A review of motives from Giving Pledge signatories

Reviewing the letters from Giving Pledge signers shows repeating motives. Many state both a desire to be selfless and a desire to have an outsized impact.

Teaching compassion and virtue to citizens today

Today’s virulent political discourse needs an influx of compassion and virtue. Here’s how donors might support that.

Want to do more for your favorite charity? Consider a planned gift

In the wake of COVID-19, many nonprofits have more need while many individuals have less to give. At the same time, many are considering their mortality and updating their wills. This is a great time to have planned giving on your mind.

Fraying civil society—how charity can help

The Social Capital Project makes specific recommendations on how the charitable endeavors and incentives can help repair our fraying civil society.

Charity, rich and poor: an interview with Benjamin Priday

Benjamin Priday, a doctoral candidate in economics at Texas A&M, researches charitable giving an economics. We reached out to learn more about his work.

Philanthropy and the common good at Notre Dame

A course at the University of Notre Dame—made possible by the Philanthropy Lab—gives undergraduates the opportunity to make up to $85,000 in grants to nonprofits. Here’s how the process went.

donor-advised funds covid-19 relief
Donor-advised funds and foundations play a critical role during—and after—crises

While many suggest that donor-advised funds should be mandated to pay down and increase their giving to COVID-19 relief, DAFs are already increasing payouts to those in need—without federal mandates.

Local charity is the best charity in the time of COVID

If you feel compelled to help others during the COVID pandemic, leverage your local knowledge.

unemployment rates nonprofit civil society
Reading the tea leaves—how long is high unemployment here to stay?

The coronavirus pandemic has shot unemployment to record highs. The road to recovery may be difficult, and we’ll need civil society to guide us along this road.

candid conversations quarantine
COVID and candid: human conversations while fundraising through pandemic

The pandemic gives us an opportunity to engage with donors on a more personal level. Here are four questions to engage your donors more candidly.