rockefeller foundation global issues human suffering
Puzzles, mysteries, and global issues

The Rockefeller Foundation has new plan to “solve global issues.” But is leveraging “expertise” really the best way to address human suffering?

political fragmentation arthur brooks love your enemies
Political fragmentation today harms our communities

Arthur Brooks’ new book, Love Your Enemies, discusses the political discord in America today and how we might form healthier communities.

bernie sanders campaign using belongingness to raise money
Bernie Sanders’ victory is due to his strategy to motivate “belongingness”

Bernie Sanders is fighting an uphill battle to emerge as the Democratic frontrunner. His trick is cultivating a sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself.

the pollination project is using micro-granting
Is micro-granting the future of philanthropy?

Micro-granting provides an exciting way forward for philanthropy: supporting unlikely grantees at low-levels to have major impact in communities.

Philanthropists have an important role in preserving traditions

Philanthropists tend to see their role as funding new projects and new ideas. Unfortunately, this overlooks the importance of preserving tradition.

naked philanthropist raises money for australian wildfires and moral questions
Lessons from the Naked Philanthropist: how helping Australian wildfires can harm culture

Kaylen Ward, known as “The Naked Philanthropist,” raised $1 million for the Australian wildfires by sending nude photographs. Her philanthropy receives less criticism than that of many major donors. What does this tell us?

volunteers are volunteering to strengthen civil society
Volunteering is essential to civil society. Here are some ideas.

The Washington Post highlighted several individuals who volunteer regularly. Their volunteering is essential to a strong civil society—and should encourage all of us to give of our time, as well.

philanthropy and civil society mr. rogers neighbor
Did Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood impact our understanding of neighborliness?

Fred Rogers, host and star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, invited all of use to be his neighbor. But can we really be neighborly to everyone?

donor intent philanthropy hillsdale university of missouri
Lessons on legacy giving from the Sherlock Hibbs endowment

On December 18th, 2019, the University of Missouri and Hillsdale College lawsuit concerning the Sherlock Hibbs endowment was decided. Hillsdale was awarded $4.6 million.

war on philanthropy karl zinsmeister philanthropy as democracy not plutocracy
The war on philanthropy—and the war on careful thinking

Karl Zinsmeister’s recent Wall Street Journal article about the “war on philanthropy” has ruffled feathers—and stirred up some sloppy thinking.