In defense of membership programs

Membership programs can be misused, but by and large, they are extremely valuable tools for fundraisers—and they’re good for donors, too.

Think Big vs. Think Small Philanthropy

Philanthropy is evermore concerned with “thinking big.” But are there virtues in “thinking small”—and what can you achieve then?

Brother, Can You Spare an ROI?

Obsession with numbers and metrics does the philanthropist—and his grantee—no favors.

What’s the value of macro-trend research for fundraisers?

Macro-trends, future-telling, and sector reports have their place. But they aren’t nearly as important as the fundamentals—and just cultivating donors.

Lawmakers should make donor-advised funds more appealing, not less

Efforts to legislate philanthropy should focus on making charitable giving benefits accessible to more Americans—not more complicated and less accessible.

Critical social justice is on the rise

Helen Pluckrose, author of Cynical Theories and founder of the Counterweights, joined Jeremy Beer on Givers, Doers, & Thinkers to discuss the rise of critical social justice theory.

Big philanthropy is not America’s friend

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation is an example of an overlooked and outsized foundation throwing its weight around to influence politics.

Privacy, not efficiency, in Supreme Court’s latest donor disclosure case

SCOTUS protects donor privacy over “efficiency.” Some worry that this enables more “dark money” in politics.

Wokeness comes to philanthropy

It is already politicizing charitable organizations. It may also destroy them.

Local giving can change the world

Local charity might not attack “root problems,” but it can solve problems in one person’s life—and to them, that feels like the whole world.