Passion projects and philanthropy

Jeff Sandefer, founder of Acton Business School, Acton Academy, and Acton Children’s Business Fair, is an excellent example of a philanthropist with passionate ideas that he will invest in.

Death of a snow day

Snow days may be a thing of the past as “work from home” and “virtual learning” become more common across the country.

Civil society and the Leviathan

Civil society—an essential element of a flourishing democracy—has become impotent in the face of powerful forces that threaten a free society.

management, managerial
Is bureaucratic management replacing democracy?

Current social trends are replacing the associational life with the “managerial life.”

Thanksgiving and philanthropy: gift, giver, gratitude

If you’re feeling less grateful in 2020, consider giving in order to foster more gratitude in the midst of a difficult year.

Fundraising defines the mission

Good fundraisers tell stories to engage donors. This storytelling helps to define your organization’s mission.

Helping patients show gratitude

There are concerns about the ethics of “grateful patient fundraising.” These may not be entirely unfounded, but we should understand the practice accurately first.

root causes, history, historian
The root causes of problematic giving

So much philanthropic giving is concerned with identifying and tackling “root causes.” And yet, few people know the history of this effort—or its resounding failure over time.

Localism and its discontents

Localism is attractive today—but that’s often localism as a form of consumerism. True localism is demanding.

Unsettled minds, frenetic philanthropy

Torn this way and that by countless existential challenges, our philanthropy is pulled in numerous directions, resembling the “unsettled minds” of Americans today.