Beyond left and right in politics

The political right and left are intellectually bankrupt, uninspiring, and unnuanced. We must rely on—and promote—philanthropy and the nonprofit sector to advance a healthy society.

The problem with “stewardship”

“Stewardship,” traditionally, implies a hierarchy, a notion of subservience. Is it a fitting word for the fundraising profession today?

john arnold philanthropy and regulation
John Arnold’s government fix for charitable woes

Though he notes some reasonable concerns about the poor use of certain giving vehicles, John Arnold’s expectation that government regulation can fix things is off base.

echo chamber promote distrust and harm civil society
Echo chambers diminish trust

Through internet algorithms and curated social media feeds, echo chambers are becoming increasingly common. That means trust is increasingly less common.

capitalism and moral purpose philanthropy
Capitalism and moral purpose

While not all companies and corporations care about more than profit, some do. OE Custom is a furniture company that uses downed trees to create high-end wood furniture.

protestantism and charity
Toward a Protestant conception of charity

Protestants and Catholics agree that charity is needful—but theological differences underlie the reasons for charity.

Professionalized “nonprofit management’s” ability to strengthen America’s invaluable voluntary sector: be very skeptical

Are management training and statistical measurement really the keys to solving our deepest social problems?

world vision evangelican humanitarian philanthropy
20th century evangelical philanthropy: a review of David P. King’s “God’s Internationalists”

In the post-war era, evangelicalism took on a unique level of cultural influence, leading in part to the growth of World Vision. David P. King covers this growth in his new book, “God’s Internationalists.”

storytelling for philanthropy and fundraising
Crowdfunding and contingency: does storytelling distract from effective giving?

In a recent piece in the New Yorker, Nathan Heller worries that GoFundMe exacerbates the problem of using stories to exploit the emotions in order to generate donations—rather than relying on more data-driven giving.

dark money and donor-advised funds in philanthropy
Donor advised “dark money”?

It is often argued that donor-advised funds are a “dark money” ploy to funnel money without proper oversight—but are they really so nefarious?