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givesendgo, convoy
Freedom Convoy moves to GiveSendGo

After getting kicked off of GoFundMe, the Canadian Truckers Convoy has moved to Christian crowdfunding site, GiveSendGo, to an extraordinary reception.

Cryptocurrency users are creating “decentralized autonomous organizations” that function as nonprofits

In Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, decisions and choices are governed by holders of one kind of cryptocurrency token, such as ethereum or bitcoin. How does this work? And will it be good for philanthropy?

ACE Act gets a sister in the House

Another effort to change tax policy on donor-advised funds has come to the House of Representatives.

Combatting decline in trust in nonprofits

A recent study shows that trust in nonprofits—as well as government, media, and business—is down. Here are some ideas to fight that trend.

Troubleshooting midlevel donor programs

Are you overlooking your mid-level donors in your acknowledgment procedures? Maybe you’re overlooking major donors, too.

What you were reading at Philanthropy Daily in 2021

Looking back at 2021, here are the big themes we discussed. We are scrapping the “best of” for a more thorough list.

alumni davidson
Challenging times at Davidson College—and advice for alumni

The free speech battles at colleges and universities have been in the news for several years now. Davidson College is in the news for alumni forcing a reckoning about this issue at Davidson.

happy thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving!

Reflecting on civil society and our gratitude for voluntary associations this Thanksgiving Day.

barry foundation
The John and Daria Barry Foundation: Investing in local anti-poverty initiatives

The Barry Foundation and the Woodson Center demonstrate how local knowledge can create solutions to fighting poverty.

New study: religious faith and reading the Bible increases generosity

A new study from the American Bible Society shows that “Practicing Christians” and “Bible Users” remain more generous than non-religious Americans—and that this trend held steady through the pandemic.