Barstool funding: grassroots civil society in action

As extended government lockdowns continue to shutter businesses across the country, Dave Portnoy launched a creative idea to offer reprieve and save a few businesses.

A truism without truth

It’s accepted as obvious that fundraising is harder thanks to the pandemic. That may not be true, though—here’s why.

Philanthropy, privilege, and charity

A Huffington Post author wrestles with his kids’ desire to give away the inheritance. Amid the silliness, there are real insights about charity and philanthropy.

Civic entrepreneurs create new high school movement

Various organizations and leaders around the country are disrupting the K-12 system to provide young people the skills, training, and education they need for success.

Using GameStop to occupy Wall Street

Raised amidst economic uncertainty, a new generation of investors is unleashing its fury at Wall Street greed.

A more equitable charitable tax policy

In 2020 and 2021, all taxpayers will be able to take a $300 above-the-line deduction. This is good, but there is room to expand the policy to the benefit of taxpayers and their communities.

crypto, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum
Are you accepting crypto gifts?

Cryptocurrency may be enigmatic to most of us, but it’s also an untapped revenue stream. Now is the time to stop ignoring it.

Just price in a moral market

The Christian notion of “just price” is not easily applied in today’s market, but it can go a long way toward fostering a fairer economy.

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A nonprofit mounts an opposition to Facebook-owned WhatsApp

As tech companies continue to invade user privacy to collect profit, a nonprofit offers a secure, high-privacy alternative.

civil society
Voluntary associations and American civil society

Civil society does not exist at the permission of the IRS. It is essential to the health of our democracy.