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nextafter online fundraising digital fundraising report
Improve your online fundraising: a new benchmark report

NextAfter invites you to participate in a new online fundraising benchmark survey. This survey will create a new online fundraising benchmark report to help you see how your online fundraising compares and where you can improve.

FEE communicate to new audiences young people
Just released: Youth Education & Audience Research report

The Foundation for Economic Education, in partnership with a major grant from the John Templeton Foundation, just released the results of a three-year research study on how to communicate to younger audiences ideas about liberty and limited government.

bernie sanders campaign using belongingness to raise money
Bernie Sanders’ victory is due to his strategy to motivate “belongingness”

Bernie Sanders is fighting an uphill battle to emerge as the Democratic frontrunner. His trick is cultivating a sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself.

conservative influencer leonard leo launches CRC advisors
Conservative influencer Leonard Leo launches new fundraising powerhouse

The man who personally advises President Trump on his judicial appointments has formed a new firm designed to funnel big money to conservative causes. How will his growing influence shape the philanthropic landscape in 2020?

naked philanthropist raises money for australian wildfires and moral questions
Lessons from the Naked Philanthropist: how helping Australian wildfires can harm culture

Kaylen Ward, known as “The Naked Philanthropist,” raised $1 million for the Australian wildfires by sending nude photographs. Her philanthropy receives less criticism than that of many major donors. What does this tell us?

volunteers are volunteering to strengthen civil society
Volunteering is essential to civil society. Here are some ideas.

The Washington Post highlighted several individuals who volunteer regularly. Their volunteering is essential to a strong civil society—and should encourage all of us to give of our time, as well.

jeffrey epstein dirty money MIT
Dirty donors: what to do with questionable money?

Frequently in 2019 we raised the question about what to do with grants from questionable individuals and organizations. Jeffrey Epstein was by far the worst example—but should we have a system to assess donors?

donor intent philanthropy hillsdale university of missouri
Lessons on legacy giving from the Sherlock Hibbs endowment

On December 18th, 2019, the University of Missouri and Hillsdale College lawsuit concerning the Sherlock Hibbs endowment was decided. Hillsdale was awarded $4.6 million.

charitable deduction not affecting long-term trends and fundamentals of fundraising
Chronicle of Philanthropy recognizes charitable deduction is not to blame for decrease in giving

Breaking news: the fundamentals of fundraising are not shifting due to tax policy—and years-old trends in giving are not shifting over night, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Call for nominations: celebrate civil society

The Manhattan Institute invites you to celebrate civil society leaders by nominating them for the Civil Society Awards.