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The real story behind Alabama’s return of $26m gift to law school donor

Donors and colleges can learn a few things from this philanthropic kerfuffle.

What can government do to increase America’s social capital?

The latest report from Congress’ Social Capital Project lays the foundation for strengthening families, communities, and civil society.

A decrease in charity: troubling trends from Giving USA’s latest report

Giving USA’s annual report on philanthropy for the year 2018 presents a complex climate for fundraisers and concerns for lovers of American civil society.

Lawsuit promises to clarify donors rights over DAFs, leaves larger questions unasked

A lawsuit against Fidelity Charitable’s management of a donor-advised fund may begin to answer questions about the legal rights donors have over the these increasingly popular charitable vehicles.

A call for nonprofits: you can now rely on hard data to measure your fundraising performance

Nonprofits can now take a survey to measure their performance and compare their fundraising programs against the highest performing organizations in their sectors.

Embarrassment about SPLC should be shared by others

Pillars of establishment philanthropy—including GuideStar and Charity Navigator—should be subject to increased scrutiny because of what went on at SPLC and their reactions to it.

“Time banks” build economies and communities without using money

People are giving the gift of time through “time-based currencies” that strengthen voluntarism and civil society.

Back row America: the fascinating work of Chris Arnade

Bond trader-turned-writer and photojournalist of the “down-and-out,” Arnade has insightful lessons to share with philanthropists who are serious about helping the poor.

Charities take digital money now – and the risks that go with it

Harvesting gains from digital money by giving some of it away can be better for donors than the nonprofits they support.

Should the NRA fear losing its ‘nonprofit status’?

More likely dangers include administrative hassles and fines.