impact investing
Impact investing for individuals and DAFs

As fund managers continue to invest assets in companies whose values run opposed to their investors, individuals will seek out new ways to invest their resources.

pro-life movement
The pro-life movement after Roe

In the wake of Dobbs, the pro-life movement has a tall task before it: keeping donors engaged while waging battles in each of the fifty states.

government grant
Federal funds for scholars should be generous and with few strings 

Scholars need time and money to do good work, and the federal funds should facilitate this.

religious liberty, yeshiva university
Judge’s ruling not kosher with religious liberty advocates

A New York City court has dealt Yeshiva University, and religious liberty, a blow.

third places
Revisiting third places in the wake of the pandemic

“Third places” suffered greatly during the pandemic, and we suffered for their absence in our daily lives.

values-based investment
What you need to know about your organization’s investment portfolio

Whether you have a large endowment or a small investment reserve, your nonprofit or foundation should be investing these funds wisely and in accordance with your mission.

Death by disassociation: a review of Them by Senator Ben Sasse

Loneliness is killing us. Ben Sasse’s “Them” addresses a growing health crisis today—loneliness—and the effect of loneliness on individual and communal health, as well as contemporary politics.

Wyss-ful thinking: Swiss philanthropy and American elections

A “new George Soros”—the Swiss-born Wyss—has begun imitating the latter’s model, allegedly leveraging his billions to influence American elections.

physical world, direct mail
“The physical world still matters”

It’s the “digital age” but direct mail still works. We might even see a “golden age” of direct mail.

leftist dark money
World’s richest man curious about who is bankrolling oblique leftist nonprofits

A Washington Free Beacon article investigates secretive, leftist nonprofits opposing Elon Musk’s Twitter bid. Who are these people?