’s database? 6 questions you need to ask yourself

Toss the spreadsheets in the trash. If your database makes you feel like Theseus navigating the Labyrinth, then it’s time for a change.

4 key elements for communicating successfully with your donors

The key elements to separate your wheat from the competition’s chaff when communicating with donors through mail.

5 essential features of a successful nonprofit database

Nonprofit fundraising is more than making the “ask,” it’s about fostering relationships with your prospective and current supporters. These are the essential features every your database should have in order to achieve just that.