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Much ado about … student loan debt

Conversations about student loan debt need to look at more than just the staggering “total amount.” The Peterson Foundation offers a start with “10 key facts” about student loan debt.

give local
Shaq’s “give local” strategy is a slam dunk

Shaquille O’Neal has some sound philanthropic advice in a recent Forbes interview: “Just take care of where you’re from.”

Philanthropy provides affordable housing for vulnerable residents in California

Father Joe’s Villages responds to the extensive and expanding homelessness problem in California by building affordable housing units for vulnerable residents. This creative model is being met with significant charitable support.

Celebrating philanthropists: a call for nominations

Nominate philanthropists for the 2021 Simon-Devos Prize for Philanthropic Leadership.

Efforts to reform charitable giving should be cautious

The Initiative to Accelerate Charitable giving is not without merit, but it does little to accelerate charitable giving.

Barstool funding: grassroots civil society in action

As extended government lockdowns continue to shutter businesses across the country, Dave Portnoy launched a creative idea to offer reprieve and save a few businesses.

Bezos Day One Fund makes major gift to SVdP CARES

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on families and communities across the country, countless nonprofits have stepped up to meet the needs of their communities. Here’s a story to celebrate about one important group.

Giving while living for higher education

A recent gift to California Lutheran University shows how donors and recipients can work together to marry the donor’s vision and the university’s needs.

As COVID wreaks havoc, addiction treatment centers become increasingly important

Substance abuse follows closely in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, making addiction treatment centers more important—even as their work is made more difficult.

Coming to a phone or laptop near you: season two of Givers, Doers, & Thinkers

Next week, Jeremy Beer sits down with a new line-up of givers, doers, and thinkers to discuss American civil society. We knows it’s hurting, but Jeremy learns where it’s doing well, and who’s doing something about it.