Against usury: philanthropy for a healthy market

Usury has the unintended consequence of making money unproductive and directed towards the wealthy. Nonprofit organizations should oppose usury while promoting a vibrant marketplace.

Living amidst uncertainty

The Coronavirus pandemic disrupted our lives and our careers. It reminds us of the ineluctable uncertainty in our lives.

Pandemic pods in the wake of coronavirus

As most public schools go online this fall, many families are setting up “pandemic pods” and “microschools” —a luxury available to some families while the rest must endure subpar Zoom learning.

stewardship, donor intent, higher education
Stewardship in a time of crisis

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education fundraisers,like all fundraisers—are facing a difficult fundraising environment. Ignoring stewardship is the worst mistake you can make—even now.

Certificates of need limit options and inflate prices

Occupational licensing and certificates of need limit the market’s ability to serve public need—especially during a pandemic.

Identity in a thin society

Our social fabric is tearing at the seams. We need cultural rites and civic institutions to offer individuals a meaningful membership in a community.

public education, private philanthropy
Should private philanthropy influence public education?

Andrea Gabor, professor of Business Journalism at CUNY, worries at the role private philanthropists play in public education. Unfortunately, her criticisms come up wanting.

Checking the power of progressive “Big Philanthropy”

Average Americans think that average Americans should fix our country’s problems. But Big Philanthropy has other plans.

Parents, children, and donor intent

It’s a too-familiar theme: conservative parents start foundations and liberal children change the foundation’s giving goals. Is there any way to protect conservative donor intent after they pass away?

Honoring donor intent in times of crisis

Grantmaking foundations have a responsibility to step up to the plate during crisis, but they also must respect their donor’s wishes. Here is how one foundation managed to thread that needle.